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October 4, 2015

Project Runway: Evening Gown Competition

by Lacy Hall, posted Feb 16th 2006 12:34PM
santino goldThis is a big episode because it determines the final three who will get to present their collections at Olympus Fashion Week. Er, well...so we know that because of TV scheduling, they actually film all four contestants at Fashion Week. Check out Annie Wu's great post here. But in order to sustain the magic of reality television suspense, let's just pretend that only three actually get to go to Fashion Week. And those three are...

Daniel, Chloe...and...and...and....Santino! Wow, he made it. Of course, he made it. He makes great television, and I thought that he actually did do a great job this week. But I will defend him later.

For this week's competition the designers had to design an evening gown that represents their entire collection at Fashion Week. They had $300 and two days to complete it. There was actually very little drama during designing and the fabric selection at Mood. Although, it has become incredibly apparent this episode that everybody hates Santino and is rooting against him. One good thing about fashion designers, they won't stab you in the back, they'll do it right in your chest. Everybody is ticked off that Nick is gone and that Santino is still here. They feel that Santino is a bad seamstress (what is the male version of that word?,) and should be gone. Well, it's pretty much true. Although, I don't think Nick did a really great job last week either.

There was also a surprise this week in that Iman would be a celebrity guest judge and would be wearing the winning dress on the red carpet to a future event.

The designers took two field trips this week. One was to visit Fern Mallis from Seventh on Sixth, the organizer of Fashion danwinWeek. She answered questions that the designers had and explained that the key to being a winner was being "nice." Daniel made sure to give Santino a stern look when she made that comment. But seriously, being "nice." Um, I'm not sure how many designers are that nice. Is Michael Kors nice? Hell, is Jay nice? The second field trip was weird. Right in the middle of crunch time for their dresses, Tim whisked the designers to Suede to have cocktails with their models, Jay, and Austin. I'm not sure what the point of this was, really? I think it was to just have Jay and Austin make them nervous and to see how well the designers can sew with a slight champagne buzz.

And they actually did all finish their dresses this week, (no sleeves were falling off) and they broke down like this...

Daniel- He won this week and that was a record 5th win! I'm not sure he really deserved it. The dress was beautiful, a basic silhouette dress in navy chaurmese, but it was just boring. The shape of the dress was so simple, that the color should have been more spectacular or something. It wasn't a bad dress, but it wasn't a great dress. It was a forgettable dress. But Iman commented that, "I would help the dress be less boring." Well, no kidding. Her body could make anything less boring. As for a regular girl like me, I'd never wear it  because nobody would even glance at me.  

karasexyKara- She is out. Kara's dress looked a lot like Daniel's except it was black and the neckline plunged lower and it had a razor back. Santino called it earlier when he said that it was either her or Daniel that was going to be sent home. Their dresses were too similar and they were both boring. I actually liked Kara's dress better because it was sexier. Kara's problem is that her dress was sewn badly. The hemline was a mess and there were loose strings hanging down. And Iman pointed out that the dress needed to be steamed. By the way, what a great guest judge Iman is! Finally, a guest judge that has some relevant points and good comments.

Chloe- I didn't think that Chloe was going to make it through to Fashion Week. Not because I didn't like her dress, but because she seemed to give up this week. She kept saying that she lived in New York before and went through all the craziness already and wasn't eager to get back into it. I don't really think that was Chloe talking, I think it was exhaustion. And it could have been a costly mistake, because when the judges asked her fellow designers who out of the four was the least-deserving to go to Fashion Week, they all picked Chloe. (See, stab you in the front.) Luckily, her dress was pretty good, but not great. It was a pearl gray, 1940s throwback dress. I wasn't crazy about this dress because I think it could have been sexier. The judges didn't like the back, but the back was my favorite part. I liked how it scooped down really low. It chloeprommade up for the super conservative front. Also, I didn't like how the bottom was in sections and I didn't like how it made the model's butt look big. Tim warned her about that before, but she ignored him. Also, I thought the bow in the front looked cheesy. I just think it looks like a bridesmaid dress, not a dress for the red carpet.

Santino-  I liked Santino's dress this week. He used gold stretch satin and covered it with gold paillettes. It was completely over-the-top, but that is why I liked it. Like he always does, he went so far away from the other designers that it made him stand out for either good or bad. Apparently, it was for good because he made it through to Fashion Week. Of course, it would have looked better if he would have gone less mad with the paillettes, but where is the fun in that? Plus, I liked how Michael Kors called him out this week saying something like, "I get it -- you're a rebel. You know we are going to say you went too far with it, but you don't care. You put all that extra shit on it anyway." I thought that was great because that is exactly what Santino was doing. And who knew that Santino could do a Kors impression too! The Tim impression will always be my favorite, but I'm looking forward to him Michael joining Tim and Andrae at the Red Lobster.

Next week is a reunion special, where all the other designers come back to tell Santino how obnoxious he is.


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This week's gowns were b-o-r-i-n-g. Poor Iman! Such a ho-hum choice to make! She's such a Classy woman & deserves FAR more from "designers."

I have to say: Santinos gown looked like a Bad Prom Gown from the late 70s Disco Scene!! Tim Gunn said it looked like Guinevere - I'm sure he was thinking of the movie Excalibur! Santino sure makes us laff, tho. Maybe he should be doing Comedy Club instead of Fashion? Then again - HEH - WHO can ever forget his Grande Faux Pas "TURKEY DRESS" from the Sasha Cohen Skating Dress Challenge episode!??! I simply can't IMAGINE what dear Sasha thot when she laid eyes on that Turkey Dress - show us those outtakes, guys! Wanna see all those jaws that dropped to the floor in shock, certainly not awe, LOL!

Altho he is a "colorful character," Ladies -- get a Clue -- Santino is a PURE narcissist (they are all great mimics, look at Jim Carrey). Even if he wins, which I can't see happening, NO ONE will want to work with him due to his arrogance, emotional immaturity, & lack of focus & concern for others. So please get a clue & don't date this kind of a guy or you'll definitely be sorry, sooner rather than later. Healthy is INFINITELY attractive -- Self-love & Pride isn't Love!

I'd work with Nick, Kara or Daniel V. ANY DAY due to their flexible natures rather than the dreaded Santino. Although I DID like his Barbie outfit & thot it cute & girlie, still, in my mind, his name is FOREVER associated with "TURKEY DRESS" for All Time!! :D

I'm glad to read here that Kara did get to show her collection at Fashion Week! I'm still waiting on pins & needles to see who "wins" cuz I didn't sneak-a-peek ahead!

Thanks for making this site available - It's really a great outlet to come here & connect with people's comments on the show. I've enjoyed this site very much! :D

- A Fellow Designer -

February 26 2006 at 5:06 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
D Rode

What a disapointment this week. I thought all the gowns should have been canned and everyone told to start over. Three were blah and Santino's looked like my grandmothers (no - great grandmother's) cruise ship attire had been revived. Daniel's was the best of the three blahs but I had to agree with the judges when they said no one but Santino let their style show through.

February 21 2006 at 10:31 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
D Rode

What a disapointment this week. I thought all the gowns should have been canned and everyone told to start over. Three were blah and Santino's looked like my grandmothers (no - great grandmother's) cruise ship attire had been revived. Daniel's was the best of the three blahs but I had to agree with the judges when they said no one but Santino let their style show through.

February 21 2006 at 10:28 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It's "charmeuse" not "chaurmese."

February 17 2006 at 11:55 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Jason Simmons

I wondered how that worked! I had just assumed that they only showed the final 3--the things you REALLY learn about tv!

So, basically they all 4 show at Fashion Week!, but she's just NOT in the running.

Sounds to me like Kara got her cake and ate it too, the only thing is that she doesn't get to win the 100,000 dollar prize, or the new Saturn.

Kara should have been cut several episodes ago. While Santino is clearly talented, his designs are awful and over-thep-top.

He should have been eliminated as opposed to Nick because Kara's jumpsuit was literally falling apart!

How can you get any worse than that?

Bottom line: I think Chloe is going to win!

February 17 2006 at 6:42 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Akbar Fazil

Well Dylan, that makes sense.
She already has her own business and since the final FOUR are required to display at the show (so the media can't give away who actually makes it to the final 3) so she probably didn't put too much effort into it and just supplied her premade stuff.

February 17 2006 at 1:01 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

If you remember Kara was asked by Heidi and Nina if what she was wearing was her own creation and why we haven't seen more of her textile and print work.
In the photos from fasions week it looks like she took thier advice.
But what she was wearing in tonights episode is pretty much exactly duplicated in her fashion week collection!! (the purple and blue number that that famous african model is wearing)

Although I thought she had the most vibrant and cohesive collection out of everyone. I still noticed this loud and clear .........anyone else?

February 16 2006 at 5:12 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Lacy Hall


February 16 2006 at 4:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Lacy & Eliz - It IS "racer" back, not "razor."

February 16 2006 at 2:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I thought they were saying Kara's dress had a "racer" back. I wasn't really impressed with any of the other dresses. Since Nick is out, I'm just kinda eh about who wins.

February 16 2006 at 2:10 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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