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September 4, 2015

CSI: NY: Live or Let Die

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Mar 31st 2006 1:40PM
Gary Sinise; Melina Kanakaredes; CBSReaders! Forgive me. Usually I'm very good about getting a review of the shows I cover out in a timely matter. I'm late with this one, but believe me when I say that there's a very legit reason for the tardiness. Since Wednesday night, I've watched this episode three times. Yes, three. That's how impressed I was with this installment. All season long I've been a CSI: NY naysayer, preaching it's flaws. Well this sets up the rest of the season. CSI: NY is back and it looks like it's finally returned to season one form.

First off, the cases. They were great. A doctor who arranged the theft of a donor liver and a woman who seeks out men for phone sex. Exciting, no? It was even better the way the cases weaved into the stories of our characters - something this show has had a lack of all season.

After the doctor was busted for master-minding the liver theft, he was weeping over the reason for doing it. His wife needed it and she was too far down on the donor list. Mac took this to heart and it was the angriest I think he's ever been. At least the doctor would have had time to spend with his wife before she passed. Mac made it clear that not everyone is afforded those precious moments. For a casual viewer that comment would have floated past you. But for those who have been with the show from the beginning, there was hidden meaning there. Mac's wife was killed in the 9/11 attacks. He never had a chance to say goodbye or see her in those final moments. So you can see why the doctor's selfishness really got to Mac.

The second case, handled by Stella and Lindsay, was the one that sets up the rest of the season. Thus far I had found Lindsay's character to be rather lackluster but this episode finally sold me on her. When she slammed down the picture of the dead woman in front of that guy and yelled at him - wow, she was PO'ed. It's interesting too, that the first show that she really made an impression on me was the same one that brought back Aiden (sort of).

If you recall, Aiden was fired earlier in the season for almost tampering with evidence. A friend of hers had been raped by a man named DJ Pratt. He did it, no doubt about it. But the evidence wasn't there. Aiden wanted to make the evidence be there. She even cut open a bag with some of Pratt's hair and debated planting it. But she didn't. Regardless, Mac found out and Aiden admitted that if given the opportunity again, she would have made the wrong choice. Mac fired her, but promised to get Pratt.

The dead woman that Lindsay and Stella were investigating had been raped. And the semen found on her body was a match to DJ Pratt. He's back. It makes me so happy that this show has a recurring storyline now. Especially one that I had completely forgotten about and would have never guessed as something that would come back. But Mac made a promise to Aiden, so we can expect DJ Pratt to be a main focus for the remaining four episodes this season.

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Danelle Brown

CSI:NY is a great show and has been since season one, if people would just stop being so hypicritical of it. I love how they play the charrcters out and, as for as I'm concerned they've done the best out of any of the CSI's of telling you about the characters.yes it was a little gloomy in season one but it was still fantastic if you gave a little of your time to something new instead of saying that nothing will ever beat out the frist one and, if you ask my opinion the original CSI SUCKS.

April 11 2006 at 5:12 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

What do you mean, season one form? I hated the first season and came close to dropping the show from my playlist then. The second season was better and I like this season the best. The show's look was too gloomy before. I like the ex-pathologist (forget his name) and Lindsay. I wasn't fond of Aiden (still am not fond of Stella - too tightly wound) and was tired of my husband's comments about the actress who played Aiden's weird nostrils.

April 01 2006 at 3:17 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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