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October 9, 2015

Lost: The Hunting Party

by C.K. Sample, III, posted Jan 18th 2006 11:59PM
"The Hunting Party," tonight's episode of Lost was again filled with new twists, turns, and revelations. The character du jour of the show was Jack, and while we were shown more interactions between him and his father in the show's flashbacks, the main story line of the backstory revolved around his relationship with his wife. As you'll recall, in a previous episode we discovered that Jack's wife was the same woman who crashed her car into Shannon's father, killing him. Jack married her after miraculously curing a back injury that should have left her paralyzed for life.

We begin "The Hunting Party" in a flashback of a father and daughter talking to Jack and Jack's father for assistance in removing a tumor in the father's spine. The surgery is too risky and Jack's father tells them he's not willing to operate. We then discover that Jack has some fame as a miracle doctor after healing his wife, and that they weren't interested in Jack's father's help, but rather came to seek Jack's help. Jack, partially to feed his pride and partially to defy his father, agrees to the surgery.

More with spoilers after the break...We come out of the flashback and Jack finds Locke lying knocked out on the ground of the ammunition closet. Jack runs in to see what happened and Michael comes up with a gun, says he's going after Walt, and insists that Jack stay in the room. He locks both Jack and Locke in the room and we're hit with the Lost opening.

When we return, Locke wakes and discovers that he and Jack are locked in the closet with no access to the computer as the clock ticks down. We're offered a rather weak tease at this point, as Locke realizes that they are the only two on shift for the next four hours with no one left to enter the numbers in the computer and press the button. This tease doesn't last long, as we immediately jump to Kate and Sawyer heading down to the shelter to get Sawyer's bandage changed right after Jack states that they'll be coming for them. Flirty scene between Kate and her new boyfriend.

When they let Jack and Locke out of the closet Jack, Locke, and Sawyer prepare to run off in pursuit of Michael. We enter another flashback with Jack talking with the daughter of the dying man, building the sexual tension between these two, just before Jack looks guiltily at his 4:30am watch and heads home to his wife. Unlike the warm toned scene between Jack and the patient's daughter, the scene between Jack and his wife is cool filmed in dim lighting with a blue tinge seeming to represent the quiet and cold that has grown between them. Jack's wife says she was late and took a pregnancy test, he looks concerned (but not in the right way) and she says not to worry that it came out negative. He says, "Do you want to talk?" and she says, "What's there to talk about?" and leaves. We return from flashback to Kate trying to follow the boys on their hunting party. Jack shouts her down and tells her to stay.

There are several scenes mixed in here with the three guys traveling together where we get some interesting bits. First, we discover that Michael is going north as opposed to back to the east, the way that Sawyer and the people from the back end of the plane travelled from. Evidently, he received some directions from Walt and the computer. We also have a scene where Sawyer confronts Jack about how abrupt he was with Kate, and Jack quips "Of course. You love her." Then there is a later scene where Locke reveals that he knows that Sawyer's name isn't Sawyer, as he saw his real name was James Ford in the plane manifest after Hurley conducted the census, and asks Sawyer why he picked Sawyer. There's also a scene where Locke and Jack have one of their tug of war discussions, where Locke asks Jack what he intends to do when they catch up to Michael. He says he'll make him come back, and Locke says, "Who are we to tell anyone what they can or can't do?" This, of course, ties back into Locke's whole "Don't tell me what I cannot do" philosophy that he was screaming in the episode where we first discovered that he used to not be able to walk.

The episode has a few slight flavoring bits to remind us of the rest of the survivors. Jin and Sun have a fight about Jin wanting to chase after Michael, and Sun shouts him into saying, pointing out that Michael may be his friend, but that she is his wife. Later this story line is revisited when Jin mentions how he felt being ordered by her and Sun basically says that she didn't like it much all that time when he used to order her around.

There's another scene with Hurley and Charlie searching for some tunes to listen to in the bunker, and Hurley says he thinks he has a chance with the psychiatrist and Charlie wonders if Claire misses him. Sayid shows up and says that the music they are playing is depressing, and he is still clearly depressed over the recent loss of Shannon.

All of these little scenes are interspersed with more scenes where Jack is becoming more and more familiar with his patient's daughter, and at one point his father tells him that there is aline that he shouldn't cross. Jack says something like, "Guess you would know" and his father replies, "May be okay for some people, Jack, but not for you."

Jack, Sawyer, and Locke hear gunshots and pursue the sound. They lose the track for a while, but ultimately, the man from the raft who took Walt and shot Sawyer appears and draws a line in the sand, pointing out that all the survivors are guests on the island: "This is not your island; this is our island. And the only reason you are living on it, is because we let you live on it." Jack thinks he's bluffing and that there are more survivors than Others. HIs theory is blown away when torches light up surrounding them. Jack still refuses to back down until they pull out their trump card: the Others have captured Kate who ignored his warnings and followed them.

Jack acquiesces at the last minute, dropping his gun, and Locke and Sawyer drop their guns as Sawyer says "You and me aren't done, Zeke," just before 'Zeke' releases Kate and walks away as the torches go out. Jack clearly blames Kate and simply asks "Are you alright?"

We return to the flashback. Jack loses his patient. Then he sees Gabriella, the patient's daughter, and she kisses him and he kisses back before pushing away from her. He goes home and confesses what happened to his wife and talks about how he hates what has happened to them and wants to fix things, just before she reveals that she's leaving him, and has not only been planning to do so before he kissed this girl, but has been seeing someone else. She says, "You will always need something to fix. Goodbye," and leaves as Jack begins to cry and we return to camp, Kate following Jack and Sawyer following Kate. Locke visits Claire and her baby as Charlie looks on jealously. Jack finds Ana and they share a drink of water and chat a bit. Jack asks her about her being a cop and killing one of the Others and then asks, "How long do you think it would take to train an army?" Tense music, then previews of next week. Looks good.

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OT: Did anyone else notice that the guy that Hurley visits in the mental institution looks like Desmond?

February 08 2006 at 1:53 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Yet another fan website that had the domain conveniently registered after an episode of Lost aired. Another domain, geronimojackson.com, was also registered last week.

January 23 2006 at 1:19 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

No one is bringing up the band. Seems like the show doesn't bring many things out into the light w/o some resoning for it.

Check the website


January 23 2006 at 12:10 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

So quick question and I'm not sure if this has been asked yet. When Jack and Zeke are having their exchange I think I remember Jack mentioning how the "others" had sabotaged, kidnapped, and murdered some of the survivors of the crash. Jack then mentions Ethan and Zeke looks somewhat puzzled as though he has no idea who this Ethan is. Did I miss something, have too much to drink before I watched this or did anyone else see this too? Was Ethan part of a different group of people on the island? A group separate from those who "took" Walt. And I only say "took" because at the end of season 1 it seemed like Walt - during a conversation with his father seems to know what "has" to happen or at least had some foresight to what might take place (maybe on the boat...)

January 21 2006 at 1:57 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Two things:

1) I am surprised to see that some people weren't impressed with "the hunting party". I thought it was excellent and I think that it is probably a very significant turning point in the show. I suspect that Michael's computer time with "Walt" (in which he may have been looking at a blank screen) and Charlie's upcoming dreams have nothing to do with their personal circumstances and that something more sinister is at play. After all, didnt Danielle say that all of her fellow scientists were dead (or dying) after two months on the island? Jack stated that the plane crash survivors have now been on the island for 50 days during the hunting party . . .

2) Regarding faith, I wouldnt be surprised if the producers of the show gave hints to the show during the golden globes. In fact, rather than the plane crash survivors being connected by their role in peoples deaths, I think that they are connected by the fact that they had lost their faith (whatever that may have been) prior to crashing on the island. In some cases this may have been connected to a death, but I dont think it was for everyone (for example, Claire lost her faith during the breakdown of her relationship with Aarons father and her decision to give up the baby she wanted for adoption). In many ways, the island has allowed survivors to find whatever it is they lost, be it a relationship with a father figure or the their own freedom.

I missed the golden globes if anyone knows where I can get a transcript of the LOST speech I would love to see it.

January 21 2006 at 10:52 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Will Carroll I think you are mistaken, there is no similarity between the Zeke character and Jacks father. Youre reaching.

Siraris I also noticed the Luger, or at least that it looked like a German WWII era gun, but I didnt see anything to comment on other than to confirm. (BTW, you said no one commented, but check out comment 24.) Unless, there is storyline yet to be revealed, I dont se how the German thing connects up yet. I mean, Germans were notorious human experimenters, inhumanely so. They fought a war in the Pacific by allying with Japan (but historically, what was their presence there?) The Nazis and Hitler were big into the occult. O.K. So maybe the Luger was a tantalizing hint of whats yet to come? I can wait for a few more hints before I start looking into WWII history. Until then, Im sticking to what we know, and I use the word know lightly indeed.

John B. Sorry about the whole thing with Sawyer being Lockes father. Sometimes I forget where the original information has come from, but I think in the last two weeks it has been revealed on one blog or another that, through industry trade publications or something of the like, the actor who plays Lockes father is being credited with playing THE Sawyer in an upcoming episode. Given that the shows writers obviously use the device of everyone being interconnected over and over again, and then this episodes obvious lead-in with the questioning by Locke, I just thought everyone knew or had figured that one out.

Rob & Chris W. I dont get your comments about Sawyers confronting Mr. Friendly. Sawyer does not fire on Mr. Friendly, someone fires from the woods at Sawyer, it is clearly audible, and none of it is confusing. What gives?

Rosey Youre wrong. Why would you post disinformation like that? Are you a spy?

Matt Great thoughts there with the whole purgatory hypothesis. Heres what you do. Go to Blockbuster and rent all of Season 1. Watch them back-to-back. Then go read all the available Lost blogs, and then come back when you are all caught up.

Following is a link (or location) for the Wikipedia summary on Ezekial. Whether or not it is relevant, I do not know: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ezekiel

seems concerned about Jack not talking to Sayid, but have you noticed that no one seems to trust each other or to be sharing much information this season? It doesnt appear that the revelation that no communication was to be attempted with the computer was sharedat least not with Michael. Its not under the surface eitherit clearly appears that people are keeping things from each other.

I agree that there may be something to the idea that everyone has killed someoneotherwise, it seems like an odd coincidence, or the producers are unusually unoriginal in the way they show characters imperfections.

I dont know what to think of the e-ray date. Im tempted to believe that that is a mistake by the producers or crew. (I re-watched the episode, and its is awfully smallwhat are you all using, magnifying glasses?) After all, the x-ray dates more to the time of production, doesnt it?

Finally, at the Golden Globes, the acceptance speech given stated, This is a show about faith. Literally thats true, as well as the context of the acceptance speech. But I wonder, would the producers go so far as to give hints at the Golden Globes? Can we frame EVERYTHING in this show as saying something about faith alone? Is that to simplistic?

January 21 2006 at 12:56 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Akbar Fazil

Hey Chris, I just rewatched the scene. The guy who looks at Clarie, Locke and the baby is not Zeke. Beard and hair are way too short.

January 20 2006 at 4:04 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Did anyone figure out the crossword puzzle on the Oceanic timetable? One of the stops showed the letter G at number 42.

January 20 2006 at 11:27 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

In Wednesday's episode,close to the end of the episode, when Locke is holding Claire's baby, there is a man who walks in the background (he's wearing shorts and a blue t-shirt).
He stares at Claire's baby before walking off.
Did anyone notice this?
Do you think that is "Zeke"? Sort of looked like him!

January 20 2006 at 11:08 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Siraris, I also noticed that Zeke was holding a german luger (which does seem very dated) and that he seemd awful eager to get the guns that the three Losties had. Additionally, I agree that he seemed to look Locke's way regarding "opening doors" which would imply that he knows that Locke is the reason that the Losties now occupy the hatch. The problem I have with the above observations is that the old gun/need guns position vs. knowing about the hatch seems to conflict each other. The reason?... if Zeke knew about the hatch and he needed guns... wouldn't he just take the guns that seem to be overflowing in the hatch?

Zeke is definately connected to Hanso/Dharma is some fashion. I believe that some project "went wrong" which may be way he is apparantly stuck on the island too.

We'll see... probably not for another 4-5 years though. ;-)


January 20 2006 at 7:48 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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