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September 2, 2015

Veronica Mars: Happy Go Lucky

by Keith McDuffee, posted May 2nd 2006 10:57PM
veronica mars(S02E21) Can you feel it? That tension in the air like we felt last season, right before the final episode? Everything's coming together, and still we doubt our assumptions. Do we really know who's behind the bus crash? Were we really right in our guesses about Woody and his pervy ways?

While I'm clearly excited to know how everything goes down next week, this is also when I'm sad to realize that everything's about to end, and we'll have another summer to wait through to see what happens next.

One thing that hit me a little by surprise was knowing that Mac is going to Hearst College. Hearst? Why isn't she going to MIT or something like that? For Beav, perhaps?

OK, it's nitpick nerd time. Keith was actually a bit wrong with how he explained POP email accounts working. Uusually once one system pulls down the mail from a POP server, it's off the server for good. There are ways to alter that behavior, but I digress.

Who was that guy "Hart" or whatever his name was? What secret was he keeping? I can only imagine he was in the court room and heard about the Chlamydia, right?

Suddenly Woody is acting creepy as hell, but if what we're hearing about him is true, that makes sense. A few of us knew the wall of pictures meant something, and I'd put money on the title of next week's episode having to do with it. Likely Veronica will get hold of one of the pictures and see that one person isn't pictured in the photo, which will be the one blackmailing Woody. To me, all signs are pointing to Beaver being the voice altered out of the recording we heard. Who else would want Woody to stop Neptune's incorporation?

So, I guess we found out that Lucky's "catching" and not "pitching" as far as Woody's concerned. But what's with the feet? Could he have been so infected with Chlamydia that it got to his feet? Hrm ... maybe he was in the school showers and Veronica got it that way? Eh, that seems too far out there.

And then, of course, there's Aaron Echolls ... free! Obviously the only way he's going to go to prison now is if new evidence comes out. Would he be so idiotic as to admit everything on tape next week? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Quote of the Episode:
Veronica: "The password. Give it."
Keith: "You'll remember it. It's 'Mr. Goodwood.'"
Veronica: "... I'm so not touching his keyboard."

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I actually sugested Cassidy had raped her at the party on the Yahoogroups list I have for VM. I so wish I had been wrong.

I'm not sure how to express what I felt about the ep. I have to say I was disappointed. NOT in the show. Just in the outcome. Last year I knew going in to the last ep it was Aaron. I just knew and was happy about it. This time I found myself not even trying to completely figure it out. Why? Because my gut knew it was Cassidy. I posted a bit here and on my list about the possibility of it being him because of the molestation and even about his maybe having raped V at the party but I didn't want to think about it. I really really liked his character. I liked him with Mac. I am so bummed that he turned out to be what they made him to be.

I was very torn at first on how it was played as well. I always felt Cassidy was a much more gentle soul than Dick. And even how he tremulously asked the two other boys to not go public made him seem so sensitive. But now we find he raped an unconscious V and he heartlessly killed a bus load of kids and hit that guy with his car. He also framed his dad though he acted all sad and vulnerable when the Feds showed up. And how he blew up the plane and then tazered V and was going to kill her. No remorse. He couldn't kill Mac I guess but what was he going to tell her when he got back? (Poor Mac! How moving was that when V found her!? I hope she and V are roommates at Hearst next year) He was dark and evil from the start. I think it went way beyond the molestation. The key for me was when the lawyer or financial advisor or whatever he was tells Kendall he can see Big Dick's hand on the risky but successful real estate investment ploy. But it wasn't Big Dick, it was Cassidy. He had become a very warped version of what he hated and loved the most - his father. I just wish it had been able to turn out differently. I really liked his character and thought the actor was very talented and loved him with Mac. Sigh. Very very bummed.

Loved all the LoVe!! No idea we would get that much! Woo hoo! And V's dream in the beginning shows that no matter how many voiceovers she does claiming Duncan is her soul mate, her subconscious knows who it really is. Why would a dream where Lilly is still alive have V with Logan? Because he is the one!!

I had a moment where I thought "Holy crap! They killed Keith!" After all V is going to college next year. I was very glad when he showed up. BUT I did think that was poorly written. Keith should have walked in the front door while Logan was comforting V as he made breakfast. There is NO way Logan could know Keith was alive and not tell him they thought he was dead and they go wake up V. That was just plain silly.

I was very surprised by one thing - that Cassidy had planted the bomb on Woody's car and also on the plane. I had thought Woody had crudely planted a bomb himself to deflect suspicion from him eve though he was innocent of the bus crash.

Lamb not lettign Weevil graduate broke my heart. His poor grandmother sitting there. Very sad. Maybe he can find a way to blame it on the Beav. :)

Loved seeing CW again (CW?? Isn't that the name of a certain new cable network? :) How clever.) . I like his character. I am not a violence advocate myself but part of me says go Duncan!

I was guessing it was money in that briefacse Kendall shwoed Dady Mars. But not to show up for V or call Logan to go tell her if he couldn't reach her was weird. Actually if I were Keith, I would have given my ticket to Logan and told him to go with her. They could have met up with Jackie and Wallace. :)

Jackie having a kid blew my mind. Not expecting that at all.

Sigh. I want Cassidy back and not evil. I wish it had been Little Dick instead.

May 10 2006 at 12:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Thanks TB. I like the Adrienne Pierce song used from this episode.

May 08 2006 at 12:45 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Aaron can't be tried for exactly the same crime in the same manner, but he can be tried for civil liabilities or on Federal charges (denying Lily of her civil rights?). In addition, if he is found to have been lying during his trial he can be found guilty of perjury. And of course there is the evidence tampering and all of that...
Also, he could immolate in a pyre of his own evil. creepiness.

May 05 2006 at 1:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

OK, this was a great episode but there is too much for anyone person to understand. Will the season finale be a 2 hour marathon with no commercials? What is the deal wit that kid Hart? Is it possible that Lynn is alive or was she really killed my Aaron? Will the major mistery for next season be Thumpers murder? That would mean that Veronica will stay in Neptune? Please someone help me figure it all out I can not take the stress anymore!!

May 04 2006 at 9:10 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

We were totally set up -- from the moment Logan wiped the tapes -- to be prepared for Aaron's 'not guilty' verdict. I have to have faith that Rob Thomas will pull something amazing out of his hat to justify this in the finale. And Aaron wasn't convicted of statuatory rape because he convinced the jury that he and Lilly had never had sex .. and wasn't convicted for assaulting Veronica and Keith because he convinced the jury that Veronica propositioned him and that Keith attacked him, not the other way around. Smarmy defense attorny and crap prosecution! I can only hope that he attacks Veronica again (sorry, V) and that they get him solidly on that one. Damn man belongs in prison. Grr. All I'm thinking now is .. Rob Thomas, don't fail me now!

May 04 2006 at 5:44 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Sorry, but that trial was lame. Not just all the preposterous legal dodges by the defense attorney - but the lack of any of the Kanes in attendence.

The VM writers are great at continuity, and wrapped up just about everything last year but the spy pen significance...So we fans slang all the unwrapped up mysteries as "spy pens in the air" and this year the VM pacing is just too much in the air for one episode to solve it all without being rushed..I wish they had worked the important stuff and some resolution of things, and more character into the dead middle episodes...Mystery I want to see resolved most after whodunit to Curly and the bus passengers? Where Veronica's real or med test planted "Germs of Endearment" came from.

Lot of speculation on the killer. My call is Jackie. Psychotic personality. Motive to protect Daddy by killing Miss Dumas off, but trying to get all of "her sort of people off the bus with the dead rat, knowing Dumas would have to stay with whoever was left. Knew Curly through his work with Dads cars. Might have traded sex and pills for assistance of Curly and the Fitzpatricks. She could have been in the sports car with them and Kendall. Then set up Veronica to find the explosives in the airplane hanger knowing that her Daddy's detailer would be coming the next day. planning on using V to show Daddy she could rescue him, then planting the thrown ALCS game to make him dependent on her.

Never liked the bug-eyed Jackie. IMO, other than the Mammomax scheme, every moment she was on screen was a waste of time. Worse than even the early on interminable Fennel Family Melodrama and some of the dumber mini-mysteries that all had us wondering "Why does no one care about the bus crash, why are they casting Veronica as emotionally absent, not caring about the bus crash murderer when a pizza mugger could be pursued...

Almost as bad as the Duncan romance. Ohhh, was that painful.

Of course if CW network execs say they saved VM due to "positive multiracial themes" or some such thing, I'll forgive them for the 1 1/2 hours of the 22 episodes blown on "Jackie's World" instead of steamy Logan love or Veronica actually seeming to care about the bus crash between Episode 5 and 17...But otherwise, PLEASE let Jackie be the bomber and have Veronica shoot her...Then at Hearst she can be a total badass. "See her? Be real nice or run away. That's Veronica Mars. Some girl made fun of her on TV about a dead friend of hers and how she got mail-order Mammomax.." "And...what happened???" "Shot the girl 5 times with a 9mm of her ex-cop Dad, and got away with it.."

Just my fantasy...S3 fantasy? Veronica doing some lingerie modeling next season to help pay for things she had thought the Kane scholarship would cover at college..."This sorta sucks, but it beats me doing another year at Jabba the Hut".

May 04 2006 at 5:02 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

IDK if i'm one of the worst VM fans or what, but i need to know, where did the whole Chlamydia thing come from? was it on a previous episode before this one? because it felt like it came out of no where.

May 04 2006 at 1:21 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

So does anyone wonder if Woody set the bomb under his own car to look like the bomb on the bus? Since Keith tipped him off that he cops might come looking? I wonder...

Aaron didn't get convicted of the rape because the jury believed it when he said he didnt sleep with Lilly.

They seem to be making it so obvious it is Woody that it must be someone else guilty of the bus crash. :)

It still seems like Cassidy was one of the Woody victims to make sense of why he wouldnt touch Mac. Interesting thought that Duncan might be too though he didn't act like it as much as some of the others.

From what I have read the only way to transmit Chlamydia is through some sort of sexual act so not from a shower floor. That would point to Duncan having been abused and passing it to V....unless Lucky passed it to Meg and then Meg passed it to Duncan. Perhaps Meg's parents knew Lucky was Megs babys father and that was why they got him out of prison. Though I still get that creepy crawly feeling like Meg's dad was her baby's dad.

What does Meg's dad do for a living? Have they said? Is he at all related in anyway in business terms or the like with Woody? Perhaps they share a predilection for young boys and girls.

I love how this show bring back little things that you think have just passed by like the kids in the van who saw Weevil jump Thumper. And that kid Hart. Thanks to whoever did the research to figure out who he was.

Anyone else find it silly that Jackie would just leave without saying goodbye to Wallace? Not to mention miss her graduation ceremony.

My vote for another great line of the ep: No one likes a blonde in a hamster ball.

May 04 2006 at 12:01 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

For Evadne:

Actually, earlier in the season when Veronica was looking up Marcos in the yearbook, he was "Not Pictured." I think this may be what the title refers to, though I could be wrong. I'm just guessing based on insane continuity.

May 03 2006 at 4:31 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Aaron geting off should be no big shock, three names, O.J. Simpson, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson. They could still get him Aaron on conspircy to commit evidence tampering, if he brags about that too and Veronica is wearing a wire or they get Kendall/Percilla to roll. Also, the Kanes could sue him for wrongful death in civil court. As the Brown family did to O.J.

May 03 2006 at 2:34 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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