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October 14, 2015

On the 12th day of Festivus, TV gave to me

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 5th 2005 2:39PM

Clay Aiken...12 Commenters Commenting

1. Emily on all the CSI shows: "I love the original CSI, but is there a requirement for the male lead in each show to act like they are constipated?"
2. Wendell Wit on Cruise/Holmes: "And whoever is responsible for the designation 'Tomkat' for the Couple of the Millennium of the Week should be shot, hung, beheaded, dismembered, and eaten by fire ants."


3. B on old remote controls: "I remember using the wired controller to trip my sister. I also remember throwing the wireless controller at my sister, the controller hitting a wall and breaking into a million pieces. We managed to put it back together, but strangely it never worked right after that."
4. Tony on Rescue Me: "I started watching this show a few weeks ago, and I really like it. To me, it's kind of like Six Feet Under, but where everyone is an asshole."
5. B on what he watches at 2am: "My favorite late night programs would be either Blind Date or Cheaters. I like to imagine the couples who start out on Blind Date end up on Cheaters, then they go on Cops when one attempts to kill the other, then either People's Court or Divorce Court."
6. Jason Simmons on the five nerdiest TV characters: "I don't see how being shy and reserved makes someone nerdy. However, being ugly and a bad dresser definitely does!"
7. KH on Jimmy Kimmel wearing a tie: "If he has to wear a tie, someone please teach him how to tie a proper knot, instead of that stupid a** college boy style tie tying. I'm sure Ms. Silverman can help him."
8. Carol on Clay Aiken: "Gorgeous? Try HOT, sexy, thudworthy, a sex machine!!"
9. Josh Ozersky on the 5 most overrated shows of all-time: "1. MASH, 2. MASH, 3. MASH, 4. MASH, 5. MASH."
10. Kat's dad on Vanna White: "I tell you, that Vanna White. She looks like she been rode hard and put up wet. They need to find a new chick for that show."
11. Stephen on the 5 greatest 80s cartoons: "How about Dungeons and Dragons? A chubby smart kid like you should have ate that crap up. And by crap I mean one hell of a great cartoon."
12. Alan on 5 (female) TV characters men would like to find under the misletoe: "I'm as pervy as the next guy, but you guys are sick."

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