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October 13, 2015

Six Feet Under: Singing For Our Lives

by Russell Shaw, posted Jul 25th 2005 6:06PM
Maggie SibleyOK, now here's a doozy of a question for your moral compass.

When you are on the downside of a turbulent or failing marriage - but still married- is it ever OK to seek shelter in the arms of a seemingly gentle lover?

Theologians, family counselors, lawyers, bartenders and hair stylists would all have their answers to that most thorny of dilemmas-one that was played out not once, but twice on "Singing For Our Lives."

Without doubt the high-water mark of Six Feet Under's final season, "Singing For Our Lives"
portrays these wanderings not as wanton covets of the flesh, but the rovings of  burdened and beset characters desperately looking for lightness to embrace.

For the last week and perhaps longer, I've had a feeling that Nate and Maggie were going to become lovers. Nate and Brenda have been having another of their rough patches. He is not accepting of Brenda's potentially ominous pregnancy. Although Brenda is "high maintenance" to the top of the scale, this latest patch is Nate's fault. Not only is he a self-centered jerk, but he's got some awful, probably lifelong problems with romantic intimacy.

So then George Sibley's gentle Quaker daughter Maggie comes along. It is a soulful yet troubling seduction- and not just because even if only by technicality, Nate and Maggie are step-siblings. This is a coupling  based on her need to be loved by imparting strength, and his need for deeper answers. She does not use the serenity of a Quaker meeting (where the song of the same title as this episode is sung) to lure Nate, but to show him another path. I have seen turbulent souls salved in this manner, but sometimes, this particular mending is just a patch.

Ruth and George are still legally married, but in title only. Feeling old and rejected, Ruth seeks validation in the arms of an old lover, Hiram. How many times have you seen this in real life- a marriage or a relationship breaks apart- and one or both parties goes back to the warmth of accepting, alluring, sheltering arms?

Ruth and Hiram may actually stand a chance of making it. Yet for Nate, a far more immediate situation must be dealt with. Not of love, but of life itself. And, presuming that's involved, what will Brenda - who was waiting at the Quaker meeting while Nate was in Maggie's arms- say when she finds out?

It's gonna be a rough ride. They may be lovin', but I'm lovin' it.

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Nates not dead-You are! Nates not dead, he just went to bed, too fast. NARM not! Am too!

July 29 2005 at 5:29 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

LOL. We laughed at "Numb Arm...Numarm...Narm!" too. At first, when Nate started to complain about his arm; I figured it was just an excuse to stay at Maggie's. When he hit the floor - Wow! A shocking ending to - thus far - this season's most compelling episode. ...And how about Russell? Yet another candidate for suicide (along with Billy.)

July 26 2005 at 9:55 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Numb Arm... Numarm.. Narm! NARM! We laughed and laughed. I'm so completely sick of Nate Fisher and his infantile, selfish BS. God help us all if he wakes up and sounds like Kirk Douglas. Six Feet jumped the shark when David was abducted. Good riddance.

July 26 2005 at 8:07 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Roe Escobedo

I can remember when the hype for the new season was starting, and one of those entertainment shows (E.T. or Access Hollywood.)was talking to Lauren Ambrose (Claire). The interviewer asked how she felt knowing this was the final season? Claire replied "She knew this was the last season, when they were filming episode 9" Ominous statement indeed. I along with the rest will be sadly watching . RIP Nathaniel Fisher

July 26 2005 at 2:03 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Did anyone else catch the foreshadowing of Nate's death in the episode? First when David, Nate and Rico were talking about buying the crematorium, Nate spoke about "green funerals" and how that's what he wanted. David reminded him that his "pre-need" form called for cremation. Earlier in the episode Nate and Rico had discussed that it's illegal for parents to make the funeral arrangements if there is a spouse, even if they are headed for divorce. My theory is that he may linger for an episode or two (just long enough for Brenda to find out where he was) and then there will be a battle royale over his arrangements. I love the way Ruth's face and hair completely change when she's happy; I imagine the makeup person being called over and told to bring Ruth's happy face and hair with her. Looking forward to next week...

July 26 2005 at 12:04 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Jane Brown

Here's maybe a spoiler: Peter Krause (Nate) was on the Late Late Show with Craig whats-his-name a few weeks back. When asked if he kept anything from the SFU set, he stalled for a minute, then revealed that he 'maybe kept Nate's leather jacket'. He was wearing the jacket when he went down for the count at Maggie's in this episode.

July 25 2005 at 11:16 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

erika, they don't show the next new episode because we would find out if Nate dies. TiVo describes next weeks episode:Ecotone as "Nate brings the family together"

July 25 2005 at 7:34 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

what about next week? There were no scenes, will next weeks be repeat?? Don't leave me hagning.

July 25 2005 at 6:42 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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