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September 2, 2015

The Stargate franchise may soon add another to its family

by Richard Keller, posted May 10th 2006 6:42PM

The current cast of Stargate SG-1Taking a page out of the Law & Order and CSI handbooks, MGM Television is considering a third Stargate series to run concurrently with veterans Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. This is according to MGM TV executive vice-president Charles Cohen.

On the heels of the upcoming 200th episode of SG-1, whose 10th season begins July 14th on the Sci-Fi Channel, Cohen is discussing a feature film derived from the series. That film would then dovetail into a third Stargate show. However, that doesn't mean that SG-1 would end for the movie to appear. In fact, Cohen believes that the movie could run while the series was still producing first-run episodes.

According to Cohen, Stargate SG-1 represents the same sort of franchise on television as the James Bond series does; while it is good financially it also keeps their name in the marketplace. He proves this by putting more money into new episodes, hiring new people such as Beau Bridges, Ben Browder and Claudia Black (both formerly of another Sci-Fi channel show, Farscape), and bringing back old favorites like Richard Dean Anderson's Jack O'Neill.



Stargate SG1, which was based in the 1994 Stargate film that starred Kurt Russell and James Spader (Boston Legal)  premiered on Showtime back in 1997 then moved over to Sci-Fi Channel after five seasons. It is currently in the record books as the longest-running, scripted, made-for-cable television series broadcast in the United States. SG-1's companion, Stargate Atlantis, will enter its third season this July.

An extensive interview with Cohen, as well as some of the SG-1 cast, can be found at Multichanel.

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I just want to know what happened to Richard Dean Anderson? Did he become ill or what? I thought he was the one who produced Stargate-SG1 in the beginning? I really miss him on the show & would love to see him back on. To me, Richard Dean Anderson will always be part of the show.
Thanks & Good Luck to SG-1

August 01 2006 at 7:38 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Simon J Stuart

I think I should point something out.... It has been annouced already (and mentioned numerous times in the Season 10 preview) that the Furlings WILL be shown this year on SG-1. It's most likely to the be the case on the 200th episode. It is my belief that the race of aliens that were on earth with the one called "Martin Lloyd" were infact the furlings. Since the 200th episode's plot is basically that a feature length movie of Wormhole eXtreme is to be made... it is something to that affect in my mind at least.

I am USUALLY right about these things, unless Brad and Johnathon decide to read this and go "oh hell, they've figured it out... time to change things up a little". Also Richard Dean Anderson will be returning in the 200th episode, as well as doing an episode (possibly a few) with Atlantis.

Sorry if you consider this information to be a spolier, but it saves others asking the same questions later on :)

July 22 2006 at 12:45 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

My question is this. I have been watching stargate since the first movie came out. I have seen every episode, even while I was in iraq, but correct me if Im wrong but when the heck do we get to see a dang furling? If they were one of the Four then there should atleast be a trace of them right? I hope that in the offshoot we get to go that route.

July 22 2006 at 10:40 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The problem with a lost on the other side of the galaxy idea is that its been done. Sure on atlantis it was temporary, but done. Not to mention Voyager which i might add lasted seven years too long. Oh yeah now theres this little show called Lost on tv. The time travel idea is iteresting if they do get stuck and CANNOT get home ever. Something like quantum leap when Beckett did not return home at the end of the series. Now an interesting addition to the idea posted above to the lost team being ancestors to the Tollans might be to go all the way on the idea and make them the ancestors of the ancients? Or if not descendents perhaps have them intermingle with the ancients thus providing a Temporal reset switch that erases the last ten years of SG-1 and allows for Devlin and Emmerich to complete Their trilogy with out messing with continuity (Sort of) Seriously, i dont know how a new series could honestly work in the framework of stargate as we know it. I can offer ideas that Wont work-
The lost in space or time, heres an original one- a 5 year mission on a starship- Groundbreaking huh?

how about a sitcom with two male jaffa raising a symbiote while hilarous hijinks ensue?

Heres one- a fully reallized Wormhole Xtreme Series? no comment needed on that one.

Seagate DSV- use your imagination

Saved by the Event Horizon- a group of young recruits in training always getting in trouble and out smarting General Hammond- Think saved by the bell

Top Zat- Elite pilots and sexy flight instructors

Seriously that was all for fun- Brad Wright hasnt failed us yet, im sure with whatever idea he comes up with will work well and will be good. Dont take anything i said too seriously Its all in fun

July 22 2006 at 12:43 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Matthew Collins

I like the ideas of Simon J Stuart as the ancient alienace has also intersted me since the episode "Torment of Tanulas" but the Hy-Brazil idea could be a good thread to weave into the story line of the existing two series. However, As I recall from a special or commentary that aired back when the Atlantis series was being launched. I remember the comment from one of the directors saying that they didnt' want the solution in one series was "hey! let's call the other guys!" (from the other series). I was disappointed when that was exactly what happened at the end of Atlantis' first season. But I still that would be a cool idea. Perhaps the new series could do something like Star Trek did with Voyager by sending the team out somewhere where they don't have contact with the SGC and are forced to go it on their own trying to get home. Whether this is done by sending them through an alien device that sends them into the past but not far enough that they can talk to the aliens who built it and then they have the potential to go to all the planets that the SGC has already been too but at a time before the Go'uld arrived but while the decendents of the Ancients, Furlings, Asgard and the Knoxs still inhabited those worlds(...they had to be there at some point since they had Stargates on them). Or perhaps even encounter the planet in the same system as the origional Tollan home world that destroyed themselves when the Tollan shared technology with them which lead to the non-sharing policy of the Tollan's that was a thorn in the side of SGC in the early seasons of SG-1...perhaps the Tollan and their neighbors WERE the decendents of the lost SGC team, that would be a bit of a twist wouldn't it? Another idea would be to have a thread of stories that deal with a possible connection between the Go'uld and the Wraith, perhaps Nerti found an Ancient device that she was able to travel back in time and to Pegasus and blended an Ancient with the wraith bug from Season 1 of Atlantis, thus creating the Wraith in the first place. Or perhaps the Go'uld are older than we thought and were around at the time of teh Ancients and went to Pegasus with Atlantis and didn't develop the dark side we have came to know until some event in the distant past. However in all likelihood I would guess that the new movie and series will deal with sending a team or Expedition into the Ori Galaxy.

July 21 2006 at 11:44 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This is AWESOME news! Another feature film would be terrific. There's so much more you can do in a two hour plus film that you can't on television. There are so many Stargate stories just dying to be told.

For example, I think it's high time we meet the Furlings, you know...one of the original four races in the alliance with the Asguard, Nox and Ancients. They are the only race in that alliance we know nothing about.

July 20 2006 at 9:08 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It might be too similar to Atlantis but...

If they want to continue delving into past Earth mythologies, they could conveniently find an Ancient outpost called Hy-Brazil (alternately spelled Hy-Breasail/Ui Breasail). Hy-Brazil is a "phantom island" in Celtic mythology that would appear and disappear (hence, phantom) and occasionally reported to "rise from the sea". Expeditions to find the island where launched in the late fifteenth century and the last reported "sighting" of the island was in 1872. Definitely an avenue of investigation for them.

July 20 2006 at 3:24 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Simon J Stuart

I would love to see a Stargate series and/or movie set before the ancients left atlantis. That would be amazing, wouldn't it? Loads of technology, the hundred year war with the wraith, the creation of the Asurans (which have not yet been seen but will be in season 3 of Atlantis)..... The Ancient's aliance with the Asgard is also something I'd love to see more of! The great 4 race alliance has interested me since Season 1!

It seems unlikely (in the current climate of things) that a new spinoff would kill SG-1 as they have only just established their new enemy and could potentially get another 10 seasons out of this story.

What does concern me is that Atlantis is not the first spinoff of the Stargate ideal.... some of you may remember Stargate Infinity (The animated Cartoon spinoff series) which died a quick and (in my opinion) deserved death. I'm worried that any new spinoff may suffer the same lack of quality (both story, carecter development and plot).

Interesting to see what they do with it.... also looking forward to the rest of Season 10, and the new film.

July 18 2006 at 5:40 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Bryan Campbell

This is fantastic news! Stargate SG-1 is the best show on television, all networks and cable channels included! A major motion picture is what I've been hoping for for a long time. Perfect to introduce a new series. Let's just hope they'll include current cast members (Richard Dean Anderson, etc....). The possibilities are endless for the great, forward looking fanchise. Keep up the good work!!

July 15 2006 at 4:16 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

just tell me when and where!! (very kewl)

July 15 2006 at 1:20 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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