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October 10, 2015

Six Feet Under: Eat A Peach

by Russell Shaw, posted Jul 5th 2005 4:49PM
David FisherWell, no "recurring character" dies in Eat A Peach. I'm almost certain that a character will pass on in next week's episode The Rainbow Of Her Reasons, but more let's not get ahead of ourselves.

First, let's dispense with the episode title. Unlike so many other Six Feet Under eppy liveries, this one should be taken literally. Think diabetic shock. And not anyone you know.

The important thing is after last week's silly yawner "Time Flies," Six Feet Under now has its groove back. Characters are undergoing transition, and seem to be headed toward the abyss. In short, everything is back to "normal"- Six Feet Under's skewed definition of whatever that term means in the first place.

Billy's been marked for an early death by many of you, and from the looks of his behavior, his demise does not seem to be a stretch. He's back on his meds, but that does not encourage Claire to stay with him. She likes her guys edgy, maybe a bit manic in the mild manic-depressive ways of the inspired artist, but she has no use for babbling, wall-climbing, possibly suicidal drama kings.

Billy is all that, and for awhile in "Eat A Peach", it seems that recipe of lack of esteem from having to go back on meds, and then Claire's rejection, will be all Billy needs to greatly accelerate his personal actuarial table. But not yet, though.

The other arcs find:

Keith and David now headed toward adoption - apparently a double one at that;

Rico being disgustingly manipulative in convincing a school principal that Vanessa's personal behavior is greatly responsible for their son Julio's fighting at school;

Ruth suggesting to George that they find an apartment - but unbeknownest to him, an apartment where she wants him to live on his own;

Nate and Brenda trying to figure out the best way to tell Maya about her "natural" mother.

All four of these arcs have the potential to implode as well. I especially think that something is up with the Nate/Brenda/Maya arc. Sometimes, the scenes they show at the start of the episode, even from previous seasons, have future meaning. The fact that they showed Lisa's brother-in law's (and clandestine lover's) suicide makes me think that the ultimate revelation will be that he, not Nate, fathered Maya.

OK... so who dies next week? I've seen the spoilers, but I won't be that obvious. I'll merely point you to the next episode "The Rainbow Of Her Reasons," hightlights of which are shown after the conclusion of "Eat A Peach".

One scene shows Ruth at her sister Sarah's home. Sarah is pouring wine for Ruth, and her friend Bettina. Sarah blurts out something to the effect of "I killed my best friend." Not literally killed her, I'm guessing, but maybe said something to her, did something to her, gave something to her, that caused her demise.

So who,then, is/was Sarah's "best friend?" Bettina's in the scene- apparently alive, although on SFU apparitions make frequent appearances. Or maybe Sarah is referring to a "best friend" of longer acquaintance - one known to, and by, more Fishers than just Ruth.

With friends like these...

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Yup, this week was slightly better than last week only because the Fishers were not their typical suicidal-depression, although Ruth's constant picking on Claire is annoying. I think the true explosion will be when the reveal why Ruth treats Claire like crap. As for the Six Feet Under death pool I still have George's daughter.

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