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October 9, 2015

Jim Belushi: brainwashed and naked

by Adam Finley, posted May 22nd 2006 2:06PM

jim belushiWell, maybe. Rick Ross over at Cult News is reporting that Jim Belushi's new book, Real Men Don't Apologize, may borrow from the teachings of a controversial guru named Justin Sterling (real name, Arthur ''Artie'' Kasarjian). Sterling runs an expensive seminar where the main focus is that gender roles have become confused, with women becoming more masculine and men becoming more feminine. Personally, I thought this theory was a load of horse hockey until last night when I inexplicably gave birth to a baby girl. Apparently Sterling was really onto something.

Anyway, naysayers dismiss Sterling as being misogynistic, and teaching that a woman's only goal in a relationship is to garner power and resources. Men, on the other hand, marry for love. Again, I say that's a load of bull, and only describes four out of my last six relationships (but I kid). Anyway, the most interesting (or terrifying) thing to come from this is that apparently these seminars end with the men stripping naked as part of a ritual and being videotaped. I'm guessing there may be some correlation between Sterling's hatred of women and his desire to videotape naked men, but I'll let you suss that one out yourselves.

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Justing Sterling is just another cult leader out to fleece people out of thier money. And one of the big tenets that they taught women was to be attentive and loving to thier men. And relationships went only two ways - either your man was wonderful or he was a jerk and you needed to kick him to the curb - there was no inbetween. At least back in the early 90s when my husband was involved, thank god he isn't anymore, that's what they taught. And yes, I'm one of the testimony writers on Ross' site - from years ago.

I'm willing to agree with your thoughts in your final sentence. There is something just not right with Sterling... I'm sorry that Belushi may be going down that same path.

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