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October 9, 2015

American Dad: Stannie Get Your Gun

by Ryan j Budke, posted Nov 21st 2005 7:31PM
american dadOnce again, I was more interested in American Dad's subplots and stories than the main one. The gun story was still funny, just not as well done as Roger and Steve's. I just loved Roger getting even with Steve, and not just because I'm a lover of practical jokes and pranks, or petty revenge... Well ok, those are exactly the reasons, but it was still funny as crap in my opinion. I just get tired of seeing the ways that Stan and Haley disagree, it seems like a record skipping to me. On with the show!
Stan's having an NGA (National Gun Association) meeting in his house. I guess the NRA wouldn't give their blessing to this episode, I have no idea why. Haley is disgusted by the fact that she lives among so many instruments of death, and of course pitches a bitch about it. Fran reminisce's about the times the pair used to get along and gives them an ultimatum. They either find some common ground, or she'll cut their pretty faces. Sounds reasonable. Stan takes her to an old amusement park they used to go to when Haley was a little girl, Sugar Mountain. Unfortunately, it's been bought out by the NGA. Haley tries her best, but when she sees the park's mascot, Bullet Bobby, singing to little kids, she stages a mini protest resulting in them being expelled from the park.

Furious, Stan stages a fake robbery in their house, forcing Haley to take arms, and shoot the robber. When she uncovers the truth though, she wildly waves the gun around, accidentally turning her father into a quadrapalegic. She vows to make it up to Stan, promising to support him in doing whatever he wants, including, becoming NGA World's new mascot. Going against everything she stands for, Haley backs her father 100%. After a little, nudging from Fran, Stan finally sees how miserable Haley is. During a live concert he begins to sing one of the anti-gun songs Haley had written. Seizing the opportunity, an unemployed Bullet Bobby takes aim at Haley while she's onstage, and fires. Fortunately, Stan jumps in the way, taking the bullet for his daughter. Even more fortunately, the would-be sniper's bullet knocked the bullet that was causing Stan's paralysis out of the way. Happy ending.

I just don't like how Stan and Haley seem to come to some kind of arrangement every couple of episodes on how they're cool with each other's life choices and then, three weeks later, we get the same story in a different format. I did abso-freakin-lutely love "Ted Nugent's Kill-n-Grill" at the amusement park however. That was hilarious. Roger's methodical revenge on Steve for simply eating a cookie though, that was classic. It reminds me of some of the extraordinary lengths my friends and I have gone to to get even with eachother. Let me know what you think.

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