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September 1, 2015

Grey's Anatomy: Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response / Losing My Religion (finale)

by Joel Keller, posted May 15th 2006 11:50PM
Grey's Anatomy finale(S02E26/S02E27) There's too much. Just too too much. This was two hours of drama, intensity, sexual tension, silliness, plot resolutions, and cliffhangers. There's too much to recap in one post, believe you me, but more than enough to make all of us look forward to next year.

Was there some filler? Yes; there's no way you can stretch a one-hour show to two hours without having some filler. The whole prom subplot, concocted by Webber to give his dying neice Natalie a nice memory (and to placate his wife, who tells him she knew all along about his affair with Meredith's mom) , was really just there to a) keep Team Intern away from the OR while they cover for each other in the Denny Debacle, and b) to show the entire cast in tuxes and pretty dresses.

But the rest? All good.

Let's just go over the stories:

Burke is shot: It really broke my heart every time Cristina shied away from Burke in his moments of need, like when he asked her whether he should have Derek operate on his arm, or during surgery when they need her to keep him focused to test his motion, or even after, when he doubts his hand is all the way back. But she turned it around during her interrogation by Webber (those interrogations were also a little bit of filler, allowing Team Intern to speechify about their storylines one by one, but it was effective), then completed the transformation when she saw what happened to Izzie and Denny at the end of the episode. So Denny's not the only one who might have received a new heart in this episode.

Mer/Der: First of all, can I tell you how sad I was to see Doc put down (yes, it's Doc, not "Dog")? Just that look in that dog's eyes, not knowing what was going to happen but scared anyway, was one of the worst things in this episode (that dog is a hell of an actor). But, otherwise, you knew Meredith and Derek getting together was going to happen, especially when Meredith showed up to the "prom" in that hot dress. As much as Webber may have convinced Derek, through his story about his marriage, to stay with Addison, it just wasn't meant to be. Meredith, telling Webber that she thinks he broke up her parents' marriage... that took some balls, but it may have clarified things for her. And the cliffhanger... well, we'll get to that a little later.

George and Callie: Callie is a big girl, isn't she? Seeing her in that prom dress confirmed that. And I don't mean big as in fat, I mean big as in "she looks like she can crush George in the palm of her hand." Which makes her devotion to him all the more remarkable. She tells him she loves him, he runs to work on the Denny Debacle and doesn't come back. He tells Meredith that he was sorry -- wimp -- for letting himself continue to make love to her despite the fact that he knew she didn't feel anything for him (so he was mad at himself this whole time!); he just wanted to be with her -- and probably still does. Callie, who seems to be the only person at Grace who can express herself, is right to feel like George is playing her, but melts when he tells her that he's just not ready to say he loves her back yet, that's all. She's so vulnerable it hurts; hopefully, we'll find out more about her next year (including why she lives at the hospital!).

And finally....

The Denny Debacle: You knew Denny wasn't gonna make it, right? I mean, anyone who thought otherwise was kidding themselves. It just killed me that the tough interns (the "suck-ups," as Bailey called them), as well as Bailey and Webber, continued to humor this whole ridiculous operation. Heck, even Alex came around after... well, after Denny kicked it. He realized how much Izzie truly loved Denny, and gently got her to let him go. It just bugged me that Izzie almost kills Denny, breaks the law, does all she can to have the hospital lose its acreditation, and drags in all of Team Intern to keep her secret, and their punishment is... a prom? How 'bout they all get to go home and sweat over losing their jobs and a possible lawsuit? Wouldn't that be closer to reality?

But I will say that the scenes of Denny's surgery (done by Dr. Hahn!) intercut with Burke's was compelling, as was the scene where Denny's reading a magazine, happy to be engaged to Izzie, then feels a bit of pain and.... that's it. It's over. And Izzie's going to the "prom" in that foofy dress, thinking she's going to be happy forever. If there's one thing the Grey's writers know how to do is build the drama (like at the beginning of the episode, when everyone tending to Denny says "Burke's been shot!" then it cuts right to a commercial. Nice). Izzie's decision to quit after Denny's demise seemed hollow, because it was likely she was going to lose her job anyway, but it was dramatic nevertheless. Will we see more of Katherine Heigl next year? Not sure. But I hope so, since she did a fantastic job playing lovesick and happy and crazed and devestated in the span of three hours.

Ok, the cliffhanger... I've got to say, I'm tired of Mer/Der. I really wanted Meredith to realize what she had in Finn, especially after he tells her he's starting to "make plans" again because of her. He doesn't deserve this. So, we end this season with the clichéd cliffhanger of "Who will she pick?" I dunno. Seemed kind of lame, considering we all know where she's going to go, even if it's not in the first few seconds of Season Three, but at some point in the future. But as far as I'm concerned, the sonner Meredith and Derek get together, the better. I want to know about the rest of Team Intern, and getting them together soon will allow the writers to explore that...

So, we're done with Season Two. Kudos all around to Shonda Rhimes and her writing staff for giving us a spectacular season. Also kudos to the cast, especially Kate Walsh, who took Addison from "bitchy ex-wife" to "God, I want to cradle her in my arms and tell her it's OK" in 27 short episodes, and Sara Ramirez, who is making me want to find a powerful woman myself. But everyone in the cast did a bang-up job this year. It'll be tough for all of them to top this season. But I can't wait until September to see them try.

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People... you may know this already, but McVet is going to be for 6 more episodes in season 3, McSteamy is back for 13 episodes, Adisson stays and Callie (the actress) too!!


August 01 2006 at 1:53 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! OK I was a little dissapointed that they actually had sex-kissing would have been enough;;;It makes them both seem kind of cheap BUT they have such chemistry. THere is no way that either of them could ever end up with anyone else. As much as we have grown to like Addison and Finn there is no chemistry-life without passion is BORING!!!

I can't wait until September-how can Izzie come back? I hope she does but come on-that was SOOOO illegal!

May 29 2006 at 1:15 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I do love this show. I was angry with Cristina when she walked away from Burke. But i was glad she came back. I didn't like the Denny storyline. He was too old for Izzie. I'm glad he died. I watched every single episode, except for the one that introduced McSteamy. I would like to see him return and cause trouble for Addison. I can't stand Addison. I think Derrick should be with Mer (even though she is whiney). I think George's girlfriend cAn beat him up. George better be careful. I would like to see her return next season with a different hairstyle. I like Alex's character. He brings laughter to the show. He says things most people think but would never say aloud. I like the fact that out of any hospital Meredith ends up at the one whose chief had an affair with her mother---what are the odds?? I do hate what Meredith did to Finn. I love McVet he's hot and I think he deserves better. I dont want him to get hurt with Mer. Mer and Der deserve each other. They're just so in love with each other. Theres nothing wrong with that but Der needs to get a divorce first!!!

who will mer pick??


May 29 2006 at 1:04 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

mer/der ruleeeee.. !! cant wait mer to choose derr.. have been waiting for ages for tat !! addison shud jus give up on her marriage n go with McSteamyy..! or maybe with McVet hahha. addisson-der could never work it out! n Denny shouldnt have died!! #*$&!* izzy n den was so sweet together.. darn. oh well, still i love this show..! u rock writerzz..

May 23 2006 at 5:21 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Mer will choose McDreamy over the vet. Why? Simply because Chris O'Donnell makes movies, and he may be a bit too busy to be the star of the show's steady boyfriend/future hubby. Mer/Der need to be together. Also, I think I was the only one to be suprised that Denny was killed off. They could have built on that storyline a lot next season! And I don't care about George and Callie, although it was so juicy when she caught Mer/Der in the act!

May 23 2006 at 12:05 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The finale was great. When Doc died. I felt it represented Mer/Der relationship. I could be wrong after that sex scene. But, I don't think I am. I guess we'll see. I love that George was able to be honest with Callie. It started with him being honest with Merrideth and apologizing. I don't believe Callie will be around for the entire next season. Izzie. Poor Izzie. She risked everything for selfish reasons. She didn't won't Denny to live for himself, but for her. Denny was great for risking his life and later giving his life for her. Christine and Burke. I believe this is the end. The new story line will be Christine trying so hard to win the love and the relationship back that she took for granted. I believe it's too late for them. Alex will continue to be Alex. He's had his moment as he cradled Izzie. Izzie is beyond repair right now. Derrick and Addison will continue as he agonizing over the realization that it's finally over. That sex scene was the last hoop lah between them.

Do you agree?

May 21 2006 at 11:31 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Lucinda Mamoran

the critics were alittle harsh on this show the prom part was alittle too much for a hospital not realistic.. but it is just a show and it is my favorite for sure... I love McDreamy and Meridith together and i hope they are together from now on, there are plenty of fun they can have with these two characters and still have plenty of drama with the others too... Just don't get wrapped up in spending each season trying to find a way to get them back together that will be not satisfying to the fans.. We have plenty of other drama that can keep the fans on the edge of their seats and still enjoy the fact that the love birds got back together... you cant make the core theme about this show just being how to get Mer and Der back together it will get boring u have to get them back together and go from there and there are lots of places to go with all the stars on this show...just a thought and I hate the thought of u having meridith walk to Finn that is just not right...

May 21 2006 at 7:22 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Lucinda Mamoran

you know they belong together and I think Meridith should walk to Derek as he is walking twards her too.. he has to make a stand if he wants her back after all they just went nuts in there without explaining what this means????? so I think Meridith is still left not knowing just happy being in his arms again...so he should walk twards her a coulple of steps so she will know that is what he wants..After all she begged him to choose her and he said no so she doesn't want to get rejected again.. And they can't keep having Meridith sleeping around if there isn't love behind it ... Takes away from the quality of meridith and dereks feeling for each other, let it happen there are plenty of story lines to go with besides this one completely...And their chemistry makes people smile and that is good...Addison can certainly find love and repair her heart... she is the one that lost him anyway he wouldn't of mean't Meridith etc etc if not for her cheating no matter what the reason

May 21 2006 at 7:03 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I love grey's anatomy. please oh please bring back mcsteamy for addison, she deserves it. callie is a big beautful babe and hope to see more of her next fall. i feel sorry for doc and finn....i just hope for meredith sake, mcdreamy is worth it. now the only thing i am really po'd about is the move...i liked my sunday night...

May 19 2006 at 3:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Can anyone find a picture of the pink dress Izzie wore in season 2 season finale? I'm having no luck with google. I want to have a tailor make it for my wedding. thx.

May 17 2006 at 7:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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