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October 7, 2015

Moral Orel: The Lord's Greatest Gift

by Adam Finley, posted Jan 23rd 2006 9:30AM
Moral OrelSomeone remind me to send Dino Stamatopoulos a fruit basket for creating one of the most hilarious animated shows I've ever seen in my life. Much like Mr. Show, which Stamatopoulos also worked on, an episode of Moral Orel will probably require a few viewings to fully appreciate it.

Last night's episode, like the Christmas episode, began with the family driving to church and listening to a Christian song with the lyrics, "Faith is the enemy of reason." This tune was followed by a song of faith by the band Multiple Godgasm with the catchy chorus "burn in Heaven!"

At church, the minister preaches about the importance of human life. Orel, too, feels that people are too willing to squander the precious gift of life, so, quite reasonably, he and a friend steal a copy of the Necronomicon, head for the cemetery, dig up a few corpses, strip them naked (because their clothes smell), and turn them into zombies.The living dead wreak havoc on the town and devour the brains of the living. Of course, this is Moralton, so even the zombies say grace before eating other people.

The citizens grow increasingly agitated, not so much because people are being mutilated, but because the zombies are naked. As Orel's father explains to him, people should be ashamed of their bodies, just as the 11th Commandment states (it's one of the "Lost Commandments").

Moral Orel might best be described using that old phrase about the road to Hell being paved with good intentions. Orel has nothing but good intentions, unlike the rest of the characters who echo sentiments of faith and brotherhood but lead incredibly sinful lives outside of church. One could probably find a real lesson about solidarity among human beings in Moral Orel, but I just happen to find it hysterical.

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great to see another fan of moral orel out there...i've seen every episode so far, and it makes me fall on the floor with laughter. all the lost commandments and silly interpretations of "morals"...maybe it's my skepticism about organized religion, but any show that twists morals enough to justify becoming a crackhead is right up my alley.

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