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July 31, 2015

Huff: Red Meat

by Jonathan Toomey, posted May 1st 2006 10:44AM

HUFF; Showtime; Opening Credits; Red Meat;
Hank Azaria

(S02E06) Once again, this show continues to mesmerize me. So many different and varied things happened in this episode that it boggles my mind when you think about how well it all flowed together. Only this show could hop back and forth between a tearful father/son reunion and crystal-meth fueled house party.

Yes, in case you skimmed that first paragraph, I did say father/son reunion. Ben Huffstodt is back, he's only got ten hours until he has to disappear forever, and in true Ben Huffstodt fashion we have no idea why. But before he goes, he wants to see Teddy and maybe Izzy. Obviously, he comes to Craig first. For those that saw the first season of Huff, you may have noticed that Ben looked a little different. Formerly played by Robert Forster, the role of Ben Huffstodt now belongs to Tom Skerritt and I thought he handled the role much better (even though it seemed like a different character).

The Ben Huffstodt I remember was far more abrasive and rude. The Skerritt version, while still incredibly cryptic and unforgiving, was much more at peace and even humorous at times. The character is far more likeable now and it's a shame if this is all we're going to see of him this season. Although, I suspect he'll be back for at least one more episode. Especially since we left him at the police station with Izzy after she was released following her DUI bust. Something tells me that those two are going to have an interesting evening together.

I say that because this episode was chock full of foreshadowing. Earlier in the episode, while drinking with her friends, Izzy mentioned that she hadn't had satisfying sex since Ben. Of course, she neglected to tell them about the Russell incident. Then, suddenly, there's Ben ready to take Izzy home. Even before that, we had Russell's early statement that he had never touched crystal-meth nor would he. Like I would ever believe anything that Russell Tupper says. Mere hours later, while trying to find his high-as-a-kite client, Russell finds himself with a strange woman on his lap as she holds a pipe to his mouth and he freebases crystal-meth. How is this man ever going to help Kelly raise a child?

Beth is still trying to find her faith, and to help, Paula brings her prayer group over to the Huffstodt house. Beth has a hard time listening to everyone else's prayers, and when it comes to her all she can do is cry. I think a lot of it was her just being nervous in front of all those strangers. That seemed to be confirmed when she was able to pray in bed, with Huff sleeping next to her, later that night.

Teddy had the most going on in this episode though. He met a girl he likes (Ashley Williams of How I Met Your Mother), but all he can do is lie to her about who he is. Then, after he walks her home, Teddy is confronted with seeing his father for the first time in almost fifteen years. But it went smoothly between the two of them and we got a glimpse into how much alike they really are.

We still had no Byrd, but I'm sure future episodes will focus heavily on him. Much like The Sopranos, this show is starting to focus on certain characters and leave out others for whole episodes. That isn't a bad thing though. Next week though, I'll be curious to see if Byrd has anything to say about Izzy's drinking. Especially since he's been drinking with her on occasion.

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