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October 8, 2015

American Dad: Rough Trade

by Ryan j Budke, posted Jan 9th 2006 3:10PM
american dad; stan smith; foxAlthough last night wasn't the funniest episode of American Dad, I am enjoying it more and more as it strays from the Stan and Steve don't get along, Hayley and Stan don't get along, Fran and Stan don't get along type of stories that have been the norm so far. It's got potential, but it just always seems to fall short for me. It's supposed to be a parody of the uber-rightwing republican family lifestyle, but it doesn't capitalize on it all that much, it seems to almost promote that some of the times. I do like Roger and Klaus on the show, so since this episode revolved around Roger, it was about has funny as a barrel basement of monkeys. On with the show!

As we all know by now, Roger is a drunk that doesn't do much besides take advantage of the Smiths, so when Stan gets a DUI charge because Roger drove into a parked car, Stan's had enough. The two decide to switch places for a couple of days to "walk a mile," each thinking they'll be more productive than the other in their respective roles. Stan stays home and drinks all day, while Roger finds a job as a car salesman to earn a living for the family. Things start off very well for Roger; he's doing well at the dealership, helping Fran redecorate the house, working with Hayley to rescue beauty product test monkeys, and assisting Steve with landing the girl of his dreams. After a little hesitation, Stan too settles into his role as the family drunk.

Unfortunately, things turn nasty quickly. Roger hits Fran on accident, leading the neighbors to believe that Stan is abusing her. Come on, he is under house arrest and drunk all the time. Pictures of Steve in questionable positions start showing up online and Hayley's monkeys attack police officers. Stan is sent to prison for all of this while at the dealership, Roger's sidekick turns on him, and takes credit for all of his sales, leaving Roger with nothing but a pink-slip. Roger goes to prison to apologize to Stan, and they come to an agreement; they're both going to go back to their original roles and doing what they do best. After framing Phil (Roger's sidekick) for all of Stan's accusations that is.

Again, I'm liking the show a little more every time, but I just feel disappointed in it. I know it could be so much better than it is. Let me know what you think.

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The funniest part of this one to me was when Stan started saying the same things as Roger about the snacks he needed (Pecan Sandies!) It was like the exact same lines, and that cracked me up!

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