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October 13, 2015

Huff: Whipped Doggie

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Apr 9th 2006 8:27PM

Huff; Showtime; Hank Azaria(S02E03) This episode was just full of surprises, but before we get to that a brief note. We here at TV Squad have started to label our show reviews with their corresponding season and episode number. For those that are confused as to why this is the third episode of the season, and not the second, it's because last week's two hour premiere actually counted as episodes one and two. I'm kind of bummed about that because it means we're getting one less episode than I originally thought. Oh well.

Back to the surprises. I was really caught off guard that Teddy survived. But he is a driving force in this show so I suppose it makes sense that he's OK. But c'mon, he took a swan dive off the balcony of a Mexican church and all he got was a broken wrist? That's lucky. I'm glad he's still around though. Some of the things he comes out with - priceless.

One other thing I like about this show is how it embraces the simple truths in life. In this episode two were addressed. After you do your business, doesn't matter who you are, everybody looks at their sh*t. Don't deny it. You know you do it. Also, no matter how hard you try, when you make eggs you will always get a small piece of shell in the frying pan that is damn near impossible to get out.

I like how things like that are peppered throughout the show, especially in the serious moments. Another surprise? It seems that Madeline isn't going to die. The tumor on her spine is shrinking for no reason other than "spontaneous remission." I like where this is going though. It seemed that Beth and Huff were deteriorating at the same rate that Madeline was. If she's getting better, then maybe the Huffstodt marriage will bounce back as well.

I'm not so sure about this new assisted living situation that Teddy has moved into. Where's the "assisting?" It seems more like a motel that he's living in. I just hope this doesn't create more problems for him down the line. But who are we kidding, it almost certainly will. Oh, I almost forgot. We finally found out why Izzy is so terrified and put off by Teddy. Ten years ago, Teddy strangled Izzy on her kitchen floor. It was after that she had him admitted to that institution that he had been staying at. Now that we know what happened, I'm a little more inclined to be forgiving towards Izzy. For a while there, she seemed very cold. Now we know.

Dauri is still a client of Russell's. She met Kelly (who got fired from her job at the TV store) and the two hit it off really well. Dauri even took her shopping for some maternity clothes. I want to know more about Dauri's past though. I mean, I'm sure we will. They're setting it up that way. After she spaced out during her session with Huff, that left a lot of things open.

The only other thing I'm still curious about is how long Izzy will go downhill before something happens to her. She looks terrible sitting on her couch, drinking those bloody marys minus the bloody. Hopefully there'll be more to her story in next week's episode, "Sweet Release."

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Chris McMahon

I've got a secret: Huff and Big Love show up on 'On Demand' Sunday morning (Saturday Night) just after midnight.

At least they have all this season on Time Warner Cincinnati.

Also, I never get a bit of shell in my eggs (I do the other thing though).

April 10 2006 at 7:26 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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