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October 9, 2015

Short-Lived Shows: The Fifth Corner

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 19th 2005 5:19PM

Alex McArthur and Kim DelaneySo, raise your hands: who remembers this show? It lasted for a whopping two episodes (a two hour pilot and another episode). They ran the two episodes in 1992, and then the next episode was pre-empted by some major breaking news (can't remember what), and then the show was never seen again! But oh, was it good.

The show starred Alex McArthur (you might know him as Madonna's boyfriend in her "Papa Don't Preach" video and several Desperado westerns) as Richard Braun, who wakes up in bed and doesn't remember who he is. That's the least of his troubles though: there's also the body of a dead woman next to him. Did he kill her? Why doesn't he remember his own name? What is his profession? Is Richard even his real name (or is it George)?

If you guess "spy," you're right. But this show was a lot more clever than that. We learn what Braun likes and doesn't like (cinnamon buns) when McArthur found out. He's surprised when he can pummel the bad guys with karate. He's shocked when he goes to his home and finds a closet filled with designer clothes, guns, weapons, and fake passports and IDs. And the bad guys - including head bad guy James Coburn - don't really believe he has amnesia, or do they? They start screwing with him to find out what he knows. (Sounds a lot like The Bourne Identity.) One guy who loves toying with McArthur is known only as "The Hat."

Kim Delaney is in the cast too, as a reporter trying to find out who McArthur is. (There's a stunning scene where Delaney strips down - I still have no idea how it got by the censors.) And J.E. Freeman is sidekick/driver Boone. He actually lived in the limo; the front seat was his "home," and Braun had to stay in the backseat at all times. Freeman was also addicted to comic books.

Here's another show that was ahead of its time. I can really picture this on the air now, as an unfolding mystery that gets a lot of online attention, fan sites, and speculation, like Lost or Alias. We'd have a ball finding out things about Braun's life every week. Who are the good guys? Will he ever get his memory back? What is his real name (he has so many aliases he's not sure...) The episode that was supposed to air the week it was canceled had McArthur finding out where he was born and going back to his hometown for clues. I would have loved to have seen that.  

I read an episode guide several years back, and remaining episodes were actually filmed, just never shown. Someone out there has them! If you worked on the show and have copies of the remaining episodes, let me know.

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I have traveled from the future to let you know that all six episodes can be found in the collector market. I have done a review of the entire 6 hours, five episodes series at:


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