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September 3, 2015

Conviction: Breakup

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 18th 2006 5:11PM
eric balfour conviction breakupI thought this week's episode of Conviction was much, much better than last week's episode. I still think that there are too many storylines in each episode, making it hard to care too much for any particular character. But, the multiple storyline thing seems to be the M.O. for this show. So be it.

This week, once again, an ADA found himself prosecuting someone he really didn't want to convict. Brian Peluso (Eric Balfour) took a grandmother to court over three ounces of heroin found under her bed. Everybody knows it was her drug-dealing grandson's stash, but neither the grandmother nor the grandson would admit it. To make matters worse, Brian's family chooses this case to watch in court. His mother and aunt and uncle are so proud of his victory, and he (understandably) can't admit to them that he just prosecuted a grandma for her grandson's drug possession. We also get to see Brian in action with co-worker Julianne's slut-friend, Hannah. Anybody else sensing sexual tension between Brian and Christina Finn (Julianne Nicholson)?

Speaking of Christina, she is definitely my favorite character on this show. While Brian totally has the bad-boy-hunk factor happening, Christina is a cute, bright prosecutor with zero sex appeal, who is breathing life into this bureau of district attorneys who all seem to be depressed about their jobs. In this ep, Christina pursues a mother who faked her daughter's leukemia. Christina thinks she can prosecute the mother for the daughter's suicide, but her immediate boss, DDA James Steele (Anson Mount), disagrees and suggests pleading the mother out on two misdemeanors. Christina is ready to give up until the brilliant Bureau Chief Alexandra Cabot (Stephanie March) steps in and takes over the case. She shows Christina that you don't only have to prosecute cases you can win. Sometimes you bluff and the other side settles. Although, sometimes it doesn't, as we learned from Brian's drug case.

The other storylines were somewhat meaningless. New ADA Nick Potter (Jordan Bridges) discovers he was at a party where, after he left, his "friend" got busted for cocaine possession. He hands the case off to ADA Billy Desmond (J. August Richards), but doesn't tell him about his personal connection until later. Billy tricks Cabot into pleading the guy out to two years of probation. I really don't like this Billy fellow at all. What is his role in this show, anyway? He saved Potter's butt this episode, but I still don't like him. Maybe that's because we haven't seen his personal story yet.

ADA Jessica Rossi (Milena Govich) gets a very minor role in this episode, where she quickly discovers a woman who claimed sexual harassment is lying. The rest of the episode, she's just there to dispense advice to Potter and get angry with Steele for giving her an earring that he found in his couch. It wasn't hers. Hey, at least this episode didn't end with those two in bed again.

By the way, why was this episode called Breakup?


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Rhonda E. Smith

This show keeps getting better with each episode. The one lady that caught my eye was Gloria on the first show. I haven't seen her since. I hope she reappears and her underdog character rises to the top. I've also seen her on Law and Order a few times. She has no doubt been acting for a long time because she's very good! Keep up the good work!

March 31 2006 at 10:08 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I still think this show could use a major cast reduction. There is some real talent on this show, but there are so many people to spread it around that you ended not getting enough. I agree, Christina is turning out to be the most interesting of the characters. However, I disagree that she has zero sex appeal. Maybe it's the red hair and freckles, but I've always thought Julianne Nicholson was hot.

I think what is making this show interesting, and what sets apart from the other L&Os, is that it's not so rah-rah, God bless prosecutors. The show is willing to show how politics and money play a role, a not so positive role, in who gets prosecuted and who doesn't. It shows how the DAs and ADAs don't always like what they are required to do. This weeks was a great example: you have the grandmother who is taking the fall for her worthless grandson and should not even be in a courtroom compared to the pampered rich guy who has connections getting off with pretty much a slap on the wrist (he sure won't spend 7 years doing hard time like the grandmother). I especially liked how Brian felt he had to lie in order to justify the conviction to his family.

I was one of the few who like L&O: Trial by Jury and wished NBC had given it a chance. I hope they don't dump Conviction the same way. There's real potential here for a good show. I would also love it if they would bring Bebe Neuwirth into the mix.

March 19 2006 at 2:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm really liking this show. Brian annoyed me in the first episoode, but I'm liking him more and more in spite of his greased up 90s look. I adore Christine who is also my favorite and the UST between her and Brian are probably what led me to warm up to him in the first place.

The newbie guy...Potter. I didn't like him in this episode, I know he's green but surely he knew he had to disclose he was 1) at the party in question and 2) knew the defendant.

I also love Cabot over Steele. What was up with his bandaid on his face?

March 18 2006 at 6:07 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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