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October 6, 2015

American Dad: Not Particularly Desperate Housewives

by Ryan j Budke, posted Dec 19th 2005 2:16PM
american dadStill the weakest of the "Fox Block" in my opinion, but American Dad is growing on me. I like the episodes that don't feature Stan quite so prominently, so tonight's episode was right up my viewing alley. It always seems to be, that I'm more interested in the side-stories and sub-plots than the main one. I'm not sure if that's because they always leave me wanting more, or they really are just the funnier stories. Either way, seeing Klaus and Steve emerge from the broken closet and call Hayley "boss" cracked me the heck up. On with the show!There's a group of ladies around town calling themselves "The Ladybugs". You know the type, the spoiled housewives of the powerful and well-off. So of course, Francine wants to be a part of the group. After a freak accident in the parking lot of the grocery, Fran adopts the pampered pup of one of the Ladybugs. Stan initially hates the pooch, but after finding out that it hates Roger almost as much as he does, they find common ground, and a friendship for the ages is born. Fran stumbles upon the "ties that bind" among the Ladybugs when she appears to be having an affair with the valet and is immediately welcomed in the group. She lives the good life for a while, but then doesn't want to hurt Stan with her lies and asks out of the group. Unfortunately the last person who wanted to leave ended up having a horrible accident in the grocery store parking lot...

Meanwhile, Roger figured out that Stan's new center of attention is easily swayed by food, as are most good friends. So Roger begins a slow dismantling of Stan's pysche by making him think the dog likes him more. Fran is trying desperately to get help, but finds that the Ladybugs have influential ties that run very deep. Of course, her nitwit husband is more concerned with the love of a dog, so he's a little preoccupied, and she's finally cornered in the iconic parking lot. Only the loving kiss of her friend Linda, the same one she abandoned to be with the Ladybugs, is enough to give them dirt on Fran, and make them feel comfortable, and not murderous, again. Back at the house, Stan and Roger have started a knock-down drag-out fight and haven't even noticed that the dog has run off.

Again, this was a good one for me. I enjoyed the hell out of it, and especially the Roger stuff. It's funny at the beginning of the show, he really annoyed me, but I'm slowly coming round. Seth and company just need to keep up the good work, and continue to evolve the show and I'll be right there for the ride.

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