Idol lies

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 2nd 2006 2:00PM

aiDid you enjoy the American Idol auditions last night, from Austin, Texas? Here's some odd news for you:

They weren't filmed in Austin, Texas!

That's right. Seacrest did his intros, etc from Austin, but actual audtions took place in San Francisco, because Hurricane Katrina/Rita evacuees were in Austin at the time. So they flew the contestants to San Francisco and had them audition for the judges there.

Now, this isn't a big deal, but why not say it during the telecast?


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Let's see, the hurricane evacuees were in Austin(I'm surprised, cos some of them are too busy fighting with Houstonians over territorial issues), which would mean there wouldn't be a place to hold the auditions there. Remember 10's of thousands of talentless people and the talented audition at these auditions. There are so many places in a city that can hold that many people.

I could care less what "Idol" does anymore...I'm already disappointed in some of the judges' decisions. I really hope this doesn't turn out to be like season 3 where the good ones are eliminated and we are stuck with a singer whose voice drives me nuts(LaToya London should have won that year).

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Jimmy Ripp

I just wanted to say something else. I like to watch american Idol . I like the funny lame auditions. I love the talented ones who get the chance to show their talents. I Just wanted to say something off the subject a little but kind of on the subject. Their are followers of everyshow. But i dont see any wrestling show listed. Pro wrestling (WWE) pulls some of the highest ratings on TV. I mean one million people cant be wrong....yet in all the entertainment mags and even on this site.....No listing for wrestling at all. Why?

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Michele K.

I just wonder, if the show is all that horrible and painful for you, WHY do you WATCH it in the first place? Then, take the time to read and respond to numerous blogs? WHY are the shows ratings breaking records in television history? Could it have something to do with past Idol Winners currently selling millions of records world wide, topping various charts, and the current Grammy Award nominations?

Also, Simon Cowell was very successful in Europe years before Idol was ever a thought. A GIANT in the music industry there, with accounts such as Westlife (a huge phenomena in Europe) and the Spice Girls ~ only two examples (he also may have discovered one or both bands). Whether your taste in music or not, they have brought in multimillions in dollars and hit record sales. The man obviously knows the business and has an eye and ear for what sells.

Yes, his comments can be harsh, but he has a charisma that can pull it off. As stated previously, SOMEONE needs to tell these people the truth. They know before hand that a rejection from Simon is likely and agree to the conditions so that they have a chance at their '15 minutes of fame.' Or, possibly, be the next overnight rags-to-riches story, which is really the draw of the show, in my opinion.

I think there's a LOT of sour grapes out there from the competition. The highly rude 'bloggers' such as the likes of Don Torres and 'Radio Patty' or whomever, will likely never see success on a scale of that magnitude.

Simon and his barbs ~ HUGE publicity factor
~ Add to that ~ Randy and Paula's unique personalities and very different backgrounds, and you have chemistry for a hit show of which an American Idol is born of.

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Tim Orris

So what if they held the Texas Auditions in SanFrancisco. If they had cancelled Texas due to the Huricane refugees Texas and Louisiana would have had a fit. If the said San Francisco auditions, and all had Texas twangs the fruits and nuts of the area would have had a fit.
That they edit the show and show the very best and worst and cut out the run of the mill, amen.
If they had a special cable channel that showed every audition from every area, a. no one would sponsor other than the suiside hotline, b. The ratings would be lower than the real estate chanel or the holy roller channel.
They give people a long shot chance, which is better than no chance at all. If simon is harsh, maybe the will give up fantacy and get an education and a job.

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It doesn't matter where the auditions where done, the POINT IS.....they were able to audition and IDOL was gracious enough to pay for it. As for some of the contestants??? When I was preparing to sing I always taped myself to see if I sounded ok, if not, I didn't sing that song. I would NEVER tell my child or family member they could sing, IF THEY COULD NOT. How cruel is that??

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who cares wether or not they told the truth about where they were. it's a great show. the ratings speak for theirselves. and yeah, simon could keep some of those comments to himself, but that's part of what makes the show great!! it gives people something to talk about. he makes the show, if not for him, i think it would be a very boring show. i think paula would almost let ANYONE through. and randy's just ok

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Michele K.

I agree with Joseph S.'s blog and would also like to know more about the process. Also, in a previous blog, someone mentions that its all scripted, and the auditioners are paid?? Is this true, or just someone's guess?

As far as flying the Austin auditions to San Francisco, while I don't understand why they did not say so up front, it was actually pretty generous of them to do so, and would think it would have gotten them good press?

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Mary Ann

You expect truth from a Fox channel? HA HA! If it isn't real, just make it up! Seems to work for Fox (fake) news...

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In response to the comment questionning whether there are preliminary judges, the answer is YES. It would be physically impossible for tens of thousands of wannabe Idols to win a spot before the judges. Unfortunately, talented singers are passed over in favor of the ridiculous, all in the name of RATINGS. That's TV land for you, but I am personally getting fed up with the judges pretending to be tired and frustrated by all of the bad singers. It's all planned that way, since for some reason, the general public enjoys watching people making fools of themselves. I'm counting the days until the REAL show starts.

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Viki M

Oh Lord help us all! What a scam, what bs, what nerve!!!
They lied...It's the end of the world!!!
Go ahead Bobby Sassone. Expose them I say...Expose them all! lol Honestly, did you think you had a story here? lmao

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