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October 8, 2015

And now. . . The Doodlebops!

by Richard Keller, posted Mar 16th 2006 5:25PM

The DoodlebopsWell, I'm just shocked! I can't believe that we, the fine writers at TV Squad, did not catch this momentous season premiere. We were really sleeping at the switch. I'm surprised that you, the honorable TV Squad public, did not rise in outrage at this blatant misstep. So, as the new man on the totem pole, I am here to make the announcement and take the brunt of your anger.

The 2nd season of The Doodlebops has premiered on The Disney Channel.

See? I can't believe that this was missed!

For those who are unanointed (or just uninterested) The Doodlebops is a musical-comedy series for the preschool set.  The show began on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) morning block of children's shows in 2004. The Disney Channel acquired American broadcast rights and premiered the show in 2005.

The stars of the show are DeeDee Doodle, Rooney Doodle and Moe Doodle. They have a band (The Doodlebops, of course) that performs rock and pop tunes that appeal to the little tykes, they dress in very colorful costumes, and their skin is a chalky shade of pink, blue and orange (respectively per Doodle). The kids (mine included) love them. The adults are a bit freaked out about their skin texture.

Assisting DeeDee, Rooney and Moe in their adventures are their rhyming stage manager, Bus Driver Bob, and a cavalcade of puppets and young children. During the first season each episode included the band playing with kids in the park and performing for them in a concert venue.

The second season, which began this week on The Disney Channel, saw plenty of changes to the show. Mazz, the very popular stage manager from Season 1, was replaced by Jazzmine. Instead of going to the park each episode they go down to their new studio where Audio Murphy (poor Audey Murphy has just rolled around in his grave) directs the band in a new music video. The end-of-show concert is now much shorter, and they definitely rely on more computer graphics for the filler shots.

So far, the reviews of the new season are not very good. Most are disappointed by the departure of Mazz and the overall pace and themeing of the show. You can see their reviews on the Mouslinks forum or the comments page at the show's fan website DontPullTheRope.

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