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September 2, 2015

Moral Orel: The Blessed Union

by Adam Finley, posted Feb 20th 2006 8:59AM

moral orelAdult Swim has been showing episodes of Moral Orel out of order. Every episode is more or less self-contained, so it doesn't affect things too much, but once in awhile there will be a reference to an episode which hasn't aired yet. I just imagine Quentin Tarantino is directing in his non-linear style. Or something.

Last night's episode began with church and a sermon from Reverend Putty about the importance of being a good husband and tending to the needs of one's wife. The sermon takes an uncomfortable turn when Reverend Putty explains he's Protestant and not Catholic and can still "play the field." Women, however, just aren't interested in him.

Orel, naive as always, sets out to learn how to make a woman happy. He turns to magazines for help, not realizing all the stuff he's reading is about satisfying women in bed and not the kind of "spiritual satisfaction" he imagines.  His quest leads him to the only sex shop in Moralton where he gets his "johnston" pierced. Perhaps adding the "T" to "johnson" is a subtle reference to actor Jay Johnston, who does some voice work for the show.

So far, episodes of Moral Orel have been mostly subversive and irreverent, but this one actually had some touching moments. Orel develops a bond with the lesbian woman, Stephanie, who runs the sex shop. He has no idea she's gay, he just thinks she's cool and different. After a rather touching exchange Orel leaves and Stephanie begins to feel maternal pangs. She thwarts this by giving herself another piercing.

My favorite part of the episode, by far, was the song "Other People's Tongues" by the Dan Emery Mystery Band. Here's a taste:

Well there's been a lot of nights in your's and I's life

sometimes we got lonely so we just got by

and we both felt love for somebody else

and other people's tongues ended up in our mouths....

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