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September 4, 2015

Hustle: Episode 6

by Annie Wu, posted Feb 16th 2006 10:47PM
HustleWhoo... Lots of stuff to cover. Let's get started... The episode started with Mickey and Danny wrapping up a con in which they tricked a man named Arthur Bond into thinking that they had just helped him purchase the London Eye. Before Mickey and Danny slip out, Arthur laughed with great satisfaction over his new "purchase", puffing his cigar and saying, "I usually get what I want". Another con successfully completed.

While Danny grumbled over the fact that the hotel's new receptionist won't go out with him (he keeps insisting that she's either a lesbian or totally frigid because no straight woman in her right mind would turn down Danny Blue), the group moved on to a new con. This time, they planned on taking advantage of Sir Anthony Reeves, utility company CEO, and his gambling habits. 

They decide to work "The Wire", which is the same con that was used in the film The Sting (in which the conman convinced the mark that he can delay the results of a horse-race long enough for the mark to place a bet after the winner has been declared). Albert knew him from the gentleman's club that they both belong to, so he and Danny went to check out the new mark. Danny pretended to be the son of one of Albert's (or "James'", as he's known at the club) old friends and they quickly struck up a fake discussion on gambling when Anthony walked in. After a quick introduction, Danny excused himself and Albert and Anthony talked for a while. By bringing up horse-racing, Albert peaked Anthony's interest... The mark was in.

Danny was going through some other troubles as well (apart from the frosty receptionist)... A fellow grifter by the name of Scottish Ray approached Danny about creating a new crew, which Danny would head. Scottish Ray convinces Danny that he wasn't getting the deserved recognition and respect by working alongside someone like Mickey. Danny seemed a little hesitant to say no because, after all, Mickey had been rather harsh on him lately and it felt more bitter than just regular tough love. Danny told Scottish Ray that he'd get back to him.

The man from the con at the beginning of the episode, Arthur, finally realized that he had been cheated, so he called in a hitman (or a tracker... actually, I'm not really sure what he was... I just know he was big and scary-looking) to find the two conmen who tricked him... one black, one white. Arthur wants the big guy to bring the conmen back because he intended to kill them.

While the big guy searched through the city, Danny, Albert, and Stacie tried to lure the mark even deeper when they attended one of Sir Anthony's parties. Danny got to know Anthony a little better and filled him in on some "inside information" by telling him that he had a way to get horse-race results before the actual end (because he works for a syndicate, a company that buys the horses, that teamed up with three other syndicates). Stacie (or "Yvonne") fully captivated Anthony with her stunning beauty and the "fact" that she was a high-class escort that had access to all this horse information that she gave to Danny/Peter (Anthony liked prostitutes and gambling... it was a win-win for him).

Ash was working on creating a fake, high-class gambling club location where they would work the actual con. He planned to delay the horse-race results by displaying the races on TVs that had delayed broadcasts. The two-minute delay would allow enough time for Stacie to call in the information and for Anthony to place his bet. 20 fellow grifters would later come in to act like other gamblers. The finished product looked very convincing, so Anthony was fully oblivious when he wandered in with Danny on his first day. Mickey, as the smarmy club manager, ticked Anthony off enough to make Anthony want to bet even higher and take the money. The plan worked beautifully and Anthony left happily with his winnings... They had gained his confidence. However, the second time Anthony placed a bet, he didn't offer enough for the group to cover their costs, so they had to do some quick thinking. By further manipulating the delay-time on the feed of the horse-races, they managed to broadcast the end of the race before Anthony could place his bet. However, the winning horse that Stacie reported was still correct so they didn't lose their mark. Frustrated, Anthony left with Danny. What they didn't know was that Arthur had found them and was watching steadily from a nearby car. Uh-oh.

The next time that Danny saw Arthur, he reported some disturbing news: the police had caught on to the syndicate's illegal activities and were beginning to investigate. Before stopping their tricks, the syndicate was going to gamble on one more race... Danny tried to convince Anthony into taking this risk and placing a large bet. Anthony admitted that it was a little too rich for his blood, but that was nothing that Stacie couldn't handle. All she had to do was sit next to him and gently work her charm and he agreed. There was a pretty unnecessary clip of Stacie in a sequined bikini working a stripper's pole here... I didn't see how it was really relevant but, hey, if having a scantily-clad Jaime Murray (the actress that plays Stacie) brings in a few more viewers, I guess anything goes.

Back at the club one last time, Danny and Anthony prepared to take the plunge and place their half a million pound bet... Stacie called in as soon as she heard the results to say, "Place it all on Roofer"... So Anthony did. He placed it all on Roofer to win. Bad idea. When Stacie came around to see how he was doing, she shouted at him. "To win?! I told you 'place'!" Apparently, she had meant for him to place the money for Roofer to come in third... which it did. By the time Anthony struggled back to the betting window to try and get his money back, it was too late. A few grifters pretended to be the press (which had been hounding Anthony for ages because of his company's troubles) and drove him out of the club. With the suitcase full of money still in the group's possession, another con was done.

Just as the group was about to pack up, Arthur came in with armed gunmen. They threatened to kill Danny and Mickey, unless they handed over the money that they had just gotten from Anthony. Mickey told Danny to give Anthony the money, but this only resulted in a huge argument. Danny was pissed at Mickey for telling him what to do all the time and revealed that the suitcase that Mickey wanted to give to Arthur was actually full of funny money. Mickey even punched Danny in the face, leaving blood streaming from his mouth. Eventually, Danny ordered Ash to hand over the 60 - 70 thousand pounds in the betting stands... Arthur laughed at all this and puffed happily on his cigar... "I usually get what I want".

Once he left, everyone was all smiles once again. The suitcase was never full of funny money... Danny and Mickey were just putting on a good show. Arthur didn't realize until later that the money that he had gotten was the funny money that Danny was talking about. Whoops. The group was happy with another couple thousand under each of their belts and Danny decided that he was going to stay with Mickey's crew after all (funnily enough, Mickey knew all about Scottish Ray's offer).

The characters spoke to the audience for a few moments about taking a break, because this was the BBC's season finale. However, AMC will be airing the next season straight away. So don't go away... there's a new episode next week.

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You forgot to file it under 'Hustle'.

Very, very good series. Probably im my top5 shows of all time.

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