American Idol: Nooooooooooooooo!

by Lacy Hall, posted May 11th 2006 1:35AM

ai logoIn what can only be described as the most upsetting moment in my musical/variety/game show existence, Chris Daughtry has been eliminated from American Idol. This is a disaster! I am angry pissed. I am absolutely at a loss for words. I know it's only a TV show and I shouldn't be so upset by it, but I am. It wasn't his time to go. He should have won. He was my next American Idol.

And I hate the way that it happened. It all happened too fast; it didn't even seem real. Ryan paired Elliott and Taylor together, then Katharine and Chris. Elliott and Taylor were safe. And then ... then ... then ... before I could even register what was going on, Seacrest half-ass mumbles, "Chris, a lot of people thought you'd be the next American Idol, but you're going home tonight." It was horribly shocking, and not in the good way that Lost is shocking. This is bull crap. This is a big pile of crap. This is a big pile of crap, piled on top of more crap, and Ryan Seacrest is on top of that pile of crap. It should have been Elliott for his weeks and weeks of not bringing it. Or, if we are going by an isolated bad night, then it should have been Katharine. But Chris? No, not Chris. It wasn't his time. It wasn't his time. It wasn't his time!

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Totally agree about Chris. But let's go back a little farther - how about Mandisa? That woman has a VOICE.
Might not have been as attractive as Katharine but definitely a better singer.

Maybe some changes need to be made in voting. How about the judges have the right to bring back one contestant for the semifinals? Or better yet, one female and one male.

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Heather Holloway

I really liked Chris. I really was upset when he left. I think I liked him alot more than I thought. My pick to win: Taylor.

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Can't help but have a "Suspicious Mind" that the Ai Contest is rigged or that something was gravely wrong with the system the time Chris was booted. A real shocker as he was leading in popularity on all the polls and website forums. I'm from faraway Sri Lanka but follow the contest even though we are unable to vote. Now it's everyone's guess re: the winner.Hope it doesn't turn out to be Catharine as she can't sing the high notes and sounds awful when she tries.Hoping it will be one of the male singers and good luck to whoever he may be.

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Unfortunately, there is not any star power left. Some decent voices(not good). Chris was refreshing 'cuz he didn't sound like 2a.m. karaoke. Kat still there? Why? She has been consistantly out of tune, and now forgetting words. Ace and/or Bucky should have still been there, and Kat and Taylor(I think I can move)should be gone. Don't get me wrong Taylor has an okay voice, just can't stand to watch him sing. Did they really need to stay PC so bad that they would keep Kat over Chris. Oh well...I'll be buying his CD when it comes out, and it will more than likely out-sell the other three combined.

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Chris was a sure winner but what a shocker when he was booted. I have gut feeling that AI is rigged. What a waste of everyone's time...

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Pauline Reeves

I think this was really unfair. There were so many places in the United States that had bad weather with no phone nor electricity. All this shoud be taken into mind. How about a revote??? This should show the public that they should call in, if possible!!!

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I think it was rigged! Chris should clearly have been in the top two!!!!

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you know some people make comments like ahh why is everyone so upset, it was going to happen bla bla bla. ok well if this people do not care who becomes an american idol, well dont watch the darn show. but for those who do watch it it listen up, i think and its my opinion that it should have been kat leaving not chris. chris had everything going for him,,looks,performance, stage presence, originality and so much more, than shallow kat herself who forgets the lyrics.. i think america sucks really bad now, i think that they want a pretty little shallow girl to win unfair....if people does not reconize talent they should be allow to vote, but of course waste of far kelly clarkson had everything going with her, and that is where chris was and still is....if he doesnt come back there is no one in that competition left that has what it take to make it with out any connection what so ever...........chris really didnt needed votes as good as he is but so happens that to stay in he needed them badly. no one like CHRIS ........

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Your all crazy!!! Chris was/IS the best thing ever to happen on that friggin show!! I am an adult woman, who never ever has watched that stupid show, until this year because my teenage son asked me to watch, just to see how incredible this guy Chris was. I tried for 2 hours non-stop to dial through, busy all night. American Idol faulsley booted Chris. Now their gonna end up with a loser for a winner, just like Fantasia, whose teeth were too big to ever sing, or the guy who beat Clay Aiken ( what was his name? ). Where are those 2 morons today? Good job American Idol! You just proved to millions of people that reality shows are just as rehearsed as sit-coms. Your show sucks, your
judges suck ( except Paula ), and now your ratings will fall so far down they'll meet Satan himself !!!

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I thought cat should have left. she really has just an"alright" voice.I think she has gotten this far because she has the idol "look" not talent. Taylor is definetly entertaining, Elliot sings good and seems to be a down to earth person, not superfical, but again not the idol impression. I really liked chris because he was different, not affraid to fight the odds of being a rocker. Atleast he's not going around rapping some stupid sh*t like a hip hop hippy hop my mamma was sucking a c**k or singing a song about their dam dog dying. ROCK ON CHRIS

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