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October 7, 2015

Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Bowtie

by Ryan j Budke, posted Oct 3rd 2005 5:56PM
cubLarry David is probably the hero to so many because he gets to say stuff that others only dream of. You could see some of that attitude coming out in some of the better episodes of Seinfeld but here he's censored only by his imagination and we get some of the funniest most awkward moments ever put to film, and a big part of what makes them so magical is that Larry could care less. He doesn't see what he's saying or doing as wrong or inappropriate. And every week, after watching Larry do his stuff, I feel ever so slightly more normal. On with the show!

This week's episode starts off with Larry at LA's most prominent private investigator trying to hire him to take the case. Larry notices his bowtie. The PI, played by the ever versatile Omar Epps Mekhi Phifer, says he'll think about taking the case. On his way out Larry takes the men's room key from Omar. In the bathroom he takes flack from a man in a wheelchair for using the handicapped  diabled person's stall.On their way out to lunch Jeff and Larry see a seemingly perfect normal guy park in a handicapped spot in the parking lot They confront him and as they quickly find out, he has a stutter and is therefore... disabled? Both seem shocked.

Inside the restaurant, they run into Jodi Funkhouser played by Blossom (Mayim Bialik). She is insanely friendly to Larry while barely acknowledging Jeff, asking Larry if he's coming to her parents' 25th Anniversay party. After she leaves, Jeff calls him on her attention and he lets him know that he's in good with the lesbians. Jodi's father, Marty Funkhouser(played by one of my childhood heroes Super Dave Osbourne) comes up and convinces Larry to go to the party on the basis that his buddy Rosie O'Donell will be there. Larry accepts and then overreacts at Marty's news that Jodi is now dating a man.

At home Wanda Sykes drops by to see Larry and Cheryl's new dog Sheriff. Sheriff however doesn't seem to... get along with Wanda... or the black guy that's working on Larry's floor. Wanda's convinced that Larry found the dog at a Klan meeting and accuses him of having a racist dog. Later at the anniversary party, Larry wearing a spiffy new bowtie is shunned by all the lesbians there and realizes that he got on their badside with his overeaction at the news of Jodi dating a guy. Larry is devastated but inadvertly makes up for it when he intimidates Jodi's new boyfriend with the fact that he'll be following a woman in Jodi's life.

Another of Larry's quirks shows up when he tries to leave to go home and use the bathroom. Cheryl refuses to leave and forces Larry to use the public restroom in the banquet hall. Inside he finds there's a line to use the stalls, except for the disabled stall. You can see the cogs turning in his head when he tries to use the stall. He's immediately chastised by everyone in the bathroom, he stutters trying to prove that he's handicapped but they all see through his plan and boot him to the end of the line. Larry grabs Cheryl and they leave.

At lunch the next day Larry finds himself in the good graces of the lesbian communieyt again, getting a free dessert at lunch. He goes to see the PI who after much see-sawing becuase of Larry's discriminating actions, decides to take the case. Larry's on his way out and before returning the men's room key asks if he can uses it one more time. Inside he finds the same disabled man who gave him static wheeling his way out of the non-disabled stall. Larry is untying his dog outside when Omar comes out to get the key from Larry. Larry is petrified that his dog will tip the delicate balance he has with Omar by attacking him, but much to Larry's surprise, Sheriff loves Omar. He doesn't like Larry's friend Rosie who just came strolling up...

This show is so well "written" and I love how they get talented actors who can apparently think on their feet, and are maybe not as over-exposed as some others.Let me know what you think.

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Ronald Levy

Being Jewish, growing up on the east coast and being about Larry's age only makes it better for me. Larry is my absolute hero. I find myself taking on some of behaviors like I love giving people the Larry close up stare when I think their lying..........pretty pretty good pretty pretty good.....just a classic line I can't stop saying Ron Levy M.D.

October 11 2005 at 7:56 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Adam E

Super Dave!! I knew he was familiar to me, but I just couldn't figure it out. I love all the different actor that are on his show. And yes, I think it's a guilty pleasure to watch, because so many of Larry's plights are familiar and you find yourself siding with him, only to be chastised. "We talk Larry, we talk..."

October 04 2005 at 2:55 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Ryan Budke

Oh my gosh, you're absolutely right, even when I was watching it and jotting down notes i originally wrote Omar Epps and scratched it out and put Mekhi Phifer. Good catch, an official NO PRIZE for you.

October 04 2005 at 8:24 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

That was Mekhi Phifer, not Omar Epps.

October 03 2005 at 6:20 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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