Is Kellie dating Constantine?

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 16th 2006 6:00PM
ConstantineI guess it says something about the power of American Idol and how much it has seeped into our culture that I can just mention the first names of two contestants (one from the past) and everyone knows who I am talking about. US Weekly says that Kellie Pickler met Constantine at an Idol party last month and are now dating. For the record, Pickler says that they aren't dating, and that she's still "on the market."

I love it when a woman refers to herself as being "on the market," like she's a sack of oranges. If I used that phrase I'd get slapped.

Oh, and please, please, please let this be the first and only time that someone refers to her popularity as "Picklermania." Jeez.

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I liked kellies singing on american idol but her c-d is awsome.The songs were all great and they really showed off her voice.I really liked red high heels,I wonder and my Angel,what great songs.I'm so glad that they saw her talent and gave her a chance

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I thought Clarkston too, not Pickler

November 10 2006 at 11:19 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Kelly, take your time honey. Guy's these days are a dime a dozen...especially losers! There's all kinds of them that will let you support them. Use your head, not your heart. I don't know if you and Constantine are an item or not, BUT you have a long way to go girl, so go with it wisely.

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Marketability...hmmm, haven't thought about that! But if the AI winners were, per say, pre-selected, why do you think Ruben & Fantasia's CDs are not selling well? In fact, Clay's outsold both of them, what do you make of that?

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FJoyce Purkey

I don't think Hicks can play his haronica. No one has yet played any instrument. Thank goodness they got rid of covais. And I loved pickler at first her singing isnt bad either but lately her dumb hick act is really gettin to me....Pleeeese kelie stop already!!!!! You really don't have to. Ya know!

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i dont think they are dating shes not his type.

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I have alway suspected that Idol winners are pre-selected for their record marketability...not talent. To me, very few of this season's crop have great market appeal. I have little interest in going to their summer touring show. Last year I really enjoyed it with Constantine being the big draw. The audience roared when he came on stage...more than for Bo or Kerry. I think Constantine was eliminated early because he could not be controlled by the AI powers that be. Taylor could pull out his harmonica for a leg up.

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Pickler will win because she is extremely marketable with minimum investment on the record labels part. Simon pointed out Pickler's, "Doe eyed, blond, virgin" appearance the first evening she tried out.
Bottom line, it is debatable to whether or not Pickler will sell millions of albums, but the record label will have her churn out hundreds of music videos will more than make up for a sub par voice.
Look at last year Bo Bice out sang Carrie Underwood hands down, but Bice was older and less marketable on a mass scale. Underwood who was blond and svelt was way more marketable in spite of Bice out singing her. At the age group that American Idol singers and record labels want, who are they going to plunk down 50 bucks for in a Music video Bice in tight low rider jeans or Underwood.

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That picture makes him look like a Satan worshipper.

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Chris Wyant

Actually, when I saw Kellie I didn't think Pickler; I thought Clarkson.

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