Abdul: Almost fired?

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 23rd 2006 3:18PM
Paula AbdulUS Weekly is reporting that American Idol judge Paula Abdul was almost fired last month. Supposedly, there was a lot of tension on the set, in general and not just between her and co-judge Simon Cowell. According to a source, Paula "was being very difficult...crying all the time...arriving late for meetings." Supposedly (again), Abdul was treated for exhaustion and dehydration. Producers reportedly were thinking about replacing her with either Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears (wow, that would have been stupid).

I don't understand what all the controversy is about. Watching Abdul, I think she looks normal, refreshed, and has been completely coherent this season. *Cough*

Unless something drastic happens, Abdul will be forever our girl. For this season anyway.

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Most, (or all) have a very definite outlook on Paula. I couldn't agree with you more. Keep this in mind though. She obviously has taken on more than she can handle or she would not be out of control, saying things out of character (or in character maybe, even). All I can say is, I have felt the way she has, and I am so glad I don't feel that way anymore. I can tell you this much. I am so glad I didn't have a reality show at the time! I hope that Paula doesn't watch her reality show too much when she decides to make things better for herself. It sounds like she may have something going on that is keeping her from being successful beneath the surface, and no matter how much she is "Forever our Girl," she maybe up too high (or put herself too high, self-righteous if you will) and now, ha ha she can't get any lower. Let's all say a prayer for Paula that she is able to come down from her throne.

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marian maher

at lease? How about at least????

January 24 2007 at 10:04 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
marian maher

I saw Paula on the "Ellen De Generes Show." Paula could not put 1 sentence together--spoke in fragments.
it is very sad, paula Abdul is unable to speak intelligently..............

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Cher's not a bad idea, neither is Mandy Moore but Jessica or Britney? Come on. I agree that Paula really needs some help. She needs to go..I'm so sick of Randy and his rediculous "dawg" crap that I NEVER listen to him. Even though Simon appears cruel at times, being a musician myself, I must say that he is often right on the money with his comments.
I need to add that I've been hearing from friends in the biz that most of the decisions are already decided anyway.. That just sort of ruined it ALL for me when I got that news. I need to add that the 2 male contenders were given OPEN VENUES for their hometown reels for this weeks show whereas Kat was placed in a high school in Sherman Oaks that DID NOT ALLOW any outside people in. Can we say "SET UP"???!!! I know Katherines mom and I was bringing about 50 people to the McPheever Rally but was told NOT TO COME by someone involved with the taping. How pathetic is that? AI appears to be setting people up to fall and THAT IS NOT RIGHT!!! American Idol, grow some integrity...PLEASE...or get off the air.

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All of the judges are tonedeaf, but the experience Paula brings to judgehood is that she is an ex-cheerleader (her "music" careeer hardly counts). I can't believe that folks supposedly watch for the judges' antics--I watch in spite of them.

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Personally, while I do not think Abdul is the most effective judge, I do think she contributes the "positivity" factor, regardless of the subject matter (clothing, style, etc)....and YES i know, this can be annoyiong and seem inane at times, but these are just KIDS.....they need that little bit of positivity. I was a bit shocked to see that they had considered Britney Spears (puke!!) for the job! I do, however, think that Jessica Simpson could do the job very well.....for she has been thru it all....she knows what it is like to go up against the Britney's and Justin's and Christina's while trying to make a name for herself. If anyone were to replace the often "under the influence of some narcotic/tranquilizer/muscle relaxer judge" also known as Paula Abdul, I do believe that Ms. Simpson has the right amount of talent, insight and class (yes, I said class!) to be able to provide the remaining contestants with both positive and negative criticism along with what it takes to be successful in todays music world (not 15 yrs ago Miss Paula). Don't get me wrong tho, I do love u Paula and appreciate your contributions to the show, but there is often no excuse for lateness or the ability not to get along with others you must work with. Straighten up, or Ms. Jessica may be lurking around that corner, anxious to steal your seat!!!!

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"REALITY CHECK", Paula is always talking about the contestants looking back on their performances via tapes, She should really look at her own performance. Does a woman drugged on prescription medication and or drunk look professional. If AI won't help her the public can, vote 2x's once for your favorite contestant & once for Paula

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Hey People!
When is anyone gonna ever invite Paula on stage to do a number....The jig will be up.....i'm sure they'll get rid of her then. I saw her on Jay Leno the other night and I think she's trying to get put off the show before they ask her "Why don't you ever sing?" I think she wants them to give her a fortune to leave but If they wait just a while...she'll do something fatal to her job. The irony.....a horrible singer judging singers....what gives?

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Why is this bash Paula week?
Perhaps they have been asked to do what they do.
I think They/Paula do the show well.
They have your attention.
It is their job. I didn't even know Paula had a problem.
Can you do a better job of judging some of these people ?.
Maybe they should do a show called "Can you Judge someone>?
Have a good day

April 11 2006 at 11:31 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I like Paula very much, BUT I believe she is either taking drugs or drinking. She looks drunk and/or stoned. I notice a major difference this year over last year...something is wrong! Her comments this week when Lisa was voted off were SO stupid and didn't make sense. I'm not sure WHAT is going on, but Paula needs to be in rehab or she needs to hit the door!

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