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October 7, 2015

So what happened on the JAG finale?

by Bob Sassone, posted May 1st 2005 1:41PM
JAGI've been trolling the message boards, and I can see that Mac and Harm (if you've never seen the show and the names confuse you, Mac is a woman and Harm is a man) finally "got together." But I also see that there was some sort of ambiguous ending (involving a coin flip?), and too much plot about Vic, whoever that is. I have to admit I haven't watched the show since the fall of 2000. If anyone watched it, let us know the details in the comments below. I do know that the finale had great ratings.  

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Being in the military, i can tell you this much. If two officers are getting married, and want a joint transfer the military would usually not object. However, in this case because they are both JAG officers, that would put them under the same command, which is in direct violation of military policy of persons beings romantically involved while under the same chain of command. There are probably legal loop holes, that can be used, which would have been a good thing to throw in since its a lawyer show, However, that's just some information on how the military sees things, to the best of my recollection.

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Mark Rabinowitz

True 'dat, Dave. I thought the whole London v. San Diego thing was contrived. And I thought a nice cameo by Adm. Chegwidden would have been nice.

May 03 2005 at 12:30 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
David Thomas

ummm any military folks out there? if two officers decided to get married and requested joint transfers I'm guessing the military would just say OK. Especially two Jag officers that can battle the bad guys in and out of the court room right? ah I watched 3 episodes over the past however many years. not gonna be too heartbroken.

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I only saw the very end of the show. It was very touching. The one thing I didn't find out is... What happened to Mattie?

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Brian Vermette

I watched the series finale too, first off, they really needed two hours not an hour, it ended like Friends did, sord of, Captain Harm was going to London and Mac was going to San Diego for there new assignments, and they decided that they wanted to get married and at the end, with Harm and Mac telling everyone in a bar, that they are going to get married and deciding where they would live, including who would give up there job and who would not and it ended with a coin flip and the coin in the air saying JAG. The End.

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So, what ever happened to Harm's mother? Did she just die from neglect or something? Just wondering.

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I watched the series finale of JAG, and it was great. During the show there were flashbacks of moments during Harm's and Mac's life. The most famous of them that most people would remember was from a previous episode was when Harm and Mac decided to have a baby after 5 years if they weren't married to someone else. Harm was promoted to Captain and reassigned to the JAG HQ for Europe in London. Mac was reassigned to San Diego. After they were packed up, Mac came over to Harm's apartment and they talked about each other, then they finaly kissed and Harm proposed. The gang (Bud, Harriet, P.O. Coats, the General, Harm, and Mac) met in a bar. Harm and Mac announced the engagement. Mac and Harm needed to decide who would give up their Navy carrer, so Bud pulled out a coin that Rear Admiral Chedwiggan gave to him when he left JAG. The coin flipped up in the air and you never see how it landed. It was frozen in the air with the JAG emblem and on the bottom of the coin it said 1995-2005. For the music fans: 100 Years by Five for Fighting was playing in the background. There was another side plot in the episode about a 16 year old that lied to a recruiter and got into the Marine Corps. Long story short, it was resolved and the kid got a certificate making him and honorary marine until he could reenlist when he turns 18 as long as he agreed to return home with his mother. That's it!

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Mac gets a new assignment in San Diego and Harm gets a promotion and an assignment in London. After some flashbacks showing how in love with each other they are, they get engaged. They then have an impromptu party at a bar with their co-workers where they flip a coin to decide which one of them is going to resign. It ends with the coin in the air. Kind of anti-climatic really. --Jeff

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