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October 25, 2014

Galactica Vs. Enterprise

by Keith McDuffee, posted Feb 21st 2006 9:55AM
picard vs. adamaI couldn't resist posting this extremely geeky question to all our Battlestar Galactica post readers. Reader Matt over on the Captain's Hand episode review posed the following simple question: in a battle between Admiral Adama (of BSG) and Captain Picard (of Star Trek: TNG), who would win?

I have my own take on the question, after the jump, but of course I want to hear what you all have to say about it.

Now, if Matt was asking who would win in a hand-to-hand fight, I'd have to go with Picard. Adama is recovering from multiple gunshots to the chest, at point-blank range. A couple of chops to Adama's midsection, and he'd crumple to the floor. Also, Adama, at 5'9", is just a little shorter than Picard, at 5'10", so he doesn't even have that advantage. I'm not sure Adama even has a regular workout regimen, whereas Picard can be found in the Holodeck from time to time, maybe doing some jogging.

How about a battle between the Galactica and the Enterprise? Again, I'd have to go with Enterprise here, though only slightly. While the Galactica can take on several nuclear detonations, they're no match for the Enterprise's active shields. Also, the Enterprise's near-instant phaser shots would hit Galactica multiple times before it had a chance to prepare. The Galactica's shots are slow and telegraphed -- much easier to maneuver away from, at least for the Enterprise. However, Galactica does has its Vipers, which could easily chop away at the Enterprise's shields from multiple locations, and what's the Enterprise going to send after the vipers? An away-team craft? Please.

OK, I've taken my geek hat off. Time for you to put yours on and tell me who you think would win such a battle, and why.

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