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October 9, 2015

Veronica Mars: Not Pictured (finale)

by Keith McDuffee, posted May 9th 2006 11:28PM
veronica mars(S02E22) Aren't great finales so bittersweet? I'd been excited to see this episode all day, though at the same time I was sad that the season would be over, and we'd have to A) wait until next Thursday to find out if this show is indeed making it to the CW network, and B) wait for the new season to start.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed this season, I have to admit that most of the reveal of this episode was a tad disappointing. Why? Because a bunch of us guessed this would happen long ago. Well, not all of it, but the "big bad" of the season.One thing that surprised me the most about this episode was the amount of unanswered stories left hanging around. What was with Meg's dad bailing out Lucky? What's going to happen to Weevil? Why did Cassidy take Mac's stuff? What's Kendall doing in Keith's office? It'd be too cruel to not have this show back next season to answer some of these questions.

Something that none of us guessed was that Cassidy was responsible for Veronica's chlamydia, having raped her last season. That was in credible, that the writers took a major plot point from last season and placed it at the end of this season. I just did not see that coming at all.

So it seems LoVe are a thing again, which makes a lot of fans happy. I'm a little torn on the whole thing really, as the dynamic between Veronica and Logan has been great when they've been somewhat against each other. We'll just have to wait and find out next season what the summer brought those two, I guess.

So, any guesses as to what we'll be seeing next season? Word is that Mac will be a regular cast member (cool!), with the setting being Hearst College. I hope we finally see Lamb get what's coming to him next year; there's no way his story's finished quite yet.

*sigh* Now what am I going to do on Tuesday nights? Someone needs to make a show like this that gets a couple week breaks, max. Oh, what a happy world that'd be.

Until next season...

Quote of the episode:
"Where's your brother?"
"I think he took Ghost World up to his room. They're probably up there making loooove. Or playing Dungeons and Dragons. Or both. At the same time. They're both, like, 12th level dorks."

UPDATE: OK, I may have to make this the new quote of the episode. Thanks for the catch, Vince!

"It's a done deal."

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I Hate Rob Thomas!!! Obviously i'm kidding, he's GOD, but I can't forgive him that made Cassidy the murderer!! He was my teddy bear, i loved him!! :__: And i could never imagine that he really raped veronica O_O I'm so freaking out! And I don't think he raped Mac, she was just crying because she imagined what was going on, I think. I don't know, i just know that i love her. And I want to see how dick acts in front of the death of his brother. I mean, he was a jerk and so mean sometimes with cassidy, but I suppose he loved him after all, right? And i deffinetly hate lamb, how could he do that to Weevil?? I won't forgive that to him, never!! And veronica's dream was just awesom, lovely! He kissed logan, even when duncan was right there. It's destiny. And I liked that Lily appeared too, I missed her. I just can't wait for the next season!!

PD: I'm sorry for the mistakes, but I'm spanish :P

May 25 2006 at 8:03 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

About Weevil - all they know is that two little kids saw Weevil jump Thumper. That is all they can ever get him on. He jumped Thumper. He didn’t keep the money. He didn’t' kill him. The odds anyone will figure out what happened and how he set him up with the Fitzpatrick’s are very low. All he will be held on is two little kids saying he jumped thumper. He could easily say he jumped Thumper because he knew he was dealing with the Fitzpatrick’s and Weevil was trying to stop him from getting in deeper. How could anyone prove otherwise. So all Lamb was doing was arresting him for suspicion of jumping Thumper. And for that he could have waited a few minutes. And considering they knew a while before this, I bet Lamb purposefully waited until Weevil was close to walking up on stage.

May 13 2006 at 8:52 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Mac was crying because she couldn’t understand what she was doing wrong to make Cassidy not be able to sleep with her and then take all her clothes, the sheets, etc while she was in the shower. Like it had all been some huge joke on her by a rich '09er who was slumming hanging out with her in order to humiliate her. Imagine being in high school and being crazy about some boy and he can't get it on with you and then he strands you in a hotel room? You'd be mortified as an adult let alone as a teenage girl. It was her graduation party. What was she supposed to do now/ She probably thought Cassidy was down there partying and having a good laugh at her expense as the worst case or simply didn’t want her around in the best case. Mac simply told V Cassidy took all her clothes and asked why he would do that. If he had raped her I don’t think confusion as to where her clothes and the sheets were would be top in her mind. I think he was long gone before she got out of the shower. And it wasn’t' the ‘violence’ of rape that let Cassidy have sex with V per se. She was completely passed out. Because it was almost like she wasn’t' there he could think or do whatever he needed to to get aroused. Mac was willing. Why would he rape her? Not to mention that even though he tried to be the big bad and tell V he ‘took care’ of Mac (as in killed) he didn’t. I think he loved her.

May 13 2006 at 7:47 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I wrote a review of Veronica Mars for our blog. It's my first one for VM. (Seriously) I'd love to hear your feedback (too long, not enough opinion, etc).

Marjorie (preppypunk)

Veronica Mars Review: Leave it to Beave (“It’s Cassidy dammit!”)
Man, how to recap/review this amazing, incredibly informative, most satisfying, season finale? Every scene, every detail, was integral to the entire season’s plot.

Word count, shmurd count, I’m going balls out on this one.

Veronica experiences a “Wonderful Life” moment in a what if Lilly hadn’t died dream sequence. M & D play Ozzie and Harriet, Wallace loses his b-ball career and three fingers to a convenience store robbery, Duncan is well Duncan, and Ms. Mars has longer hair – that and a grand prize ticket to San Diego State. Far cry from Stanford, right?

After waking up to the smell of bacon...

Veronica graduates. Weevil, thanks to that sh*thead Lamb and his arrest hungry goon squad, doesn't fulfill his dream of receiving his diploma in front of his Grandma. Wallace, in a fit of desperation, flies to Paris to find Jackie. Jackie shows up during his layover at JFK to tell him the real truth. Turns out she’s not at the Sorbonne, but slinging hash at a Brooklyn diner. Apparently, her supposed past of private schools and a charmed life was completely made up, a product of a one-night stand between her mom and Cook. Insane, right? Oh, did I mention she also has a kid, and a drug addicted past?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…Keith teams up with Vinnie Vanlowe, captures grosser than gross Woody (“those kids needed me!”) at a richie rich lodge outside of Reno and puts him on a plane back to Neptune.

Meanwhile back in the ’09…

May 12 2006 at 5:08 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Cassidy crashed the bus to quiet Marcos and Peter. Then he enlisted Veronica to follow Kendall in order to expose his father, allowing him to get his trust fund and stick it to his dad who basically ignored him. He used his trust fund to start his Land Trust and blackmailed Woody with the molestation info, leading Woody to set up the passed out woman in order to kill the incorperation plan. Cassidy probably used Lucky to stalk the Goodmans and possibly sent the emails himself from Lucky's computer (I can't remember how Keith and Veronica figured out that the emails were Lucky's).

Mr. Manning probably bailed out Lucky because of their church connection. Meg mentioned on her computer that the Mannings were big fans of Lucky's.

I was a little surprised about Cassidy having a gun at the party. All I can figure is that upon hearing that Keith had arrested Woody he figured he needed protection and possibly stole the gun from Logan's suite.

I agree that he most likely did not rape Mac. It didn't seem like he would have the time, between receiving Veronica's text message and replying to meet him on the roof. Mac was likely shocked and dismayed to get out of the shower to find all of her clothes, the sheets, anything she might use to cover herself with, gone. I would agree with those who suggested that he took everything so that she wouldn't leave the room and go looking for him.

I like how not everything was answered and how still more questions were introduced. It gives the show room to grow, HOPEFULLY!

May 12 2006 at 5:05 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm glad someone else thought that Mac was raped. I totally think she was. Sure, she went in wanting to have consensual sex with Beaver, but

(a) he was clearly having Some Kind Of Emotional Problem after the first non-event
(b) We know he can get it up under um...not great/consensual circumstances
(c) She was huddled in a corner naked and sobbing a lot more than I think she would be if he'd just walked off with her clothes and not told her where he was going, or even if he'd said something to her, taken her clothes, and left.

So... I think he did it.

May 11 2006 at 7:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Tammy, actually we have seen Clarence Weidman since season one...he was in episode 6 this year, "Rat Saw God." He had tracked Amelia DeLongre's killer to Las Vegas and was going to kill him. So Duncan hiring him as a hitman to finish off Aaron Echolls is in line with what he does. It was awesome that it was Duncan, Mr. Stands Idly By, who did that. Wow.

May 11 2006 at 5:31 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I did want to add my 2 cents to Weevil's arrest.

We can't cheer the arrest of white collar criminals in real life or in Neptune, as investigators prepared to arrest Richard Casablancas and give him his "perp walk of shame", while begging not do it to a thug who set up a murder. Like it or not, Lamb did the right thing. Because Weevils public shaming was a warning to all the wannabe thugs seeing Weevil's humbling or hearing about it that they could end up like Weevil. Poor granny's heart? Too bad, Weevil could have spared her if he hadn't chosen a life of crime and violence. If perp walks are good enough for CEOs and their heart-broken grannies to have a salutory effect on others, they're good enough for violent felons (felons with hearts of gold) like Weevil.

Well done, Lamb! Burning Weevil in front of family and peers was sad and it sucked but was one of those rare occasions where Lamb did his job dead right.

(And Rob Thomas, who does make a point it seems, of regularly having people who do wrong eventually paying for it, while letting people who lie like rugs and do minor crime in the pursuit of good (that's you, tiny blonde one!!) largely get away with it.)

And I note that while studio heads focus on "black viewers", VM, while feeding us the obligatory "Jackie" as the bland black sexually non-threatening platonic friend type sidekick's love interest who basically just chewed up TV time to no purpose, also gave us some great minority characters from other groups that studio heads would be wise to pay more attention to. Besides gays and Asians shown not all good or all bad, whites from the working poor class - VM put good focus on a diverse, interesting Hispanic community. While the top two were thugs Weevil and Thumper (nicely acted by Tom Molinas!), we had sweet Felix, smart Cervando, coconuts, the honest truck driver, Weevil's cute niece, the bus crash family, etc. And despite fears Weevil would have a diminished role in S2, they really grew him past a cartoonish character , making him one of the most interesting and complex main characters, instead.

My last post on VM. Hopefully I can do more for a S3. But in case it isn't renewed, thank you cast and writers for one of the best shows TV ever has offered! And a special attagirl for a very special young lady, Kristen Bell, who has done ungodly hours doing Veronica and delivered 44 episodes of top-quality work any actor should be quite proud of.

May 11 2006 at 3:02 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

i watched the episode for about the 7th time just now and i noticed something that may mean somethin or not. at graduation, veronica was wearing a medal, but none of the other students had one. valedictorian? possibly saludictorian.

May 10 2006 at 11:00 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

If Rob Thomas breaks up Logan and Veronica again I think I'll lay down my head and cry. Man, I love them together!

I really like the dream sequence .. it seemed like a way for the viewers to say good-bye to the world Veronica existed in for two seasons .. sort of the writers' way of saying they were done with Lilly and the Veronica-Duncan thing (man, they were awful together!) and Neptune High .. a way to prepare the loyal fans for a new world for season 3. Though I really hope they find a way to bring Clemmons into season 3 .. I actually really like his character. I also liked that we, and Veronica of course, got to see a glimpse of what her life would have been like if Lilly had never been killed .. and got to see that Veronica likes the person she's become better than the person she would have been.

I'm strangely okay with all the things we were left wondering. I am content to watch and re-watch season 2 until season 3 starts (I am simply believing for it .. I refuse to entertain ideas that CW won't pick it up for another season!). Sure Weevil was arrested, but we all know V will work her 'Veronica magic' and get him off and sure we wonder what Kendall had in the briefcase (I'm betting on a whole lot of money or a small, shriveled head .. or somethign of that ilk). And sure V gets left at the airport but she knew Kendall was talking to her dad .. she'll put the pieces together and either go on ahead to NY or go back and check in with her dad.

My heart hurts for Cassidy, though I know that's an unpopular stance. I too really, really liked his character and liked him with Mac. And his final 'my name is Cassidy' makes me realise that he really is just a lost, hurting kid (with a sadistic, evil side). *sigh*

I do wonder about the connection between the Mannings and Lucky .. and I would *really* like to see the Manning family pay for how they abuse their children and -- as much as I don't like Duncan -- I want the whole kidnapping rap to go away.

May 10 2006 at 9:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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