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January 29, 2015

Lost: The Long Con

by C.K. Sample, III, posted Feb 8th 2006 11:27PM
lost sawyerOn tonight's episode, Kanye West won... oh crap. Wrong channel. Hold on... Okay. Tonight's episode of Lost is called "The Long Con" and is a Sawyer-centric episode focusing on flashbacks from his life. As always, this recap will be replete with spoilers, but I'm going to save them all for after the jump.

We start with Locke and Jack discussing the combination to the guns and drugs closet. Jack wants the combo, but John is concerned that his asking for the info isn't about trust, but about backup in case something should happen to Locke. Locke says that Jack should consider locking medicine in there too. Jack asks why and we cut to Sawyer walking out of the water to talk to Charlie, asking him how it feels to be the new most hated person on the Island. Charlie retorts that he'd be more concerned with Jack rummaging through Sawyer's tent. Sawyer runs over to find Jack taking pills back from Sawyer. Sawyer warns him not to do it and gives him a "This is your last chance" option to leave without taking his stuff but Jack walks off with it and Sawyer scowls at him as he walks away. First commercial break. More after the jump...

We return from commercial in a flashback with Sawyer in bed with a woman, reliving the same con we saw him in the middle of last season with the money in the suitcase. The girl notices the fake, calls him on conning her after grabbing for the money and finding out it is fake. She says she didn't take any money in her divorce and that he didn't do his homework. She says she wants him to show her what he does. She wants to learn to con. End flashback.

Back with Kate and Sawyer flirting near his tent and she agrees to read out loud to Sawyer since he lost his glasses on the raft. Sawyer starts joking about Locke shacking up with Claire. Then he mentions the army that Jack is building and discovers that Kate wasn't invited to participate either.

Cut to Hurley making a lime and the coconut joke with Sayid who is trying to open up a coconut. Hugo has a radio and asks Sayid to hack it and Sayid says it is a waste of time and that he doesn't need cheering up, but then after Hurley leaves we see Sayid staring at the radio that Hurley left behind. Cut to Ana and Jack walking around. Ana says these people aren't scared enough and then asks for the combination to the gun closet and quickly says she was just kidding when Jack looks at her suspiciously.

Cut to Sun gardening and a noise behind her in the brush with eerie music. It ends up just being Vincent and she says something to him in Korean just before he runs off and it starts pouring rain. Suddenly someone throws a black cloth over her head and starts dragging her off.

Kate and Sawyer hear the screams and run out in the jungle and find Sun hurt in the woods, passed out, Kate runs to get Jack and Sawyer runs back with her. Her hands were tied.

Ana says "they're back" but me and a lot of people in the chat room thought at this point that she did it to scare everyone. Second commercial break.

Cut back to Locke saying "They told us they would leave us alone." And Jack disagrees. Ana argues for guns, but Locke says no or they'll all end up shooting one another.

Cut to Sawyer and Kate in the jungle. Sawyer points out "How she'd get away"" mentioning that Kate couldn't get away when the Others grabbed her. Sawyer notices the difference in the details and that they are wrong. They find a hood that didn't match. Sawyer suggests it's a con by Ana to set up the army.

Cut to flashback with Sawyer showing his new apprentice about a jewelry con. Repeats the line "It's all in the details" as he writes price tags on the jewelry and puts a bandaid on his nose to make it look like he was in a fight. They run a scam on two marks, the girl buying the first necklace to set the others up.

Cut back to present with Sun, Jin, and Jack, and Sun with a HUGE knot on her forehead.  Jin is concerned.

Cut to Kate and Jack chatting. Kate askes Jack how well he knows Ana Lucia. Implying that she's the one who clubbed Sun. Jack walks off without answering her. Commercial break.

Ana and Jack walking on the beech. Ana is talking about the army and says that after what happened people are finally willing to do something. Jack confronts her, and she catches his implication that he thinks she set the whole thing up and she acts indignant about his implied blame. Sun wakes up. Sun tells what she remembers, but she doesn't remember anything. Jin grows angry as they talk and starts repeating to Jack, "Gun." Jack is trying to calm him down.
Sawyer and Kate are talking and Ana looks at Kate and Kate says this is all Ana's plan to get to the guns and asks Sawyer to go tell Locke they are coming.

Cut to flashback with Sawyer and his girl in  the bathroom, and she says she wants to do a long con. He says they need money and she reveals that she actually has 600K in the bank.

Cut back to present. Locke looking in Owl Creek Bridge book in the bunker when Sawyer walks up and asks him what he's doing. Locke says he is alphabetizing the books. John calls Sawyer James. Sawyer warns Locke about Jack coming for the guns, and when Locke asks why, he says "because it will piss off Jack". Locke asks Sawyer to help him move the guns. This is the point in the show where I started suspecting that this is all one elaborate long con on Sawyer's part to gain access to the guns and get back at Jack for taking things from his tent at the beginning. Commercial break.

We return to a flashback with Sawyer meeting with some guy in a diner where Kate's mom is the waitress. We find out that the guy set up this long con to steal the 600K from Sawyer's girlfriend. Sawyer wants to not do the deal but the guy threatens both their lives.

Return to the bunker with Sawyer entering the code as Jack and Jin arrive. Jack opens the door to find the closet all empty. Sawyer takes a pill and throws the bottle to Jack and says, "I believe these are yours." 

Cut to John on the beech. Jack runs up on Locke asking about the guns. Locke says he's hidden them and he's not willing to tell Jack where. They begin to argue vehemently when Sawyer shoots the guns and breaks up the yelling. Sawyer reveals that he took all the guns from the hiding place. He says, "Listen up. I'm only going to say this once... You took my stuff while I was trying to get us help." He says he's done taking orders. That he doesn't wants his stuff back. He says the only thing that matters now are guns and that if anyone on the island wants a gun that they'll have to come to him. He looks at Sayid and says "you want to torture me." Then: "New sherriff in town boys. Yall best get used to it." And he walks off with the gun on his shoulder as Kate looks angered and hurt. Commercial.

Flashback with Sawyer talking to his girlfriend telling her that the guy is out there and that she was the long con. He tells her to run and gives her all the money. He says, "I love you" and she says, "I love you too." And she leaves.

Back to island with Sawyer polishing his gun. Kate comes up and confronts him about using her to pull off his trick. She asks him if he were involved with Sun's attack. He retorts "WHat kind of guy do you think I am?" And she practically yells at him, "You want people to hate you." He says he's lucky she doesn't hate him, and then she asks him why he tricked her and used her.  He says: "You run, I con. Tiger can't change her stripes."

Cut to comic relief scene with Sayid walking up to Hurley with the radio saying "I want to show you something," Hurley "you fixed it". They find a signal of a radio station playing some old waltz music. Sayid says, "Could be coming from anywhere." Hurley says "OR any time.... Just kidding, dude."

Cut to Charlie in the jungle. Charlie and Sawyer teamed up to pull off the gun theft.   Sawyer tries to give Charlie one of the Virgin Mary statues. Charlie says he did it b/c he wanted Locke to look like a fool, not for the statues. Charlie says Sun can never find out what I did to her.

Charlie then asks Sawyer how he thought of the plan and we enter into another flashback with Sawyer getting into the car where the guy who threatened to kill him and his girlfriend was supposedly sitting. He turns to look at the drivers seat and we pan over to see no one there. He begins counting, One mIssissippi, two mississippi... Then we see him walk back into the house and take the bag full of money that he had switched with another identical bag amidst all the confusion when he told her that he loved her. He pauses to look at a picture of them both and then turns it face down as we leave the flashback.

Back to present: "I'm not a good person, Charlie. Never did a good thing in my life."End of episode.

While the episode was entertaining, I have to say, there are a few rather large holes in this story line. Mainly that this scam, although very possible, falls apart after it is complete. Locke should be able to track down where Charlie snatched the guns to. I mean, he's tracked Charlie all over the island in the past and seemed nigh omniscient about Charlie's actions. It seems like the scam may have worked, but Locke and Jack could have easily figured out a way get the guns back easily enough. I do like that the whole story line was put into action by Jack being a jerk to Sawyer though. I mean, right at the start, Sawyer warns him not to take his stuff and then he spent the rest of the episode proving that he could outsmart both Locke and Jack and place himself in the power-position of the island whenever he likes. It's also interesting the way there is now a grudge Sawyer vs. Jack and Charlie vs. Locke dynamic being set up that results in Locke and John on the same team again. What do you think?

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