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October 9, 2015

Battlestar Galactica: Resurrection Ship (Part 2)

by Keith McDuffee, posted Jan 13th 2006 11:02PM
bsgThe opening of this episode was brilliant. At first we're shocked to see that it's Apollo in the water and not Baltar. Then, as things start to go wrong, we see why Apollo was halucinating and feeling that floating feeling, and we know all too quickly that things have gone wrong ... 48 hours earlier.

You know where the soap thing is going with Tyrol and Helo -- blanket party. There's an interesting exchange with the Pegasus X.O., where he defends the actions of his fellow deceased officer with: "You can't rape a machine, lieutenant."

Another short exchange came later, when Adama asked Boomer why the cylons were targeting the humans. She reminds him of the speech he gave during the retirement (in the mini-series), that nobody ever asked if humans deserved to survive. "Maybe you don't," she answers.

The battles in space are some fine pieces of special effects. I have to say that it seemed almost too easy for the humans to take on so much cylon machinery -- even Apollo wasn't hit by a weapon. The destruction of the Resurrection ship was pretty brutal, as you could clearly see the broken bodies of cylons being thrown into space.

The "imaginary" Number Six tells Baltar that God will not forgive the deaths of tens of thousands of cylons. The imprisoned Number Six tells him that God forgives all. As Baltar recites a familiar speech from the last episode, just like that, the Number Six in Baltar's head was gone.

And what of Starbuck's speech about the Admiral? "Better off with her than without her?" I think to some degree that could mean that they're better off without the drunken X.O. in charge of the Pegasus. Though, as some people mentioned in the comments last week, the President should have promoted Adama to Admiral -- and finally, she does. And then Adama kisses her -- huh.

Just as with last week's episode, there's some great behind the scenes stuff happening at AOL's Battlestar Galactica page -- make sure you check them out!

Admiral Cain: "Frak you."
Number Six: "You're not my type."

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Heres my thoughts on some things:
1)The kiss between Adama and Laura seemed very natural to me. I believe it was a show of deep affection born through respect and hardships shared. I think it was also his way of saying "thank you". I cant at this time read anything more into it.
2)I think the reason Lee wanted to die was due to many things, being on the run and fighting for survival would certainly take its toll. But I think in the end, what finally got to him, was that the two people that he obviously has much faith in, was ready to engage in an assassination plot. When our leaders and heroes fall from grace, doesnt a part of us die with that? I could certainly see and hear his surprise and disappointment when Adama told him that The President and he had made this decision. And that the President had come to this decision before Adama. I think Adamas and Boomers discussion about humanitys right to survive had a direct correlation to why Apollo was ready to call it quits also. He had lost faith and hope in his fellow man and their, "his", right to survive...
This show is so cool because the decisions made by the characters are often so human. Everyone has their good and bad points. No ones armor is untarnished. I've even found myself defending Tigh. I think he's a good man, he just has a lot of problems. Not to mention a wife who's a bad influence.

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This is probably not on topic, but I would like a full list of the cast for the show. The main players, Olmos, Bamber, etc. are well publicized, but other personnel are not legibly identified. Remember, SciFi likes to squeeze the credits to one inch wide at the left of the screen so they can profile something else in the rest of the screen real estate.

BTW, does anybody remember Olmos as the police lieutenant on Miami Vice? And Mcdonnell as the President's wife in Independence Day?


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Excelent episode overall well the reason that they destroyed the cylon fleet so easily its bc they caught them completely by surprise,and they never expected the Galactica to actually attack and even less that it had a state of the art battlestar with her.Lee wanting to die i guess its bc he is tired of living on the run figthin for survival every day,by the way when apollo was in the water when he saw that light aproachin him did anyone notice that that was the sound of the ships of light from the original series?a very nice nod to the original...

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Just a few more thoughts about where the show is headed:

(1) A rag-tag fleet looking for earth. Yeah, I guess. I mean, that was the inspiration in the original. But do you remember how bad it was when the original series finally made it to earth? And do we want the canned episodes that you get when you tell a story that starts, "Along the way to earth, a funny thing happened..."

What this show HAS going for it and really could exploit, is the potential to have them turn around and confront the cylons and try and take their home worlds back. I would dig that way more than this searching for earth. Heck, that seems like a pretty lame idea since the cyclons seem to be able to follow them wherever they go! And the cyclons are in the fleet now! They would literally be taking the cylons to earth! I say no...have them fight to take the colonies back.

(2) I'm surprised I haven't heard this mentioned before, but with all the technology they have, don't you think they could calculate, based on star charts and the information they did get inside the Tomb of Athena, the exact location of Earth in a matter of minutes or maybe hours? I mean, come on, its not that hard. Think ST:TNG's Stellar Cartography. "Computer, calculate the central location in the galaxy where these star patterns can be observed." Zip-zip-zip. And there it is! They don't have that technology, you say? They have FTL drives that they have to calculate star charts over tremendous distances. Hell, I bet you could do it with a Mac.

(3) Good post Doug. I agree. Admiral Cain made them safer? She shot civilian families! Excellent point. I agree she should not have backed down--it simply wasn't in character.

Looking forward to another Tivo'd friday night!

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Doug De Bono

I wish the network would permit a couple of 90 minute episodes.

That being said, here's my take:

The assassination plots were a bit too cute. However, to have both Adama and Cain to back down did not make sense. I could see Adama backing down, but not Cain.

Cain ordered civilian ships to be stripped and abandoned. She ordered her men to shoot the families of people who refused to cooperate. It is not logical or in character for her to back down now.

I think a better plot line would have been for Adama to back off and Cain to charge ahead. The question is whether or not her XO would have carried out those orders.

This would have created a real mess that then could have been resolved when Number Six blows Cain away.

What does Adama do next?

Does he direct the fleet back to Caprica or does he search for survivors abandoned by Cain?

It appears that Roslin is going to survive (at least a bit longer). I think that is probably good for the overall show. Now that Cain is out of the way, does the natural friction between Adama and Roslin return?

I am glad they decided not to find a chip in Baltar's head. We can all keep guessing about what's going on. Although, I don't think he is going nuts.

There was a comment above regarding the many crisises facing the major characters. I think that it makes more sense that these things are happening. The stress of being on the run is bound the grind them all down in the long run.

Finally, they've hit the Cylons pretty hard. Any force that could effectively nuke multiple planets and take down the colonial fleet is not going to be deterred by the loss of 2 base stars and the res ship. I expect a massive response is on the way.

So say we all.

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A few points of interest:

(1) I'm pretty sure that it was explained that the Pegasus was in "drydock" for upgrades or repairs or something of the like, and the computers had been taken offline when the cylons attacked. Have to think back all the way to September's finale, but I'm pretty sure that's the explanation.

(2) I am glad someone is informed of upcoming episodes and spoilers and the like. The explanation that these two episodes where expanded from one to replace a later episode made me feel better. See, I didn't like this episode as much as others--it felt padded (the brig scene, apollo's scene's, Cain's scenes, etc.) and the resolutions were not satisfying to me. At the last minute, cooler heads prevail?! That's like no payoff at all to me. And did it not bother anyone that when you saw Gina leave Baltar with the gun, that you KNEW (or should have known) THEN that she was the shooter?! The battle sequences were brilliant, but too short, and I agree, too simple. I guess those special effects get more expensive by the second though. Ultimately, this episode left me a little nervous about where the show is headed. I read where the producers mantra for the show right now is, "Just don't screw it up." I hope they don't screw it up.

(3) I love how this show seems, feels, and actually is completely original, while at the same time pays homage to the original by lifting plot points directly and twisting them around For example, Admiral Cain and the Pegasus, one of the better stories of the original series, except not SHE is a BAD GUY. But they still go after the 2 cylon ships for the one in the middle. One question. Are we really going to get a fleet with two battlestars? I smell a spoiler--they have to have an episode where they do away with the Pegasus, right? Maybe a "Fire in Space"-inspired episode that results in the loss of the Pegasus? Note to the producers: Please don't be so blatant as to have a "Gun on Ice Planet Zero." Or that goofy storyline with the angel ship or whatever that storyline was. Remember, the original series was beloved because when it was good it was really cool, but when it was bad, it was OUTRAGEOUSLY bad! Do you think they'll bring the Nazi's back again too?

(4) Just a comment about something mentioned earlier--the cylon baby will hold the key to saving the President's life? That would be a major COPOUT. I would be severely disappointed in that. But something has got to happen because they are portraying the Roslin as near death, and after all, she will lead them to earth, right? Unless, the scriptures have been misinterpreted by the President. I mean, Adama would qualify as a dying leader that could lead them to earth too--heck, he's been dead already! All due respect and thanks to actress Mary McDonnell, but she needs to die and Baltar, the Vice-President, needs to assume the Presidency. Think of the potential to develop conflict there.

(5) Starbuck's comments that they were safer with Cain than without. Everyone seems to be asking, Really? How so, Starbuck? First of all, I think this was said for irony--Cain was ready to have assassinated Adama and ravaged the fleet for spare parts. That was established. Secondly, what makes more sense is that it means she is beginning to more and more question Adama's leadership. We've had several instances now--the lie about the location of earth, and now the order to assassinate Cain. I think that the comment was not meant to be about Cain, as much as it was directed AT Adama. It also helps to realize, as has been said, that maybe a lot of that stuff between Kara and Cain was added to the episode for fluff. It sure felt that way.

(6) I watched the Golden Globes tonight (I've Tivo'd both nights of 24 until I can sit down and watch them all at once) and I actually was SURPRISED that there was no representation for Battlestar Galactica. This really is one of the better shows on tv. Better than Grey's Anatomy for sure, and Commander in Chief has been done before--its a good show about a female president, but that's all. I have't ever even gotten interested in Prison Break or Rome. They did get it right with Lost, THE BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION, but BG could and probably should have gotten a nod. My top 3: (1) Lost, (2) 24, and (3) Battlestar. I also dig Bones, House, and Numb3rs.

(7) Finally, is anybody else freaked out by Apollo's voic at times? Seriously, since seeing Jamie Bamber interviewed in real life (he has either a Scttish or English accent big time) I start to notice the cracks in his "Americanized" accent on the show. Sometimes its almost comical to me. Anybody else? I think that's why they showed him floating in a lake, floating in space, and near death--it's better when he doesn't talk.

Long live Starbuck! Katie Sackhoff, if you're readiing this--will you marrie me? If no, then Tr

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Bruce Wayne-Johnson

I agree with other posters this is THE BEST SHOW on TV right now - Resurrection Ship 2 was amazing, the cliffhanger last week was as good as when Adama got shot...I just could not wait for this episode and it did not disappoint.

You knew Cain had to go one way or the other...knew Starbuck or Apollo wouldnt do it - maybe Baltar, but having Gina do it was perfect.

Can Ron Moore and Co. really keep this show going this strong for another few seasons? KOBOL, I hope so - Frackin' amazing TV and just so much fun.

One of the things I like is that no one is really the main character and that they logically give everyone something to do.

I am most looking forward to what they will have Boomer doing now besides having a cylon/human baby...and whats up with Apollo - I hope he doenst become some kind of priest of Kobol character...get back in the game Lee...the dynamic between him and Starbuck is awesome.

And I also quote - I love Dirk benedict he was my hero as a kid as both Starbuck and Face on A-Team - but holy frack does Katee Sackhoff play the BEST Starbuck ever...

Can you still imagine the hoopla that the old school fans made about all the changes...

January 15 2006 at 9:10 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I worry that they "Jumped The Shark" this time. I love the show but having almost every main character in some sort of life or death situation at the exact same time is a little over the top for me.

January 15 2006 at 2:00 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It really is the best show on Television right now, IMHO opinion.
I'm pretty sure (I'd almost swear to it) that there was a throw away line in 'Pegasus' about that ships ability to operate against the Cylon virus. I had thought it was something about not having Baltar's latest version of the CNP installed, but now that I type that out, it doesn't sound right (and to me, it really doesn't matter... They could give us some reason, but just sufficed to say that there IS some reason is good enough for me at this point).
I'm a bit worried about this arc with Apollo. One of my absolute favorite parts of season 2.0 (and season 1, I guess, too) was the Apollo/Starbuck dynamic. Him kissing her in 'Home' when I don't think he really meant to was classic. Its all love, but its brother/sister love one day, and a different kind the next. The Dualla bit is probably setting up some kind of relationship (the Spoilers bear me out on this, if I read them correctly), that I really don't believe either... Personally, I'd rather them bring in someone new as a love interest than try to invent something (even if they've been setting it up for a while, re: the Close Quarters Combat fighting class scene). And does he get promoted back to Captain?
As far as the Commm....Er Admiral and the President go... We'd all be lying to ourselves if we said that we didn't see it coming at some point, but the kiss did seem a bit forced.
Good epi, looking forward to listening to the Podcast tonight when I get off work. Previews seem to indicate the Cylon baby being a possible source of a cure for Rosslyn... I think I guessed that one right (I'm not very good at predicting arc without the 'insight' of spoilers, so when I get one right, I smile :)), and I"m curious as to how Baltar's relationship with Gina goes, and if the Six WE know and love is really gone for good...

January 15 2006 at 12:08 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The problem with writers is that they forget that things don't always turn up the way you want them and make things too neat/too complex and introduce too many coincidences just because it sounds good in the writer's meeting. You can just hear it "we can have both of them try to assasinate each other at the same time!" and the chorus of "yeah!, that sounds good . . ."

In real life the assasination plans would not have coincided and one of them would have been carried out - I would think the admiral would not have let it go - or made it so potentially messy. It would have been nice if they would have tried to get Adama and failed. That would have made the death of the Admiral in the hands of #6 fine. It would have also been more realistic if Adama/the X-O had not permitted the chief and the Lieutenant to be removed to the Pegasus and have the Admiral launch against the Galactica rather than Adama launching, which wasn't going anywhere at all to begin with.

But even if this whole, implausible, scenario had gone to the point of the mutual assasination plans - the space fight could have been more realistic by having the cylons score against the Pegasus and doing away with the Admiral and giving #6 an opportunity for excape. For the fleet to win against the cylons so, apparently, easily was unrealistic given the stakes - the resurection ship would have been a bit better protected!

Adama and the president - it looked awkward, not wrong, just awkward.

That said: I love what they have done with the series. It's the best since the original Star Trek, which may have been campy, but great. As for overall series, Rome has it hands down. It's the most realistic series ever, great acting, great research, absolutely beautiful.

January 14 2006 at 10:08 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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