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September 3, 2015

Thief: No Direction Home

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Apr 19th 2006 12:23PM

Thief; F/X; Andre Braugher; Mae Whitman; Photo Credit - Eric Liebowitz

(S01E04) The first three episodes of this show were spectacular. This episode was even better - it brought the show to a whole new level. Talk about a tense hour. I fell asleep early last night and woke up around five this morning to watch this before I headed off to work. I didn't need to make a pot of coffee. This jolted my eyes open just fine. Everything is coming together for the big heist but at the same time, all the things that are going to get in the way have now been made perfectly clear. The real tension for Nick doesn't seem to be the heist (at least not yet) - it's dealing with Wanda's house, his business, and the step-daughter who doesn't trust him. The dichotomies this show presents are great. Nick is ruthless, but he's a nice guy. He's a professional thief, but he's just like you and me. He's good and evil. Even skin color creates a gap between Nick and Tammi in the incredible last scene of the episode.

The heist goes down in one week but there still seem to be a lot of obstacles. Nick had planned to send Tammi off to Hawaii and live with her father. But after speaking with the jerk, it becomes clear that it isn't going to happen. Because Nick plans to sell the house and his business in eight days, boarding school seems like a good choice for Tammi but she doesn't want to. Her distrust for Nick is only growing, especially after she wasn't told about the house going on the market. She had to walk in on Nick speaking with a realtor.

The pressure is starting to weigh on the crew too. Jack and Gabo aren't getting along at all, especially since Gabo admits that he's going to have a hard time waiting in that small box when they're on the airplane. Jack has his own demons too. He still can't forgive himself for being involved with Izzy's death and the scene between him and Tammi was especially good. He had a hard time lying to her when he said, "Izzy went to Texas."

I like that Detective Hayes is starting to play a larger role. Internal Affairs is really starting to push him about whatever shady dealings he had. Now that he knows the crew that pulled off the San Francisco job is in town, he's convinced himself that he can get to them and squeeze the weakest one (Jack) for info and money. He goes as far as tracking down Jack's church and the diner he eats at. I was bothered by the diner's owner though. He kept that origami folded bill that Jack gave him and didn't put it in his cash register? Why would he do that?

One of the more interesting things was Elmo's situation. He keeps bugging Nick to do something about Tammi because he feels that she's a liability. But it seems to me that Elmo is becoming a liability. He's constantly preoccupied with his family (not that it's a bad thing), his wife knows what Elmo does for a living, and his identity was stolen. Someone has been running around racking up charges using Elmo's name. At some point one of these three things has to come back and hurt the crew in some way.

Man, there's just so much to say. Vincent! He has Parkinson's Disease and it seems clear that his sidekick (I forget his name) doesn't trust Vincent to get the job done. Sidekick was clearly angry that Vincent didn't put up a fight when the two of them confronted Nick at his car business. Sidekick wanted to finish the job right then and there and Vincent walked away. I think we'll probably see a fight between these two before the finale in two weeks.

OK, onto the final scene. Nick and Tammi aren't getting along. It didn't help that Tammi ran an internet search only to find that Izzy isn't in Texas - he's dead and some of his body parts washed up in a nearby swamp. Tammi obviously has a reason to be untrusting, but after she was done yelling at Nick she dropped the N word. I didn't see that coming at all because I didn't think that was Tammi's style. But now that she's been hanging around with her boyfriend and his extremely white, southern "we eat catfish for dinner" family... some of that unfortunate mentality might be rubbing off on her. Nick took the insult in stride though. He sat down and put Tammi in her place. He cares about her but I think after that incident, he wants this payday even more.

I'm looking forward to the final two episodes to see how all of Nick's desires/responsibilities jockey for top position. I just hope (and my opinion has changed on this many times) that the series wraps up and doesn't leave us hanging. I don't think we'll see this back for a second season since the numbers haven't been too good, but you never know. Next week, the crew is on the plane and I'm sure plenty of things will go wrong.

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Sandria Peli

As a 65 yr old, college educated female, this show has me addicted and hope it will be renewed. What a dichotomy for me in that I'm rooting for the bad guys. The show is up there with "The Shield". As usual Andre gives us an outstanding performance.

May 03 2006 at 2:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Is that Mae Whitman in the picture?

April 19 2006 at 3:37 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

it's a terrific show. at six episodes it's not a mini-series, what do we call it?

April 19 2006 at 1:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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