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October 4, 2015

Huff: Radio Silence

by Jonathan Toomey, posted May 22nd 2006 11:24AM

Huff; Showtime; Radio Silence; Blythe Danner; Tom Skerritt

(S02E09) I often find that this show has a lot in common with Curb Your Enthusiasm. Mainly, that it frequently makes me feel uncomfortable during certain scenes. You know something is good when it literally puts you off just by watching it. In particular, one of the final scenes between Huff and Beth was done quite well. So well that I almost stopped watching because I felt so bad. But we'll come back to that.

Elsewhere in the Huffstodt home, Ben is back! He even went out of his way to get Izzy her license back... by threatening a judge. He laughed when he told her how he got it, but I actually believe him. I wouldn't put anything past Ben Huffstodt, especially now that we found out why Ben is back in town: he's in debt to the Malaysian mob. Good times.

Ben finally admits that he did leave his wife a few months ago, but his reason why was the funny part: "She learned English and I didn't like what she had to say." Since then, to make ends meet, Ben has been involved in an auto smuggling ring with some Malaysian gangsters led by a guy named Tranh Lee. That's why Ben only had ten days because he's so far in debt with Tranh, that he had just planned on running. From this point out, Ben's actions have been kind of selfish if you ask me. He knows that at any minute, one of Tranh's goons could whack him. So he's trying to get some closure to his life, starting with telling Izzy that he still loves her. So it all seems pretty self-serving to me because he knows his life is in jeopardy. I doubt very much that Ben would be hanging around if he hadn't gotten himself involved with the Malaysians.

The one thing that really has be asking questions is Teddy's journal. Remember that kid Byrd met when he was breaking into houses? Remember how he took him to meet Teddy? Well that kid (I think his name was James) stole Teddy's journal and dropped it on Byrd's doorstep. I can't wait to see what Byrd discovers in Teddy's writing.

Russell disappointed me in this episode. He was doing so well. He went with Knippers to pick out paint for the baby's room and they were going to paint it together. But at the last minute Pepper shows back up (with another porn star) and they need some legal help. Russell ends up helping himself to some coke off the porn star's breasts and he misses his painting date with Kelly... but then he remembers. He shows up at her place in the middle of the night and paints the room. She wakes up and sees him but you could tell Kelly was hurt. It was pretty sad actually. But it still has some promise because he really is trying... but at the same time, he's still the same Russell Tupper.

Beth and Huff finally reached a tipping point. All week long Huff worked out of his home office. Dr. Markova had taped Huff during his MDMA therapy session last week and he was listening to the voice recording and trying to hide it from Beth. Eventually, Huff just lit the tape on fire. She confronted him though and Huff decided that he needed to move out for a while. Beth agreed. They aren't doing well. Later on, Beth saw Izzy and Huff's mother had this advice to offer: "Beth, I love my son, but I'm telling you this as woman to woman. Don't lose yourself waiting for a man." Pretty heartfelt advice coming from Izzy. She should know since Ben has already disappeared again and left Izzy with only a stack of money.

Seems like next week will focus a lot on the Beth/Huff separation. The episode is called "Bethless." Anyone think Beth and Huff are done for good? I'm starting to think that at this point the rest of the season will be about them falling apart and Russell and Kelly working it out.


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Robin Diane Goldstein

hugely uncomfortable episode, indeed... but its nice to see the characters becoming more 3-dimensional as the series continues... the comic/tragic line is a thin one (always has been) and i think huff walks it as well as any show currently on the air (right up there with Rescue Me and The Sopranos)... BUT did anyone notice the awful continuity problems in last nights episode... the case of the vanishing sideburns? in the opening sequence Huff has strange, pointed, mini-Elvis side burns that appear and dissappear in the first few scenes... looking closer i noticed that the mini-Elvis-Huff was wearing a 'classic' white-faced wristwatch, while the "other" Huff was wearing his usual two-time-zone blue-faced wristwatch... i'm guessing someone was called back in to shoot some coverage, and i can guess that the Elvisburns are for some other project (and couldn't be covered?), but not picking up the wristwatch, especially when its in a tight close-up... very distracting... (oh, and didn't his imaginary friend tell him 2 or 3 weeks in a row to get his stomach check out... did they just drop that story line?)


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