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October 9, 2015

In Justice:Lovers

by Richard Keller, posted Mar 18th 2006 9:14AM

The cast of In JusticeI'm sorry, but every time I see Kyle MacLachan I think of that scene in the film Blue Velvet where he's hiding in the closet, nothing on but his birthday suit, while Dennis Hopper sucks in oxygen and swears at Isabella Rossellini. So, I came into this review a bit jaded. Turns out that Kyle didn't appear naked once during the entire show.

In Justice is a procedural show, first and foremost. There's an injustice, the Justice Project team investigates, Kyle MacLachan's character goes the legal route, and there's a happy resolution.  They also incorporate features from other procedurals, such as the flashback from such shows as CSI and Without a Trace. But it's also slower and a bit more character-driven than, say, Law & Order.

David Swain, MacLachan's character, is a passionate, philosophical man. In this episode, he questions if it is better to have a love that you can no longer reach or have no love at all. When he feels that he has reached a point of no return in the investigation he tries to work out a solution so the couple that was wrongly jailed in this episode could see each other again.

The other characters also have personality, but not as much as Swain.  Lead investigator Charile Conti (Jason O'Mara) does what he can to make sure justice is handed down. Brianna (Constance Zimmer, Good Morning, Miami) is the strong-female type and Jon Lemonick (Daniel Cosgrove) has that unique anal compassion to see something in the evidence that no one else can see.

This week's episode was good but it didn't really hold my interest. It was very cut-and-dry. Even the ending was too simple. Swain's client perjured herself to have the chance to see her lover and she was just let go while Swain was summoned to a disbarment hearing, which will probably be disregarded by the next episode. Next episode looks a bit more interesting, so I'll keep up with the show.

One more thing about the show, Jon Lemonick. I kept looking at the character and asking myself where the heck I had seen him before. After consulting the IMDb database I finally realized where I had seen him previously; he was attorney Matt Durning on the last two years of Beverly Hills 90210. Good to see another member of the 90210 crew gainfully employed.

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I'm really starting to like this show. I heard it may be cancelled, I'm hoping they'll give it some time to develop.

March 25 2006 at 1:35 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Did anyone notice that the guy they got released is the same guy from those stretched Dr. Scholls commercials where they say "I'm gellin like a felon"?

March 19 2006 at 2:20 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I agree with your comments for the most part. I didn't find it slow moving. I really enjoyed it. This show is definitely character driven and each episode does reveal more about the characters. This one did involve mainly Swain dealing with love. I absolutely love the scens between Swain and Jason O'Mara's character Conti, they are funny.

Not every episode has a nice happy ending. The episode a few weeks ago The Public Burning was an example of that, but hey let's be honest if they didn't win most of the cases would we watch?

This show has quickly become one of my favorites and I can't wait to learn more about Constance Zimmer's character Brianna next week, which I'm expecting we will.

March 18 2006 at 5:16 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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