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September 4, 2015

Green Wing: Episode 8 (finale)

by Annie Wu, posted May 22nd 2006 1:22PM
Green Wing(S02E08) This season has been an absolute roller coaster ride. As if the first season's crazy relationships and antics didn't confuse us enough, this time around, everything stepped into the next realm of bizarre. There's love triangles (love quadrilaterals?), murder, babies, threesomes, pimps, affairs, proposals, and Guy being considerate. The first episode was relatively weak, but the rest of the season has had a lot of strong points. The plot thickened considerably without sacrificing any of the laughs.

Mac, Guy, Martin, and the new complimentary therapist, Jake, have all been fighting over Caroline. Everything was leaning towards a Mac/Caroline relationship until Holly (yes, "Holly the Babykiller") showed up to work at the same hospital, along with a little surprise. Holly brought along a little boy named Mackenzie with a messy mop of ginger hair. Okay. So. Surprise for Mac and the audience: Mac's a daddy. Caroline and Mac broke it off for a while so that he could concentrate on this new part of his life. Sue White was extremely upset, as well, so she did some investigating. She found out that Holly had been bleaching the little boy's hair. It wasn't Mac's kid! Double-crazy! When Mac asked Holly whose kid it was, she could only respond, "It's a secret." I can't help but wonder if it's Guy's... Hm. After all that, Mac didn't want anything to do with Holly. Boo. But the damage was done.

Remember, Sue also stole some of Mac's man juice in the beginning of the season. She's been wandering around with a flat tummy, but acting like she's about to give birth at any moment all season. But, in the season finale, she finally collapsed in her office, only to slowly rise, singing "The Circle of Life". Next thing we know, there's a lion cub in a bassinet! Yeah. What the hell, indeed. She spoke to her tummy one time, calling it "Simba", but I thought that was because Mac has a "lion's mane" and she wanted a baby name that would work with that. I wasn't expecting... a real lion cub.

Anyway, with all the crazy Mac/Holly stuff, Guy had some time to slowly become more human and develop genuine feelings for Caroline. Last season, his affection was mainly driven by competition. This time around, he truly liked Caroline. He was struggling to say, "I love you" to her face for quite a few episodes. Martin also liked Caroline, but he's been a bit of a jerk all season. He developed a relationship with Karen, the weird girl, earlier in the season, but he didn't treat her very well. It was like Martin and Guy switched personalities this season. Hell, Martin became a temporary pimp for a prostitute patient. Doesn't that sound like a Guy thing to do?

Caroline had a brief relationship with Jake, the therapist, and he was actually really nice. However, Guy managed to stab him in the head after Jake had a date with Caroline. That was insanely funny. It looked like Caroline genuinely liked Jake, but after Mac got rid of Holly, Caroline immediately went back to Mac. Jake kind of disappeared. It was sad. Lyndon, the tech guy, disappeared as well. He had a short affair with Harriet, the pregnant lady, but she decided she couldn't deal with being an adulterer-mommy.

Joanna has been pissed at Alan all season, so a few episodes ago, she gave some money to her dwarf cousin to paint himself green, hide under Alan's desk, and pop out to scare him. Well, he scared Alan, alright. In fact, he scared Alan so much that Alan took a stuffed heron and beat the dwarf to death. Joanna and Alan disposed of the body and slowly started going crazy with guilt. In the finale, they thought they got away with it when the papers reported they suspected the "small businessman" had committed suicide. They celebrated by doing all the things they have ever wanted to do in the hospital... putting poo in the sandwiches, calling colleagues "fucksies", marching around with swastikas and Hitler moustaches, firing Sue White, etc. But then, the police showed up unexpectedly, so Alan and Joanna stole a mobile home from the parking lot and sped off. Martin suddenly popped up behind Joanna and Alan while they were on the run. This (plus a unexpected field of sheep) scared the hell out of Alan and Joanna, so they swerved off the road and ended up balancing on the edge of cliff... just like Martin, Guy, and Mac did in the ambulance at the end of season one.

A secret message was relayed to Caroline to be at the train station at a certain time, wearing something special. She went to the station, looking very nice, and anxiously waited for Mac. But, craaazy twist, through the smoke came Guy. It was a truly precious moment when they explained their feelings for each other. Of course, in the usual Green Wing fashion, they balanced the sappiness with a story about Caroline's childhood boob-touching.

So, what became of Mac? He found out that he's dying. Yeah. We don't know what he's dying from, we don't know if it'll be soon, we don't know much. He just rode off on his motorcycle and faded away. It was really, really sad... especially for the people that expected Mac and Caroline to be together forever.

Oh, and Karen fell out of a window. There was no follow-up. No one noticed that she was gone. Heh, no one cared...

And that's it. Stupid literal cliff-hangers. There's going to be a feature-length Christmas special, but no third season. I'm desperate to see how they're going to wrap up all these details. How long 'til Christmas?!

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NickS: I beg to differ. I got the Clangers reference despite not being British. Personally, I found the Clangers themselves to be great, but those metal flying bird things scared the beejesus out of me when I was growing-up in Ireland.

May 26 2006 at 2:26 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
tracey ancell

i dont believe mac is dieing at all. the docter asks him what the worst point of being a docter is. they both come to the conclusion it is telling a patient that they are dieing. mac takes the folder of him and says it has his name on it. then doesnt say anything else. but on every patient file is the name of there docter so i think he has to tell someone that they are dieing.

May 25 2006 at 6:45 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The railway station scene was a homage to 'Brief Encounter'; also, my favourite joke of the last ep was Karen's 'I think I saw a Clanger', followed by Naughty Rachel's swanny-whistling: something that you will only get if you're British. Anyway, better to end it while it's still strong, and all the cast (save poor Sarah Alexander) are around.

May 23 2006 at 11:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

No third season?!!! Oh well. Life is full of disappointment. I suppose a Christmas Special is better than nothing.

May 22 2006 at 5:02 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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