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October 8, 2015

So, will that Xena movie ever happen?

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 19th 2005 3:59PM

XenaXena star Lucy Lawless, who has been busy lately battling locusts and vampires, wants a movie to happen, but at the same time she says that it's "a big fat pain in the ass" because nobody agrees on who owns the rights to the show.

And we're talking about a big screen movie, not a TV movie. Hey, if Firefly can come back to life on the big screen...

[via TV Tattle]


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Richard Chandler

Yes, there should surely be a Xena film--I agree with so many others, that the lead character should not have been killed in the series finale. It would thrill fans worldwide to have the Warrior Princess resurrected for a feature film.

August 21 2005 at 6:23 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Amy Jennings

Whether Xena is ever to return in the corporial form or not...in any as yet to be found scroll to be shown on film or television...it would almost not matter if but for the fact that Xena suffered so unjustifiably at the hands of the very people both she and Gabby had only tried to help. This was all due in large part to the seemingly innocent Akemi...who first tricked Xena...and then later Gabrielle...into her fable, only to be followed by the deceit and great lie of the "Forty Thousand Souls of Higuchi", who to be frank, threw their own lives away by what they did to a nearly helpless Xena, who quite by accedent set fire to their town when they attacked her en-mass with giant rakes, stones, and the lit torches hurled upon her! What was poor Xena supposed to do...just stand there and take it? Xena did the only thing she could do and used the only "device" available to her... her so called "flame-trick" trying to repel them away! Later on as we watched in the story, the townspeople refused to take any responsibility whatsoever for the fire's of death and destruction which they brought down upon Xena, Gabrielle and themselves, as we witnessed with our own eyes the shock and horror unfold! Xena gets to take the blame and lose her life wrongfully for the decietful Akemi, and the brutal people from her hometown, The Xena who told Gabrielle often and repeatedly throught the series six year's..."GABRIELLE!...YOU ARE MY GREATER GOOD!" was seemingly missing in action...tricked & taken in by a false guilt...perpetrated on her by the very people she had just saved from destruction, though they had tried to destroy her some 25 years earlier when she only sought to honour Akimi by returning her ashes to her family shrine...Even so...Xena STILL tried to help them! AFIN should have been a great sixth season ender cliffhanger...but please...not the series ending. Not to "nit-pick" offend, or find fault...with the "AFIN" Story ( There were SOME great moments after all)...but what really hurt so very much in the finale, was the shocking emotional impact of Xena's horribly brutal death, on her many fans, and a lack of the loving and redeeming Gabrielle and Xena's screen time together the million's of ever loyal & long time fans had come to hope for and to exspect... for Xena and Gabrielle...In The Series Finalie! It isnt hard to envision a movie which would have Xena's nessisary return from her "AFIN" death...in order to save Gabrielle's very life/soul...in which we would witness a dispirited Gabrielle coming into view...a Gabrielle who has hardened her heart against herself...and the world...one who would feel that she has lost "her greater good" lost without her beloved Xena! Bring Xena back...YES! BUT N-O-T as a comedy. A serious movie with dramatic overtones would be quite satisfactory however!

August 19 2005 at 8:53 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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