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October 7, 2015

Survivor Panama: Premiere

by Deidre Woollard, posted Feb 2nd 2006 11:58PM
As we begin, the four tribe concept is unveiled to the Survivors. They seem as confused as I am as to how this will actually work. Cirie is upset to be part of the older women tribe and Austin laments the fact that there will be no hot chicks to flirt with but mainly there is a lot of silent sizing-up going on.

No long death hike this time -- we begin with a challenge to get fire. The first challenge is to smash skulls and find an amulet. The first three tribes get a flint, the last tribe gets to send someone to Exile Island. Austin, Terry, Ruth Marie and Danielle get chosen. Terry is the first one back, bringing the amulet to the older guys, Austin is second for the young guys, and Ruth Marie is third bringing it up for the older women. Danielle volunteers to stay on Exile Island since she lost the challenge but the other young women decide that it is fair to play paper, rock, scissors. Misty ends up on Exile Island. Jeff reveals there is also an immunity idol on Exile Island and that the holder of the idol can wait until after a vote in which they have gotten exiled to use the idol. And with that the Survivors are sent off to make camp.

The older women do a good job of making a fire and getting themselves prepared except for Cirie who doesn't like the outdoors. The young men are well-prepared and the older men get right to work building a fire, boiling water and making shelter. From the guys there's lots of grunting and chest-swelling about their accomplishments. Dan chooses Terry to bond with and they make a pact not to lie to each other. Dan confesses he was an astronaut on the space shuttle and Terry says that he used to be in the military. Meanwhile, Shane, the youngest of the older, is a bit cranky about the work load and lack of cigarettes (if you knew you were going on Survivor, why not quite beforehand?). The young women can't seem to decide where to build a shelter. They found a dead tortoise on their land which causes Courtney, the fire dancer, to create a little shrine to the turtle. Meanwhile, it sucks to be Misty over on Exile Island in the rain. She eats worms and plans her strategy, which mainly consists of bluffing that she found the idol.

Challenge time: the tribes have to climb, swim, row and then solve a puzzle. Younger women take an early lead to solve a brainteaser and free the metal ring. The younger women win immunity, followed by older men and then younger guys. The older women are going to tribal council. (side note: should we even bother to refer to the tribes by name when Jeff and the screen titles refer to them by age and gender?).

It should be an easy decision. Send Cirie home. But why is Tina off by herself? Turns out she's mourning the death of her young son which gives Cirie the chance to lobby hard for survival and send Tina home. Just then Tina brings home a fish. Cirie scales the fish to try and prove that the tribe can survive without the "lumberjack lady" (nice try). At tribal, Jeff the Omniscient picks up on the fact that Tina is leading and quizzes Cirie on it who shrugs off Tina's survival skills, saying that anyone can do this. Tina does say the others aren't working as hard which makes Melinda angry. The girls don't like being bossed around and Tina gets the boot. Dumb move, ladies, you just voted out your strongest member. Jeff looks as annoyed by them as I am.

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It has happened the last few shows and history repeats itself. People pick team-mates by the tattoos,
or chemical appeal, or bad-boy looks, and one team is
extremely weak compared. I hope that Bruce is very strong because the Shane team will now be picked off
one by one. They should have started w/ Shane but now we have to be bored for a few weeks as the strong team continues to dominate. There has got to be a better way to divide up.

February 10 2006 at 11:34 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
patrice kiedaisch

I know Bruce. He was my family's karate teacher. He is so amazing. He will win! No doubt.

February 08 2006 at 2:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Tom Stoneburner

The show is always good. I'm amazed at the sheer stupidity of certain contestants.

The older women will be picked off as they bring nothing to the other teams. Would you keep an out-of-shape, outdoor-phobic, and scared-of-anyone-with-more-ability-than-her woman on your team?

Shane can win if he doesn't have a nervous breakdown.

February 06 2006 at 7:47 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I thought the show was good. I was appalled that the older women chose to kick off Tina. Dumb move, ladies. It was Celie's fault, though, and the other women were too zany to figure it out.

Misty's lie about finding the idol was so bad, everyone saw through it immediately. Good idea; poor execution.

I'll pick Bruce to win (http://www.cbs.com/primetime/survivor12/survivors/bio_bruce.shtml).

February 06 2006 at 5:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think My favourite Survivor series has to be survivor allstars.

February 05 2006 at 6:07 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm w/ you, Michael re: Tina. Furthermore, what in Sam Hell is going on w/ the "younger men?" Didn't ANY of them go camping as kids -- you'd think they would have spent their time getting a DECENT shelter, etc. together for the night.

In any event, I'm so happy "Survivor" is back I could just slap my grandma!

February 04 2006 at 3:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Tom Stoneburner

Hmm, last season with the returning duo of Bobby John and Stephanie was the worst in Survivor history. It looks like this season is shaping up to be a contender for that 'honor'.

What maroon in his/her right mind would play endgame strategy at the very beginning of the show? Yes, the lumberjack would have been tough competition in the Final Four or later. However, it doesn't do you any good to eliminate possible future competition if your team ends up being eliminated early because it's missing the only person that is in decent physical shape and knows something about surviving in the wilderness. Hey ladies, you're not in day 30-something. You're in the single-digit days at the very beginning of the game. If it wasn't for the coming merge, the older women team would have been totally wiped out of existence. My money is on the producers knowing this and forcing an early merge to prevent the total elimination of the older women.

Also, what was the young gal thinking about when she chose to mislead her team and the rest of the Survivors about finding the immunity idol? What happens when someone else finds it? Common sense would indicate that she is effectively lying when Jeff continues to unveil clues to the idol. The lying idol girl will be voted off before the jury. Good riddance.

One last thing, why reward a loser by giving a chance at immunity? The best player in the game is actually in worse shape than the person that loses a couple of rewards and finds the idol. Huh?

February 04 2006 at 10:39 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Brent McKee

As I understand it the four team names will be used for exactly one episode, last night's. Next week they'll do a "schoolyard pick" event to create the actual two tribes. Jeff Probst gave an interview where he said that maintaining four crews was just too costly to do it long term.

Oh and the skulls were undoubtedly clay or plaster replicas. How else would you get a stone or amulet in a part of the skull where you'd need to smash it in order to get the thing out.

February 03 2006 at 3:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I missed the premier. Does anyone know of an encore broadcast of this episode (except satellite)?

February 03 2006 at 2:19 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I missed the premier, does anyone know of an encore broadcast of this episode (except satellite)?

February 03 2006 at 2:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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