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October 9, 2015

TV Squad Super Bowl Squares Results

by Keith McDuffee, posted Feb 5th 2006 11:02PM
Game over! Congrats Pittsburgh! Here are the results of the SB squares game. Names in bold within the chart are the winners -- congratulations to you, as well! I'll be getting in contact with you via email tomorrow, so be on the lookout.



  4 7 8 1 6 9 0 3 5 2
9  Bus  Rats  D  Et  JTj  BM  RMC  yy  SR  Sn
4  Jon  WB  Ml  BR  Ev  TJ  Bala  SC  yte  kip
7  Az  Em  Eh  Jay  JJ  TP  doc  DH  js  CTM
3  RC  jm  Ma  Lisa  BMa  Aliza  m7  wn  Marc  Sam
2  Sk  Kev  CO  MiC  B  FB  JS  CC  rc  Dn
8  Msr  TH  riki  RB  Fnk  la  Man  Tim  MK  AM
0  DG  Z  JB  Cg  BeB  MG  JK  VM  Dave
6  BA  Pud  TVG  TG  JC  Soh  reb  Rob  Ngl  T
1  Mike  MM    TS  WC  rdy  MiB    paul  Moth
5  sts    BL  Ea    BB  Aa  rob  Tim2  jk
NOTE: If your posting name doesn't show up above, it was too long to fit. Please refer to the list after the jump.

CO = Captain Obvious
JS = Joshua Stein
JC = Jon Carpenter
H = hessian
MM = Matt Mariani
D = Duane
rc = riffcold
Cg = Craig
Aa = Aaron
DH = Dan H
MK = Mike Klein
T = Tucker
Ea = Erica
Et = Elliott
SR = Shawn Roth
rdy = randy
Ml = Michael
BM = Brent McKee
Msr = Measure
BMa =  Billy Mabray
la = laura
WB = Will B.
SC = Sean Copeland
JK =  Jeff Kahrs
MG = Michael G
TP = Trena P
Ma = Milla
CTM = CygnusTM
Z = Zarquon
Rob = Robert
TVG = TVGenius
VM = VenturaMom
Fnk = Franker
Em = Emily
jk = jimkata
Kev = Kevin
Pud = Pudie
wn = wetnap
AM = AustinMINI
TG = Thomas Gard
sts = smashthesymbols
BeB = Ben Belden
Ev = Evadne
FB = FindlayBoy
CC = Cold Chilli
jm = johnnymac
WC = Will C
BR = Ben Reich
js = jerry shelton
RB =  Radical Bender
yy = yatesy
reb = rebecca
TJ = Tony Jackson
DG = DanGarion
m7 = mikefenn7
Sn = Stephen
BB = Brian Beck
Tim2 = Comment #85
JTj = Joe Taylor Jr.
Eh = Elizabeth
BL = Bo Link
Dn = Douglin
TS = Todd Saylor
Sk = Sidekick
Soh = Sohan
MiB = Mike B
RC = Ruan Caiman
BA = Big Al
RMC = Ryan McClure
MiC = Mike C
TH = Thomas Hannigan
JB = Julie Burger
JJ = Jeff James
Ngl = Nagle

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Mike B

What do you know, I WON!!! Even though Seattle lost (and I was cheering for them) I won this squares, plus some other prop bets at the party I went to!
From Detroit and it was AMZING how good the city looked over the last week. Now I await to see if they can keep it looking good.

February 06 2006 at 9:58 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

A lot of people's moms would have won if it had not been for the last 27 seconds of the first quarter.

A way more hilarious but similar story was from the 2003 game. One of my roommates was celebrating a would-be win of $1000 on a set of squares numbers 1/1. He was even on the phone with his dad making arrangements to pick up the money from his dad's office.

There's nothing like watching the transition from joy to sheer terror as Tampa turned that last kick into a 50-yard touchdown run with 40 seconds left on the clock. If you've ever wanted to see a grown man cry in the middle of hysterically laughing "friends," that was the time.

February 06 2006 at 11:11 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Don Wilson

My mom would have won $250 in the first quarter had it not been for the last 27 seconds. :

February 06 2006 at 12:44 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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