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October 9, 2015

The Amazing Race Season 7: Episode 8

by Deidre Woollard, posted Apr 20th 2005 1:21AM
uchenna and joyceWe pick up where we left off with the teams in Lucknow finding out that there is no pit stop.  The train isn't boring until the evening making all teams even once again.  On the train, Lynn and Alex lament the lack of skin cream and Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly bond.  Once they reach the city, Rob hires local Sanjay as a guide to help him around the city.  It's easy to bash Rob and Amber but he is always thinking of the next step ahead.  After an evening's rest, the travelers get ready for the next adventure.  Next up, a fast forward which requires head shaving (last season this was a deal breaker for one couple).  The Detour, Trunk or Dunk requires pushing a heavy wooden elephant through the city or dying white sheets until a clue is revealed.  The teams choose the trunk option.  Gretchen gets inside the giant elephant but other teams just push.  The next task is a camel race that only one person can do.  This proves problematic for all the teams.  
Uchenna and Joyce choose the fast forward and arrive to find out that Joyce's worst fear is true, that she will have to shave her head. Joyce, weeping, kneels on the mat and covers her eyes.  Uchenna is already bald but for Joyce this is a huge deal and Uchenna is understanding.  Usually I don't get weepy until the end of the season but this scene definitely made me tear up since Joyce was so upset.

The pit stop is in Jodhpur, India. Lynn and Alex manage to get completely lost on the way to the palace pit stop and arrive at the wrong place.  Uchenna and Joyce are a well-deserved first to the mat, followed by Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly who race for second and third.  The standard well-edited race for last begins and Meredith and Gretchen come in fourth and become the oldest team to make it this far in the Amazing Race.  Lynn and Alex arrive last and are eliminated.  

Next week:  mad scrambles and more infighting between Ron and Kelly

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Leona Capeling

I have just watched the amazing race the 10th episode, i am so sick and tired of everyone ragging on Rob and Amber, it is just ridiculous, they have not said anything that was any worse than many many other couple have. They have played the race smart, they haven't cheated anyone , they get along so well, never fight, i think that anyone with a grudge like Lynne and Alex who i thought it is unbelievable that there haven't been comments about how vicious and hateful they were right from the beginning about Rob and Amber, are just extremely threatened and jealous of them. I say kudos to the two of them and they deserve to win!!I do think that Uchenna and Joyce are really great people and would love to see them win if not Rob and Amber. If Lynne and Alex get anykind of TV show out of this i will personally get everyone i know to send e-mails to the station expressing their disbelief, get real, they were the ones that came off looking like devils and pigs and all the other names they called Rob and Amber. Like i have said before there are Dr.'s and lawyers that have been in this game and they make a million a year for heaven's sake. Like get over it, so R & A won some money, so what, this is another competition and they will certainly have earned it. Go R & A!!!!!

May 04 2005 at 5:55 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Major Mike Sickels, USAR RETD

I was totally appalled by Kelly's comments regarding Ron dodging military service by getting captured and becoming a POW. What a idiotic statement which definately makes her all beauty and no brains. Appears to me she would make a good friend of traitor Jane Fonda. I sure hope Ron dumbs her after the show. Her statements insulted all persons who serve in the military.

April 27 2005 at 2:28 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I was sorry to see Lynn & Alex go. They were the most entertaining couple. It will be a much duller show without them. Gretchen & Meredith are gluttons for punishment. They could have chosen the much easier & faster fabric dyeing, but they always pick the hardest task. Here's what's really unfair about this show. When the loathsome Rob & Amber came in first three times, they won a large prize each time -- $10,000.00 and two trips. But when Joyce & Uchenna came in first, after she sacrificed her hair to do it, they won nothing. How is it decided who wins for coming in first? Joyce & Uchenna are the nicest couple and I hope she is able to have the baby she wants. I also hope someone takes Rob to the vet and has him neutered before he can breed!

April 21 2005 at 12:07 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Leona Capeling

Wow, just to watch Amber and Rob has been exciting and a pure pleasure. I have never ever watched or seen a team that are so awesome to one another. They have not bickered, badmouthed each other or not even one mean word has come out of their mouths towards each other. That is a first in Amazing Race history!! I don't get it, like who cares that they won already. This is a different race altogeather! They have played it smart, they have always been courteous and polite to everyone. I don't think it should be showed or allowed by Phil, i used to have great respect for him, for hin to allow especially Lynne and Alex to always completely try and destroy Rob and Amber in everyone's eyes. They were a team i would have rooted for if not for their intense hatred toward Rob and Amber. It just reflected on themselves and their extreme jealousy of R&A. I must say that I really do have a great respect for Joyce and felt just terrible for her when she got her head shaved. Wow, she showed such vulnerbility and bravery when she did that. Cudos to her!! She looks great with her head shaved, i think she is the only one that could have still looked beautiful even with no hair!! If it comes down to a race to the finish i hope it is R&A and Uchenna & Joyce, that would be great! I don't root for the underdog just because they are older, i am for the ones that play the game the best, outsmart everyone else but do it with integrity and just good old fashion fun like R&A do. Here's to Amazing Race foxy

April 20 2005 at 8:29 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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