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September 1, 2015

The Daily Show: May 18, 2006

by Annie Wu, posted May 19th 2006 11:22AM
The Daily ShowThe FBI recently dug around a farm to look for the body of Jimmy Hoffa. Well, finally. We were wondering what happened to him. Jon Stewart managed to throw in a Sopranos reference, suggesting Hoffa is still alive and well in New Hampshire with his volunteer-fireman partner. If the FBI finds Hoffa soon, that means we'll get Osama by 2047... if we're lucky.

"Fox in the Henhouse": In his first televised press conference, Tony Snow managed to stir things up by using the term "tar baby" in one of his responses. And Jon managed to use the n-word without getting bleeped? Did I seriously hear that right? Hm. Anyway, Scot McClellan is surprisingly even more awkward when put to music, as we found out when he appeared on Leno. So, McClellan wasn't an uptight Press Secretary... he's just an overall uptight guy.

"The Decider": Yet another installment of "The Decider". Although it was funny, it seemed to drag on a bit. In this installment, we found out that The Decider had trouble Deciding in his younger years (ahh! How many cookies?!) and it wasn't until a horrible electrocution incident during his stint as governor of Texas did he finally gain his powers. I loved the Dick Cheney noises... Mrwa!

Jon then tackled the very serious issue of plagiarism. He somehow managed to work in a teabagging joke. Seriously, it takes skill to make a joke like that fit into any story. There's been a lot of buzz about the possibility of a Harvard student's novel, How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life, might have been plagiarized. Well, of course it was plagiarized! The title alone is directly ripped off Jon Stewart's How Jon Stewart Got Drunk, Got Sick, and Got Herpes. Seeing a young Jon Stewart on the book cover right next to the Jon Stewart of the present is really amazing. When was that picture taken? 2000-ish? Goodness. And apparently, some lines from a report about the Kentucky Derby were ripped directly from an old West Wing speech. How in the hell did the TDS people find that?!

It's been a slow news day. TDS ran a few clips of major news networks having a fit over the Facts of  Life DVD release.

The night's guest was legendary musician Willie Nelson. He's got a new book out, called The Tao of Willie. Jon kept calling it the "Tao", when it's really pronounced "Dao". Willie had to correct him. Jon was right when he said that Willie is loved by everyone. Hell, I can't stand country music but I really like Willie Nelson. What a cool, laid-back guy. After the "Tao"-"Dao" correction, Willie spent most of the rest of the interview just nodding and politely agreeing to everything Jon said. I learned how to live a good life: The trick is to keep breathing. David Blaine, I hope you were listening.

Jon/Stephen: Shh. Stephen Colbert's a little pre-occupied picking off the gummy residue left from his water bottle label. Moment of Zen: Tony Snow's a staaaar!

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The Kentucky Derby/West Wing story was all over the place when it broke. Run a quick Google search and you'll see.

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