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October 13, 2015

NCIS: Twilight

by Sarah Gilbert, posted May 25th 2005 12:37AM

ncisOh, the unapologetic drama. It's better even than foreshadowing - with all the ads telling us that one of the agents was going to die, every minute of this episode had us sure that THIS was the minute. DiNozzo falls down a (small) hill...and is fine. Someone has their sniper rifle sighted on McGee...and Ducky's van moves into view. There's a (extremely rare in Virginia) poisonous snake on Agent Todd's feet...but DiNozzo saves her. Then the victim's car is rigged to explode, and DiNozzo runs last, break to commercial...he's fine. Who's going to die? Who IS it, already?

What we do know is that someone is trying to kill everyone at NCIS, again. (For those of you who missed out on last week, an evil and demented pharmaceutical CEO tried to kill them all with the plague, and DiNozzo almost died. Mwa ha ha!) This time it's a terrorist assassin bent on killing Gibbs. You see, Al Quaeda wants Gibbs dead. And the terrorist (who's undergoing some sort of terrorist hazing) sees fit to tell him about the plot. Best of all, if Gibbs can eliminate the terrorist cell in 24 hours, the assassin will back off. Isn't that cute. (cue Middle Eastern mood music, terrorist zooms off on his motorcycle.)

Of course, there's more to the story. It turns out that terrorist Ari isn't getting his entrance exam, but is running the cell. And the cell is out to murder thousands (a "soft target") of Marines and their family members with a UAV (unmanned airborne vehicle) stolen using the fingerprint of the murdered Navy pilots from the opening credits. As usual, they're coming in at the very last possible second to save the fighting men and the cute little girl who's holding the homing beacon in a teddy bear (dastardly!). And Kate is shot! She's down! But no, she's fine. Everyone's celebrating. And...yikes. Bullet through the back of the head. It is Kate, dying despite all evidence to the contrary. They fooled us after all.

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Dolan E. Olson

I agree with the shock displayed by most of NCIS viewers. It just made me sick to see Kate killed off. I would suspect this will hurt the show. I really loved the way Tony, Kate and Jethro bantered. I understand she wanted off the show, but God, what a shocking way to end it. I do hope Sasha goes on to better things, although I think her career was at a high point in this show. Do you know what she will be doing now?

October 02 2005 at 9:35 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Steve B

Once again, the problem is not that they decided to kill of Sasha Alexanders character. The problem is that Ari's decision to kill her instead of Gibbs- the most important guy who could foil whatever it is his ultimate plan happens to be- when given the opportunity makes no logical sense. The writers made Ari- a smart character- do a dumb thing- kill Kate- simply to elicit a shok response from the audience. It was simply lazy writing. The writers chose cheap shock over logical grey matter for a publicity stunt. See ya NCIS.

August 15 2005 at 11:20 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Diane Dunkin

No YOU relish his punishment. I'm still mad. I and many other Former NCSI FANS will be watching something else. I think that will hurt CBS and Bellisario all the way to the bank. I seriously doubt that Sasha Alexander wanted off the show. Her comments on her website are ambiguous at best. I suspect Bellisario offered her something else to shut her up. Whatever it was, it wasn't enough to get her to agree publicly that she had wanted off the show. Instead, we get this explanation that is no explanation, "I will tell you later". Yup, that sure sounds like she is real excited about leaving the show and moving on to bigger and better things...... There are always going to be people who relish blood, gore, and violence. In fact, they may even like the show better now. There is the promise of more unpredictable gore and violence, and now VENGEANCE. Ahhh. Of course the ratings will take a dive with so many former loyal viewers pis*ed off, but what does that matter? They weren't "Real Fans" anyway.

August 14 2005 at 10:09 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Jeffrey A. Richards

I've read many of the comments regarding the "untimely" departure from CBS's NCIS. Most are not thrilled with the way it was done. Many claim they are going to boycott the show, but face it, real fans won't. Was I thrilled? Not at first. I was shocked, repeatedly asking "Why'd they kill off the hot chick?" Then logic overcame the shock. If your going to write off a character on a heart pounding show like NCIS, you have to-NO, you MUST do it in such a way, to elicit the proper response. Sasha Alexander wanted off the show. Whatever the reason, the Producers respected her wishes, and wrote her off the show. I'm sorry to see her leave, but I love the way in which she did. Genius. Pure GENIUS! After reading the many negative comments, the show's decision to kill her off was the correct one. As fans we grew to love Agent Caitlin Todd, and with her demise, we can grow angry right along side of the character's, so that when Agent's Gibbs, DiNozzo, and McGee, catch up to Ari, that Terrorist coward piece of you know what, we can ALL relish in his punishment!

August 11 2005 at 6:00 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Jeffrey A. Richards

While it is unfortunate that Sasha Alexander will no longer appear on NCIS, and we, as fans, will no longer watch with smiles as Agents Todd and DiNozzo bicker back and forth, the techniques used by the shows producers and director, were ingeneous. The way we thought someone was going to bite the bullet at every turn, only to escape their fate, by the skin of their teeth, was great. A real tease. I was visibly shaken and disturbed when I witnessed Agent Caitlin Todd take a bullet to the head, amidst a hearty laugh with her team mates. "WHY?!?" I exclaimed. "Why would they write off the hot chick?" I selfishly asked. It is my understanding that Sasha Alexander asked to be written off the show. For what reasons I don't know right now, but hope to investigate further. I hope for her sake, it doesn't turn into a "Hello Larry" scenario like that of McLean Stevens when he left mash. For like Stevens, there is ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE of Sasha Alexander returning to NCIS. Fans wouldn't buy the "it was all just a dream" like when Patrick Duffy's "Bobby Ewing" was killed off from "Dallas". Enough vague references for today? Kudo's to the writers, producers, and the episodes director. I hate to see Agent Todd's demise, but look forward to the new season, to see how they overcome this major obstacle.

August 11 2005 at 5:42 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Steve B

Well, i read it in the paper today; they really DID kill of Kate's character. Of course, what they also did was kill off my support for their show- bye NCIS.

July 30 2005 at 9:34 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
David H.

Everyone posts that Sasha Alexander wanted off of the show because Bellisario says she wanted off of the show, but nowhere can I find Sasha herself saying she wanted to leave the show! All I can find is her quoted as saying she is "not allowed to comment on the season finale of NCIS at this time" but will do so as soon as she can. Bellisario sees her leaving as "an opportunity", perhaps of his own making? The explanation for Kate's death will not have any credibility until Sasha comments. Until then, there is something not being said. Gibbs wouldn't buy it until he has evidence or a credible witness - I won't either. Until then, like Gibbs, I will assume perpetrators killed her off for their own purposes.

July 15 2005 at 3:10 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Diane Dunkin

I heard Spielberg say the other day that a successful movie was not just about the plot, but about the relationships. Too true for me and for many who watch TV and Movies. We want to be entertained, and we want happy endings. Women viewers especially are relationship oriented and tend to connect/identify with the characters they watch on TV and in the Movies. We want those characters to be interesting, understandable, and relateable. We don't want to grow to like and care about them and then see them coldly shot in head or otherwise butchered. This is not "fun". It leaves us feeling angry, unhappy, depressed, and to some degree betrayed. Not reactions TV executives or advertisers should want to engender in their viewing audience. We are not all of a viewing audience, but we are such a large part, that it can make or break a TV series on a major network. Mark Burnett was smart enough to understand this when Eco-Challenge took off and he struck a pot of gold with Survivor. He figures he has the male audience with the action/survivalist slant on Survivor, and the female audience with the complicated psycho-drama/relationship stuff. A delicate balance though, as he learned with Contender, which women did not like enough to suffer through the boxing segments. So Steve, though our reasoning may be different, whether we approach this logically or emotionally, most of us have reached the same conclusion. Shooting Kate in the head was a STUPID move.

July 01 2005 at 11:20 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Steve B

Once again, I'm certainly not speaking for everybody, but i have absolutely NO problem with NCIS- or any show for that matter- making the decision to kill a character. I have no problem with Kate being shot and killed; my problem stems from the fact that they shot and killed Kate- and that very act made no logical sense given the characters involved. The writers chose shock over brain matter, titilation over logic, and surprise over intelligence. THAT is why i wont watch their show anymore. They took my support for granted, and trampled on it for a short lived shock tactic bereft of intelligence-and consequently i'm simply not willing to give it back.

June 26 2005 at 3:57 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I agree with the above statements. I said earlier that this ending was bad, and the fact that it still irks me and so many others a month later tells a lot about what the show really was about. Sorry, but we do not watch television shows to get a glimpse of real life. That is what the news is for. We want to escape reality for a little while and is that too much to ask? Writers and producers have simply lost sight of why people watch their shows. Maybe that is why drama viewership has been dropping like a rock and shows like Extreme Makeover Home Edition have been climbing up the ladder. People want to escape for awhile and get a sense that the world can be a better place...

June 25 2005 at 12:08 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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