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August 31, 2015

Old Christine: One Toe Over the Line, Sweet Jesus

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 28th 2006 8:07AM
old christine; clark greggI am so tired of the fat jokes that Christine constantly makes about her body. She's fit. She owns a gym. She's tiny. Shut up, already. The show is funny enough with out that whole woman's-poor-body-image-thing.

Finally, we get to see a lot more of Christine's ex-husband, Richard. It turns out he's jealous of Christine's new boyfriend. Hypocritical? Oh yes, considering he is dating a 28-year old woman, also named Christine. And he's been flaunting young Christine in front of old Christine for the last few episodes.

Anyway, Richard interrupts Christine when she returns from a date with her new boyfriend, and is mean to the guy. To make up for it, he invites Christine and her new boyfriend on a double date with him and new Christine. They start out sniping at each other and then they end up reminiscing and laughing hysterically and leaving out their dates. When Burton and Christine get mad and leave, old Christine realizes that her ex-husband manipulated her and tried to ruin their relationship. Christine tries to make amends with Burton and he seems like he's going to dump her, but then they get frisky. Until Richard runs over Burton's feet on his way out of the restaurant. Oops.

The group congregates at the hospital, where Richard makes a funny joke about Burton's possible broken toe, "Which one? The one that went to market or the one that ate roast beef." And then new Christine reveals that she lost the nail of one toe and "now I have to paint the skin." Anyway, things heat up and new Christine says what has been on all of our minds: what kind of divorce is this? She storms out, after asking Richard and Christine to figure out what their relationship is, because they're not like normal divorced couples.

Left alone at the hospital, Christine and Richard decide to set boundaries. No late-night phone calls or dropping by unannounced. And, Richard admits he was a little jealous that Christine has a boyfriend.

On a sidenote, I liked the sub-plot with the son and the brother. The brother, Matthew, is damn funny. He calls Christine from inside the house and tells her to watch gross stuff on television, and he spends a lot of time answering his little nephew's questions about sex. I hope the writers give him more to do soon. He's a great character.

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Like I've said elsewhere, being fat, I tend to notice and get annoyed with fat jokes but I've been laughing too much to even notice "Old" Christine's insecurities about her weight. Despite this I wanted to agree, yes writers need to come up with new material other than "fat jokes" (but I really think this is meant to be one of her personality traits and to be ironic since she owns a gym).

I love Richard and the dynamics him and "Old" Christine have. Even "New" Christine is kind of cute after her latest stand up for herself bout of "I am woman hear me roar (like a kitten)". Matthew is priceless. I'd love to see more of him. His pairing with the kid is hilarious.

I really love this new show and hope it sticks around.

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