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October 4, 2015

Nip/Tuck: Cherry Peck

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Dec 21st 2005 7:02AM

nip tuck guysSaying that I'm excited about this is a gigantic understatement. Since last Tuesday, there hasn't been much else on my mind. Everything is coming together. Julia's pregnant, Matt made a stand against Ariel, Sean is realizing once again that Julia is who he wants, and Christian might be getting over Kimber... even though he has no idea what happened to her. That's where we left everyone last week, so get ready to throw some more wrenches into the gears.

Cherry Peck (you may remember her as the transvestite that Matt brutally assaulted earlier in the season in the episode "Kiki") visits McNamara/Troy looking to have some work done. After her assault, she went to a less than qualified "surgeon" and the results weren't so hot. However, she wants the work done free - or else she'll go to the cops and out Matt as the person who attacked her. After Sean tells Matt about this, Matt insists that he do the surgery so that he can make it right. After the surgery, Matt takes Cherry to the mall to buy some make-up. They bump into Ariel and her Dad. Neither of them look amused and Ariel has a few words for Matt... use your imagination.

Christian finally gets the terrible news. A bloody package arrives at the office and upon opening it, he finds two breast implants soaked in blood. One of them has a note stuffed inside of it: "Beauty is a Curse on the World." Now where have I heard that before? Christian runs the serial numbers on the implants against the office database and realizes that they were Kimber's. He gets in touch with Kit (who looks fine now, even though another surgeon fixed her face) and he demands that Quentin be questioned about this. Who else could it be?

Meanwhile, Sean and Julia are talking about the baby. He's worried that her age, and the fact that she works so much, might put a strain on the pregnancy. She gets freaked out and has a horrible dream about the baby turning out to be deformed or inhuman. But she listens to her fears and gets an appointment to check out the baby and make sure things are going smoothly. Sean comes and she's harsh with him - things aren't going back to how they used to be.

Kimber is found (the Carver ditched her on some access road in the Everglades), but Kit keeps her off limits. She won't let Christian see her. However, Kit does describe precisely everything that the Carver did to Kimber. He removed the collagen from her lips, burnt her face, injected her with chicken fat, and finally sliced out her implants. I found that odd though. For just looking at Kimber, Kit knew all that had been done to her? How could she possibly know some of those details... unless she was? Moving on. Christian operates on Kimber and fixes her back up, but she no longer wants anything to do with him. The Carver has completely swayed her and she truly believes she's been living a meaningless life.

Later on, Kit interrogates Quentin. He vehemently denies any involvement with the carvings. Kit grills him pretty hard, but he takes all the abuse with a grain of salt. He finds it amusing just because he's fooled around with her. They take a blood sample for DNA testing and then make him strip down to snap some mug shots. That afternoon, Sean and Christian share a few glasses of scotch. Sean tells his partner that Julia is pregnant. They toast to the good news as Kit shows up. Apparently they had to release Quentin. Seeing as how the Carver rapes his victims, there was new evidence (or lack of evidence) that exonerated Quentin. Kit whips out the full body mugshots and hands them to the doctors. Sean and Christian's mouths drop. Quentin has no penis... or vagina. He's ambiguous genitalia man. How's that for a conversation starter? Come back in a little while so we can wrap this mess up.

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Sweet, sweet commenting goodness.

Anyway, I thought Julia's dream sequence was one of the most well done on TV. It had just the right amount of wierdness and normalness that most dreams do.

And seeing Sean as an old man was just, well...creepy.

December 21 2005 at 2:19 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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