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July 30, 2015

The Apprentice: Backs Against the Wal-Mart

by Richard Keller, posted May 16th 2006 1:11AM

12th episode of The Apprentice(S05E12) Well, The Apprentice has hit an all-time low. In tonight's episode, the Gold Rush and Synergy teams work on a task to promote the Xbox 360. I mean, working in the porno industry, and with 360 other people! I can't believe what they are going to... oh, excuse me I have a phone call.

Hello? Oh, hi Anna (Anna Johns, vivacious head blogger at TV Squad). Yes, I am talking about this week's Apprentice and their entry into the world of pornography! What? Xbox360 is a video game console made by Microsoft? Really? Gee, I didn't know. I mean, with the 'X' at the beginning I only assumed that . . .Hmm? Have I played any video games at home lately? Well, I did have an Atari 2600 in my youth; gosh, how I loved playing Combat! Yes, yes, I need to get out more. I'm sorry. It won't happen again. Sorry.


And now, onto the bangers and mash we affectionately call The Apprentice.

We are now down to five, with a majority of those fired by Donald Trump coming from Gold Rush. Frankly, Gold Rush has pretty much, well, um... they've sucked! Come on, I've seen vacuums that didn't suck as strongly as Gold Rush has. Now the team is comprised of Lee and Sean, who is the project manager this week. I'd like to see Sean in the final round against Allie or Tammy. Then again, what I write in this paragraph may be totally moot after the end of tonight's show.

Gold Rush seemed confident this time around. By outsourcing the signage and the display platform they would use to promote the video game console at Wal-Mart, all they needed to do was eat, take pictures of themselves with their cell phones, and wait. However, their plans snagged as the display's floor and ceiling did not arrive until the next morning. When representatives from Microsoft and Wal-Mart arrived on the scene, it was not a pretty picture.

Meanwhile, over at Synergy, project manager Tammy had the idea of promoting the Xbox 360 in an award-show format, complete with red carpet. Neither Allie nor Roxanne were hip to this idea and they spent most of the preparation time rolling their eyes (once at overseer Bill, which was a mistake) and acting like a pair of high school girls while Tammy whined and said she wanted this to be all her this round. Be careful what you wish for, Tammy.

At decision time, both Microsoft and Wal-Mart agreed that Synergy's presentation area was better, but Gold Rush had the edge as they included price-points on not only the video game console but all electronic merchandise that could be used in connection with the Xbox. With that decision, Gold Rush won the task. This week's reward was to add their voices to the upcoming Dreamworks production Over the Hedge. This was actually one of the better rewards the team members got this year; certainly better than dining with Senator Chuck Schumer (nothing against the Senator, but I'd rather voice a computer-animated animal).

Now, do you remember all of the camaraderie the Synergy girls exhibited last week after Sean left the team? Yeah, well, that concept was tossed out the window during this week's boardroom. It was the Tammy and Roxanne show as they both tried to out shout each other. Tammy was particularly annoying; I never realized how loud and shrill her voice was. Tammy claimed that Roxanne was riding the coattails of the team for the last 12 weeks. Roxanne and Allie declared that it was all Tammy's idea this week. The Donald actually had to yell at all of them to shut-up. When the dust cleared, Tammy was the one to go.

So it's down to just four now. I'm starting to think that it's going to be Sean and Lee for the final round; I just don't see Allie or Roxanne making it. We'll see what happens next week. Take care now, y'hear.

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