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October 6, 2015

Skating with Celebrities: Part 5 of 7

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 14th 2006 8:56AM
swanson eislerWe're down to three teams: Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisler, Jillian Barberie and John Zimmerman, and Bruce Jenner and Tai Babilonia. I think it's pretty obvious who the weak skaters are here, but we'll see what happens on the ice.

Just a quick recap: last week we bid farewell to the not-very-graceful Dave Coulier and Nancy Kerrigan. Before that, Deborah Gibson and Kurt Browning were out, and the first team eliminated was Todd Bridges and Jenni Meno.

Hello Summer Sanders and Scott Hamilton, who is wearing his ice skates tonight so Summer doesn't tower over him as much. On a side note, check out Joel's post wondering whether Scott is better than this.

Tonight we learn that the judges will choose the two teams that deserve to go to the finals. Celebrity skaters are required to perform a one-footed edge glide with a change of direction, on top of previous technical requirements of side-by-side jumps, and a three revolutions spin. The teams are skating to songs chosen by the judges. Yikes.

First up are Jillian and John, who doubled their practice time in the last week and may be too exhausted to put together a clean performance. On the ice they start with a lift that had to make Jillian dizzy. Then they do some really lame dance steps and they finally start skating. I think they packed every possible jump and spin into their performance. It was high energy but also a little bit choppy when going from trick to trick.

Do tonight's routines seem a lot longer than the others?

Anyway, let's see what the judges say. Skating journalist Mark Lund was "semi-charmed" because he didn't see much variety from the last routine. Same jumps, same spins. Well, duh. They don't have a lot of tricks to choose from. Dorothy Hamill found the routine "very ambitious" and couldn't find anything bad to say. Sir John Nicks thought it was a "choreographic gem" but thought the technical elements were lacking. No death spiral! No one-armed lift! Jillian says, "that's harsh!" and I agree. Total score: 55.4 out of a possible 60.

Next on the ice are Tai Babilonia and Bruce Jenner. They're adding some speed to their routine this time around. On the ice, they start off snapping, but not in unison. First big move is a lift and then side-by-side spins and a couple of jumps. Sadly, Bruce is the one who stands out and he just looks frail and terrible. Yikes. There wasn't much to that routine, compared to Jillian and John.

Judges? Sir John thought Bruce looked more comfortable on the ice but that Tai overshadows him. Hmmm. I just said the exact opposite. Mark Lund thought there was a lack of choreography and thought they needed a signature move to do in every routine. Didn't he just berate Jillian and John for using the same moves from last week? And Dorothy Hamill thought Bruce was doing baby boomers a favor. Total score: 54.4.

Finally, Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisler take to the ice. These two rocked the rink last week and I'm excited to see how much they've improved. On the ice now, Lloyd picks up Kristy and skates her across the ice. That was very sweet. Kristy has great form. I keep forgetting to write because I'm watching these two. They are far and above the other teams. They appear connected and Kristy is the most relaxed I've ever seen her on the ice. WOW. That was terrific!

Dorothy saw the connection. She said it was hot, sexy, seamless, she loved it. Mark Lund was inspired by the routine. Sir John, the sourpuss, was very impressed by Kristy's technical ability on the ice. I think it's obvious these two will be going to the finals. Total score: 58.0.

Who will face Kristy and Lloyd in the finals? It's a skate-off!

The judges will watch the first two teams skate again and make their decision. First Jillian and John come out to show off their stuff with a bunch of lifts and spins. Bruce and Tai take the ice, during the same song, and put on a much less impressive performance with Bruce mainly spinning Tai around.

The judges choose to send Jillian and John to the finals against Kristy and Lloyd. No surprise there.

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I love how Skating With Celebrities was all over the Arrested Development finale. Train wreck on ice, indeed.

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