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September 5, 2015

Project Runway at Fashion Week

by Annie Wu, posted Feb 10th 2006 8:49PM
Project RunwayProject Runway has been winding down, leaving only four designers to go (Chloe Dao, Kara Janx, Santino Rice, and Daniel Vosovic), but the big finale of Project Runway is the actual runway show at Olympus Fashion Week, which took place between the 3rd and the 10th. What they did at Fashion Week was have all four contenders present collections so that none of the spectators could give away who had been booted (they did the same thing last season when poor Austin Scarlett was Auf Wiedersehen-ed)... The actual top three finalists of Runway will not be announced until next week's episode, and only those three collections will be televised.

Do you like spoilers? C'mon. I bet you're dying to see what the designers have created... If you'd prefer to find out on your own, look away. If you'd like to be sneaky, check out this brief recap from Yahoo! (thanks, Martha!). Or, you can come look at some pictures I dug up from Fashion Week and take a real peek at the collections that they presented...

Things might look a little different on the show (hell, the designers might even give an explanation that will render my current opinions irrelevant)... What I'm saying here are strictly observations from previous episodes and these pictures.

Chloe Dao: The first thing I notice is the shininess of these fabrics (and that dreadful tan-line of that model in the blue, backless dress). Floral, lace, and shiny fabrics. I know it's probably just me, but I think of sofas and cushions when I look at these pictures (the puffy-sleeved, pink dress is pretty much a wearable loveseat). The floral fabric seems a little awkward for a dress (especially a full-length one). The execution is beautiful, though. Usually, I find Chloe's designs a little too simple (well-done, but simple) so it's nice to see a little drama in the folds this time.

Kara Janx: Honestly, I don't know how she got this far. There's no doubt that she has some interesting ideas, but is she really better than someone like Nick? I guess she's been lucky, doing well when it matters most (like during the last competition). If she ends up bumping Daniel out of the top three, I will absolutely flip out and probably strangle the first person I see. My emotions cannot handle another Wendy Pepper/Austin Scarlett fiasco again. Anyway, it's no surprise that her collection is the brightest of the four. She's got a lot of clashing colors that definitely give off a fun vibe. It looks like she took Season One Winner Jay's route by giving a bunch of the models something to wear on their heads to keep a hipster-theme running through the whole show. As always, the judges are unpredictable, so I don't know if they'll perceive this collection as fun or obnoxious. We'll just have to see...

Santino Rice: I was truly surprised by his collection. I was expecting to see colors burning my retinas but, instead, faced a lot (lot lot lot) of softer, muted colors. The execution wasn't as crazy as I expected either. He clearly took the advices from the judges and toned down a lot of his ideas (remember the figure-skating outfit?). There is one really strange piece that doesn't really make sense to me, though. It looks like a leather top and a sheer, metallic skirt? It's like a dominatrix musketeer meets... um... a sheer, metallic skirt. Overall, the pieces are well-made (and I love those flowy, muted green-and-coral dresses that he made) but, to me, it doesn't look like a total collection. How does the red dress fit in with the green-and-coral? And how does that fit in with the dominatrix musketeer?

Daniel Vosovic: While Kara had the most playful collection of the four, I think Daniel made the most mature. I don't want to say it looks boring... but, well, I just did. I mean, the sophistication is definitely there and the silohuettes are beautiful and elegant, so maybe I only feel that it's a little bland in comparison to the other three designers' stuff. Often, outfits need to be seen in motion to get the full effect... Hopefully, this is the case for Daniel's collection. I don't want to think too much about whether or not he had enough time to design because I'll get really worried about his placement in the top three (I remember Austin Scarlett presented a collection that looked a little unfinished last year; he said that he had to rush because Runway called him up after he got kicked off and asked him to create a last-minute collection to throw off the press). According to the Yahoo! article, Daniel was considered to be the favorite at the show (I guess the outfits really did have a bigger effect in person). This is good news for me because Daniel has long been my favorite. Go Team Vosovic!

I'm definitely anxious to see who wins. It's so difficult for me to even guess right now because there are equal pros and cons to each collection. What do you think?

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Sandi Summers

Given the fact that Daniel V. is only 24 yrs old, I feel he was the best designer throughout the entire show by far.

March 14 2006 at 7:19 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Sandi Summers

Given the fact that Daniel V. is only 24 yrs old, I feel he was the best designer throughout the entire show by far.

March 14 2006 at 7:10 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Linda Brooks

Sorry, but I disagree with many of you. If you look at the lines of Chloe's collection they are superb and would make ANY woman look good - the curvey seams add shape to a body. I liked Daniel's collection (except for those horrible medal/tassel things on some of the outfits). Kara's colors amazed me since she was ALWAYS working in black on the show. And the ONLY dress of Santino's that stood out was the ombre dyed, chiffon steam-pleated dress that was featured. Daniel will have no problem getting supporters for his work, but in all, Chloe is a better designer for women's bodies!

March 09 2006 at 6:28 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Hannibal Letcher

I am a straight guy who happened on Project Runway after about six weeks into this season. Like most guys who watch American Chopper and similar auto and bike design shows, I became interested in the process of designing clothes. My comments. Daniel is a prima donna bitch and Tim should have bitch slapped him when Daniel whined about about Tim's lack of enthusiasm for his mediocre Olympus Week designs. I have two daughters and a granddaughter and none of them whine or backstab to the degree that Daniel does. Really, Tim should still bitch slap him for being such a silly priss.

Kara is a sports wear designer. She can rise to a degree of notoriety with good spring and summer lines. Beyond that, she hasn't a clue.

Cloe makes middle class designs for middle America. Nothing elaborate. Her collection for Olympus week was hideous. That poofed jacket reminded me of one of the coachmen in the Emerald City. Didn't someone wear something similar in Prince's movie?

Santino should take a female drawing course. He has the best design sense of the four and his collection for Olympus week was the best. He could become a true force in American clothing design if he thinks foremost of enhancing a woman's image. That means drawing out his designs for all different views.

I just have to say that I started watching the show because of Heidi Klum. Yeah I know she's married and way too young for me, but she's adorable in her sexy Teutonic way. All in all, I now have a better appreciation for what goes into clothes design. How about designing some elegant clothes for men next season? Ah well, American Chopper is coming on. Time to see what Paul Jr. is going to design this week.

March 04 2006 at 6:21 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Daniel's collection is just plain boring. Complete? Yes. Strong theme development? Yes. Woman friendly, yes, except for several of the tops, which are utterly formless, energyless, blah... Very Banana Republic. I place his collection last out of the 4.

Kara's collection is surprisingly good. Lots of energy presented with great aesthetics. Thematically, not terribly strong, but lots of fun. I think her overall collection, along with Santino's, contains the most striking point of view, and she does a good job realizing it. I'd put her collection in 2nd overall, which is interesting, because I thought she should have been eliminated from the show 3 weeks earlier than she was.

Chloe's collection, except for the Stay Puf't Marshmallow Man pieces, is just very nice. Unremarkable, but nice. She exposed her themes to a greater extent than any of the other designers. A solid 3rd place out of the 4 designers.

Santino's collection was my favorite. By far. Not so much that piece the he designed with Andre (at least, I assume it was with Andre)--you know, the one that looked like Batman/Dominatrix with a potato sack for a skirt. The strength of the rest of the collection outweighs that monstrosity, though. His color palette is muted, yet fully exposed, and well executed. Every dress is simply elegant, and the theme and variation are unmatched by any of the other designers.

March 02 2006 at 10:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Unwrapped Model

If I do nothing else, I faithfully tune into Project Runway every week since season 1 started!! I AM A DANIEL VOSOVIC fan, not only is his execution GREAT but his creativeness is to DIE for. He won 4 challenges because he is a GREAT desinger 100%! Yes, I love Santino's personality but he only bring 50% to the table, the MAN is creative as hell, but can't sew to save his life (at least not well, he is not clean in his sewing). Chleo, she is a sweet heart, can design and sew her ass off but she doesn't come with the heart for the industry (read it again, yes owning your own store and being in the IN crowd (THE INDUSTRY) are 2 different things. And I don't think she can or will CUT it!! And Kara, explain to me why NIck is gone and NOT her...Yes, I loved what she did to Santino, but by far that was her best and greatest design, NICK DESERVES to be in the FINAL four!! Miss You NICK!! But all & all I am on TEAM VOSOVIC!!!

February 28 2006 at 6:55 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I have to laugh at the above comments (It's obvious his designing & sewing skills are light years ahead of the other designers) I guess Kim didn't see the make over chalenge. And whats with attacking Daniel Vosovic so agressively. Didn't find his collection boring I found it elegant and actually something people could wear. I totally stand by Daniel as the winner of this season he does have a personality and it's nice that it's bearable for more than a couple shows.

February 22 2006 at 4:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

My favorite is Santino. There's a BIG difference between him & the others. He's not afraid to take risks, or to go big and not afraid to piss the judges off. Notice the judges literally rip him to shreds every time, yet he's still there. That's because they know he's not intimidated by them & certainly won't kiss their ass. All the other contestants hardly ever stand behind their designs or defend what they made. They just stand there like their deaf mute. Now, Santino would tell them to kiss his a** and almost always says I don't care what you say, I stand behind my design.

It's obvious his designing & sewing skills are light years ahead of the other designers, as is his confidence. Wonder why I say that? Because his designs are all very intricate & detailed. Meanwhile, everyone elses designs could be made by an amateur. The judges have literally begged the designers to take risks & each time they're disappointed. That's why they did the whole flower design; to give the designers a chance to really go wild & once again: BORING. I can't believe Chloe's been designing clothes for over 10 years, especially after seeing that evening dress she made. My 13 year old daughter could do a better job than that, and she's just learning! Though, obviously Chloe did it on purpose, because as she told the others, she doesn't want to win.

Daniel: how do you say BORING in german? He was SO flattered by that SuperModels comments on his evening gown, while I was screaming at the TV you're flattered that a supermodel called your dress & you BORING, lol. Get a LIFE! His designs put me to sleep! For Fashion Week they should ban him from the colors Black, Dark Blue & Brown because that's all he's used this whole time. Show us some LIFE, some flair, PLEASE! I just can't see how he wins so many challenges because they're BORING!! But, as the judges said last week, even though his designs lack creativity, he does sew well.

In my opinion, Santino should be the winner because his designs are creative & edgy. Even if he doesn't win, his career's already made for him. The winner from the previous season got his own reality show, so they're gonna pick someone who's also got lots of personality. So, since Daniel has NO personality at all, he would bore the audience to tears yet Santino would have everyone tuning in.

February 21 2006 at 1:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I was very disappointed in Chloe's collection. It didn't seem to reflect the work she did on the show. It didn't seem like a collection -- just a bunch of dresses. And the huge, puff-dress is truly alarming. What was she thinking?

I found Kara's stuff annoying -- but she's never been one of my favorites.

Was most surprised about Santino's -- what should I call it -- costume gallery? First off, several of the dresses made the models look fat, which doesn't bode well for the rest of us. There was the leather blouson number -- looked like a leather maternity dress in the photos. The mint green number just screamed "JUNE CARTER CASH, circa 1965." And the blond Jessica-simpson-y model just looked trashy in that broze strapless dress -- complete with halter tan lines!("You might be a redneck if your dress is strapless but your tan lines are not.") The seam line on that dress is cut right across the fullest part of the model's butt, which leads me to my main problem with Santino's work: he doesn't know how to make a woman look good. The clothes may be "interesting" but I can't believe anyone would buy them. However, I did love his red satin dress. It was a stunner.

My pick: Daniel. First of all, he had an actual collection. Dresses, sportswear, coats, evening, the whole shebang. And it seemed coherent and pretty, without being trite. As opposed to Santino, he makes garments that seemed inspired by a woman's body. Plus he has a great eye for details that accentuate his classic cuts: look at those great buttons going up the outside of the leg on the black pants/cream wrap sweater outfit.

Do I like any of them as much as last year's Jay? *sigh* Nope. That guy was just too easy to like, as were his designs. Hope he makes it very, very big.

February 16 2006 at 12:23 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Thanks for this update. I was wondering what had occurred at Fashion Week.

I was pleased to see Santino Rice's show -- that he got some maturation.

Chloe's outfits looked horrible and shiny and a bit too Junior Prom to me (I can't get past the fabric).

I have a hard time believing Vosovic didn't make the final 3. He's been one of the strongest (if irritating, prissy and stuckup) characters. His work has always struck me as a bit too predictable and clean -- not daring in the least. Well executed, but not daring and kind of boring.

Kara Janx on the other hand is awful. She coasted by through chance and deserved to be cut WEEKS ago. Her final outfits with those horrible knit turds as headdresses were the last straw (I'm a knitter). It made me remember last season's great knit elements in Jay's winning collection.

If there's any justice in the world Janx is the lameduck designer. She should wear one of those hats and slink home.

February 13 2006 at 4:59 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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