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October 6, 2015

When is Celebrity Deathmatch returning again?

by Adam Finley, posted May 15th 2006 1:01PM

celebrity deathmatchLast month I mentioned that MTV2 was planning on bringing Celebrity Deathmatch back. Now, if you can find any information on this, especially on either the MTV or MTV2 site, than you're a better man/woman than I. The only thing I have found is this clip from Perez Hilton of Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton in clay form beating the stuffing out of one another with text below stating that the show is returning on June 10.

Oop, hang on there, Missy. The Futon Critic has the first episode listed as airing on June 9, not 10. Apparently, someone is lying to us. 

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Peter Griffin Jones

Will there be an episode were somebody wins, because they killed Johnny Depp. If so, I'd REALLY want to see Johnny Depp DEAD!!! The real reason I wanted to say that, is because I remembered a girl name Dani L. from Osceola Mills, Pennsylvania, USA, who was born on September 9, 1985, and was the love of my life back in the shift of the millenium, and she had a wild fetish for Johnny Depp. I tried to work the courage up to ask her to be my girlfriend back on Valentine's Day 2004, but suddenly on THAT DAY, her "mother hen" friend of her's named Kelly V.(to whom was dating my cousin Michael G. until she broke up with him while he was on heroin with caused him to snap & kill himself on December 27, 2003 & she later went out with some jock 2 days later on the 29th like it was nothing at all to cut a branch out of my family tree because she was a kiniving superficial bitch, and had to waste the last day of the early-2000s(aka December 31, 2003) greiving on the death of a family member to whom wouldn't see the beginning of the mid-2000s(aka January 1, 2004), & currently works at a stripclub called THE ENDZONE in Centre County, PA, USA), who also hung out with my friend, "Kline-Bud", and she said to me "Dani has a boyfriend, his name is BIZKIT(real name is Andrew from Drifting, PA, USA, and is called that because he looks like Fred Durst), and they've been going out since July, 2003(when she was 17, & he was 21 & older), and nobody would give a damn about your small penis(which was due to some cold medicines at the time, and the truth is, I'm about 8" long, & a virgin) & your fat & ugly(which I used to be 320lbs & looked like Michael "Donkey Lips" Gelman from Salute Your Shorts, & now I'm about 230-250lbs with muslce & look like a cross between Bam Margera & John Heder)", which later they moved down to Texas where Dani L. is now a recrute at the U.S. Air Force, married to BIZKIT, NOT ME, & is living a VERY HORRIBLE LIFE, because her mom wanted to forcefully move her down away from me, knowing her mom is a total lush & wouldn't pay alamony for her divorce against her husband, plus parades Dani around like a "prostatue for cheap" to all people, NOT ME AGAIN, & also ditched her youngest daughter Katie, because she had "no beauty" & that she reminded some stoner friends of her's that she looked like Jay from Jay & Silent Bob, & on the top of list, Dani mentioned once that she liked him was because "he looks very much like JOHNNY DEPP from that piece of crap movie about a posessed author tring to kill him over a novel he plagorized, & is taking vengance on him on whatever the hell it was, something about a secert window". So to cut a stories about the void of nothing in my life short, my people beyond the glasses or electronics never got the recognition they diserved, & since Celebrity Deathmatch has returned about a president term later(4years later), I wished to see Brian Posehn Kill Johnny Depp. And see the heavy-metal comic nerd, destroy the faggot-ass-son of a bitch from 21 Jump Street, using what everyone can expect from the former Mr. Show alumn, NERD RAGE. Sorry again for all of the profanity, but this kind of thing really fries my brian, and that ain't krunk. But yeah, C.D. is on again, and hope to see it as an encore for MTV1, since I don't get MTV2. There's going to be more anarchy on this blog than the message board at vh1's website. Just remember, Green Day rulez, GoRiLLaZ kick A$$, Family Guy is the god of all television media, Night Court Season 5 is not lame, Quantum Leap is the best SCI-FI show ever, PSP is the future of technology, Conan O'Brien for President of THE WORLD, STOP ROCK VIDEO, Give us THAT 90s SHOW now FOX, VOTE FOR PEDRO, I LOVE THE 90s, MICHAEL IAN BLACK is my brother, Phred Cool is the god of Punch-Out!!!, Hello I'm Johnny Knoxville welcome to Jackass, SOQUID's & FPOON's are your friend, PUT YOUR HAND INSIDE THE PUPPET HEAD, this sentence is NOT just for conclusive joke filler, & the gov't has been lying to you about 9/11. Thank you for your time, & Bring us both Kid's WB's FREAKAZOID!, FOX's Get a Life, MTV'sSifl & Olly, & MTV's The State on DVD & UMD. Thank you for you time, the angry blogs from millions of irate females, GLAAD members, & Richard Greico impersonator's, and the insperational rebelious with greatness blogs from trillions of nerds, They Might Be Giants fans, GoRiLLaZ freaks, furry friends, Abe Vagoda, & the lovely Japanese girls. Sorry for the boredum and/or hilarody. Keep it Cresent Fresh:)

May 22 2006 at 1:59 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Fred Thompson


www.cuppacoffee.com; Enter Main Site; Series; Showcase; Celebrity Deathmatch.

Summer 2006. Enjoy.


May 19 2006 at 5:17 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Oh, I hope it comes back. I want to see some more pornstar cock fights.

May 15 2006 at 4:25 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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