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October 7, 2015

Call her Kate

by Anna Johns, posted Apr 28th 2006 12:34PM
katie holmesKatie Holmes is reportedly changing her name to just 'Kate'. That's the name that Tom Cruise has been calling her since he jumped on Oprah's couch, oh, about a year ago. Cruise explained the change in Teen Hollywood, saying, "Katie is a young girl's name. Her name is Kate now that she's a child-bearing woman." Well, she may go by 'Kate' now but her big, toothy grin will always say 'Katie' (or maybe 'Joey' from Dawson's Creek) to me.

Conan O'Brien had a great one-liner about her name change last night: "Next week she's going to dye her hair blonde and join the witness protection program."

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I grew up watching Tom Cruise movies and always thought how cool he was. I would say from time-to-time that if I were half as cool as him when I grew up that life would be so sweet! Boy did he snow me and millions of others. He's the walking and talking antithesis of cool. It's a blessing and a curse that this loon has outted himself; a blessing because we now know that he isn't playing with a full deck and can take whatever he espouses with a grain of salt, and a curse because the day he jumped up and down on Oprah's sofa -- the mystique he and his representatives worked so hard to create and maintain died and people will never think of him in the same way again. Hell, even die hard fans like Rosie O'Donnell must think he's a few sandwiches short of a picnic not to mention a 'Stepford Husband'-like control freak. And one thing that nobody has mentioned regarding this whole "She Kate not, no longer Katie" crap is: If Katie is such a young girl's name, why in hell was Tom so attracted to her in the first place? He'll give some people the impression that he's into pedophilia making such an assisine declaration. I can't help but think that Tom says things without thinking them through first which is only going to add fuel to the fire of whether he needs psychiatric help and mood-altering drugs. And one more thing: People have forgotten that Tom often referred to his previous wife, Nicole Kidman, as "Nic." And still refers to her as Nic when he speaks about her. So if Kate is too womanly to be called Katie now because she has given birth to his first biological child, is Nicole so unwomanly that Nic fits the bill despite the fact that she's the mother of his first two children who just so happen to be adopted.

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I'm reading all these comments, and it's funny, after reading a whole bunch of them, I don't see one defending T and C. Glad I'm not alone in my thinking. And I agree wtih every email from y'all that I've read. They ARE weirdos aren't they?? Hey, I'm all for "happy". I'm all for "parenthood". I'm all for "blissful-jump-on-a-couch love". But this idiot sat on Oprah's couch acting just as in love with Nicole - minus the couch hopping. Sure love dies and comes and goes but c'mon Tom. You're a grown man. Act it. You're dating a woman who said herself that she used to have your poster on her bedroom wall. And now she has nothing to say. Nothing!!! Not even the announcement of her big name change. And who the heck cares what she calls herself anyway!!! Did he remove her voicebox??? Or perhaps he carved a hole in her back and moves her lips with his hands (puppet). The whole thing is tiresome, old, boring, stupid, sick, and over-the-top-wanna-puke-who-cares-ness!!!! Enough of him the weirdo. His personality has turned a very sexy man into a very ugly one in my eyes now. Blah. No desire to see him in anymore movies either. I'm sick of them both. (gag!)

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Sherry K

Tom Cruise is BORING>>>>>He is so full of himself - I think Katie is much too good for him - Have you all noticed that she NEVER even opens her mouth (except perhaps for a kiss from Tom - yuck). Wonder what goes on behind closed doors - talk about a control freak!!!!

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hey Michelle # 39 you're obviously on line too and actors are not so private when they make announcements on TV about every step of their lives, seems to me that this Tom Cruise thing is interesting and weird because he was never so open about his moves. actors/movies stars CAN live private if they really wanted too, but he is all over the the news, so for some crazy reason he wants this attention we are just putting in our 2 cents and having a little fun with the strange way he is acting, he's almost 50 years old and acting like a little kid rather a controlling, perverted, cult leader..

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I agree with most of you. tom is crazy and we should all just boycott his movies so he doesnt get any more money. He's not even a good actor anymore.

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Jennifer Pacheco

OK...first of all, I'm not defending either one of them, but who's business is it anyway. It's their own business and if Katie had such a problem announcing her name change, she should have done something about it. She's obviously ok with it. So be it. That's the way she wants to live.

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Who would have expected Joey Potter to be the lunatic and that chubby blonde to be the classy Oscar nominee? Did NOT see that coming...

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Ok, is anyone else sick of this TomKat shit other than me? Yeah, I said the word SHIT. Just like I got tired of that "Bennifer" bullcrap. This society is so obsessed with famous people and every damn thing they do that it's no wonder their egos are so huge! Everytime a celebrity gets sick, breathes, changes clothes or gets pregnant, the world goes nuts as if these people are better than everyone else. And the fact that this mess is shoved down our throats everyday is just more proof that most of the people in charge are a bunch of idiots. Makes me sick.

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Hey People!! dont you realize that Tom and Kate deserve to have a private life?? Im so sick and tired of everybody else making the stars looking bad when they are NOT bad. sheesh. its obvious that YOU, the public, have no life! you guys spend way too much time online or watching too much movies! GET A LIFE! sheesh

you dont even know if Katie asked tom to announce it for her... so just take this to heart... theres always 2 sides to a story!! not one. tsk.

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