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October 8, 2015

FOX likes NASCAR (and money)

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 23rd 2005 12:30PM

It may be hard for some of us to understand the allure of watching men drive in circles for hours on end, but you can't deny there's big money in NASCAR, and FOX seems more than happy to renew and extend their contract with the auto racing giant. This season (the final race is Sunday) NASCAR will report an all-time season high, a status that hasn't been claimed since the NFL in 1981. Who would have thought that garnering substantial money for a network would be reason enough for them to let you stay? Of course, if I ran FOX I'd make them change the name from "NASCAR" to "Boring Race That Makes Me Lots of Money." The show would open with a picture of me holding a wad of cash in both hands and smiling into the camera.


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Watching NASCAR, one with more than a double-digit IQ realizes it has nothing to do with motor racing. It is a circle jerk. For those of us who grew up watching Formula One, World Championship Rally and Le Mans, NASCAR is an abomination. It is not a sport. It is several hundred infomercials wrapped up in one big pasteurized, dumbed-down, unsophisticated, low-tech, low-talent, pointless, jingoistic, bore-fest. It is a shame most American today will never know the pure spectacle that is road racing. They are numbed by this trite, ill-conceived, greed-driven, mish-mash of cars.. where only the last two or three laps matter. NASCAR also has byzantine scoring system that rewards failure, the cars still use carbuerators (I had to look up that word, it is so fossilized) and has a ridiculous end-of-season "playoff" post-season. The NFL (a once great sport) is becoming the same homogenized crap - thanks to greed- but that is for another day.

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just to clarify, the last race ON FOX is this Sunday, the 2nd half of the racing season will be on NBC. DRTFA

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