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October 7, 2015

Skating with Celebrities: Part 4 of 7

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 7th 2006 8:06AM
scott hamilton summer sandersNow that Deborah Gibson and Kurt Browning are gone, the playing field seems pretty evenly matched. It looks like the remaining teams had a lot of falls during the last few practices.

Did host Scott Hamilton get taller since last week? Summer Sanders doesn't seem to tower over him as much tonight. Or, maybe I'm just used to seeing them together now so the height difference doesn't bother me as much. Well, the "witty" banter still sucks.

Let's get it on...

Tonight the pairs are going airborne. They have to perform side-by-side jumps for at least a half a revolution, in addition to last week's requirement of the unassisted one-legged lunge. Tonight's theme is Top 40 songs.

First up, Lloyd Eisler and Kristy Swanson. These two almost lost last week because of Kristy's fall and the smacking of her chin on the ice (she has the scab to prove it!). Tonight they're planning some "big stuff" that the judges will like.

On the ice now, Kristy has some sort of hooker get-up on and they're both playin' it tough to the tunes of Tal Bachman's She's so High Above Me. Kristy does a nice, strong arabesque across the ice and goes into a backward spin with Lloyd. These two are looking hot! Great little jumps and a kick-ass lift to wrap up the performance. That looked really terrific to me. Judges? Dorothy Hamill loved it, thought they brought it to a new level. Sir John Nicks was pretty darn impressed and even applauds. Mark Lund loves it too. Lloyd and Kristy score 55.9 out of 60, the highest score so far in the competition.

Next are Jillian Barberie and John Zimmerman, who are skating through the pain tonight.Jillian has had a lot of falls on the ice recently. She's bruised and blistered and has a bruised rib.

Their routine, to Pink's Trouble, starts with John lying on the ice and Jillian skating around him. They pick up speed for a lift right in front of the judges. Jumps are a little out of sync but nobody falls so who's complaining? They wrap it up by lifting Jillian up over John's head and spinning! Wow, that was a high energy routine and the judges are standing! Mark Lund says they look hot and improved their timing. Dorothy Hamill thought it was "fantastic", she's seen pros who aren't as good (what?). Sir John thinks the judges got carried away. He thought the performance was unnecessarily repetitious with a series of jumps near the end. Total score: 55.9. They're tied with Kristy and Lloyd so everybody's in the "hot seat".

On to Dave Coulier and Nancy Kerrigan, a pair I'd be happy to see go home tonight. Dave has been pretty klunky on the ice, and it seems like he's afraid to take a fall which means he's afraid to try any tricks that involve jumping.

They're skating to Outkast's Hey Ya and right off the bat, they're out of sync. While Dave isn't doing much in the way of moves, Nancy is trying to make up for it by doing jumps of her own. I think the disadvantage these two have to the other groups is they're not capable of big lifts. It would be much more dangerous for Dave to attempt lifting Nancy than it is for the experienced male skaters to lift the inexperienced women. These two don't appear to be doing much more than skating in circles. Yikes, this was way inferior, technically and artistically, to the first two performances. And the judges agree. A total score of 52.7 puts them in the "hot seat".

Finally, Bruce Jenner and Tai Babilonia are up. Bruce is performing with 16 stitches in his forehead tonight after a fall during practice.

They're skating to a slow song by Carrie Underwood, a departure from the rest of the teams tonight and a good call for these two. They nail the side-by-side jumps and Bruce looks surprisingly graceful. They even pull off a half-lift with Tai riding around on Bruce's hip. That's trust, baby! Whoops... Bruce and Tai appear to have skated off the ice and onto the stage but the show goes on and they manage to end the performance just a little behind the music. Overall, the performance is much simpler than the first two but a heck of a lot better than Nancy and Dave. I think it's pretty obvious who's going home tonight. Judges liked it but didn't love it. Sir John mentions Bruce's weak knees and Bruce explains that he's had two surgeries on each knee. Oh, and two Olympics so back off, Sir John! Total score: 54.7.

Adios, Dave and Nancy.

I'm predicting that Tai and Bruce will go home next and the final will be between Kristy and Lloyd, and Jillian and John.

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